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Chapter 14

Epilogue-16 years later

When Elena opens the door she feels all of the panic subside, now she was just pissed off. She stood by the door for a moment hands folded across her chest before she pulled her son into a hug.

"You scared the shit out of me, you know that?" Elena squeezed him harder.

"Mom I wanted to go and-"

Elena sees Damon walking up the path into her home followed by another figure behind him.

"Will talk about this later, how did Damon find you?"

"Uncle Damon didn't Uncle Stefan did." John said.

Elena released her son and she watched Damon walk up to her, glaring at John, "Literally went through piles of drunk stupid old people to find you!" Damon said, "And after all that I wasn't even the one that found you."

Elena met Stefan's eyes as he stood somewhat uncomfortably on the porch.

"If Bon Jovi was there, I should of figured you would be too." Elena said and smiled slightly toward him. It was a polite calming gesture since she hadn't seen him in 5 years.

Stefan smiled towards her but remained quiet.

"How'd you connect the dots, Uncle Damon?"

"I saw his superhero hairstyle when I got there and then I found him having a snack...never mind…but I met up with him and told him if he doesn't help me find you I'm dead, again!"

"Mom I don't understand what the big deal was, Uncle Damon could of taken me like he did last time."

Elena frowned, "Last time you came home with a tattoo and Damon came home with a duck! And let's not forget the vampires that were randomly there."

"But you have to admit princess, Holden is pretty awesome." Damon pointed out.

John sighed, "Mom you're being unfair."

"John Grayson-" Elena sighed, "Go inside will talk about this later."

"But I never get to see Stefan." John protested.

Stefan spoke, "I'll stop by tomorrow buddy, if your mom hasn't killed you yet."

Elena ignored him, "Say thank you to your uncles John and go."

John sighed, "Thanks… I guess." John turned away into the house slamming the front door shut.

Damon sighed, "I'm going to go check on Holden."

Stefan looked at Elena, "You let him keep the duck?"

She smiled, "I believe his words were 'you don't have to worry about me love, unlike Stefan I won't eat him'"

"Better yet you let him name the duck a character from 'Catcher in the Rye'?"

Elena laughed, "I had no control on the name."

Stefan laughed and then got all serious," How are the nightmares?"

Elena rocked back on her heels, "They've been better."

Though everything with Klaus was so long ago he haunts her in her dreams as well as all the family and friends she has lost.

"How long have you been a vampire again?" Stefan asked.

"Eight years." Elena said, "You look good."

Stefan smiled, "Thanks you too…so could I stop by tomorrow and hang out with John, I promise no drinking or concerts."

Elena nodded, "Yeah it's fine."

Damon came out then, "You have to meet the duck tomorrow he is awesome!" Damon patted Stefan on the back, "Let's go, later babe." He kissed Elena on the lips.

She watched as they disappeared into the darkness and drove away.


John was in his room with the music blasting lying on his bed. Elena pushed open the door, "I told you not to go, I raised you better than that."

John ignored her but turned off the music and remained still.

"I told you no for a reason, John. The last time you went with Damon there were a few pissed off vampires from his past and you almost got killed."

"So this time I went by myself, Uncle Damon wouldn't be blamed for anything."

"Still I told you no, and you lied snuck out and scared me to death."

"To death? Ma you can't say those kind of things when you're technically dead."

Elena sighed, "I'm calling your dad tomorrow, he should know."

"Maybe if someone turned me you wouldn't have to worry so much."

Elena stopped her brisk movement and she could feel her blood boiling. Every part of her wanted to beat the crap out of her son, a move she would never make, but that's how mad she was.

She turned, "Baby I told you that you can make whatever decision you want but I don't want you living this life. Being human, you miss it so much. I want you to have kids and have a family and grow old and-"

"Mom I don't want to grow old I want to live forever young."

This argument wasn't going to end tonight, no it would be long going. Elena put it to rest and placed a kiss on hr son's head, "You're grounded until further notice."

"But mom I've got things to do, I was supposed to hang out with Angie."

"Sorry baby, my house, my rules." She smirked at him and disappeared down the hall.

She raised that boy right and he was allowed to be rebellious. Of course at the end of the day she was grateful that she was with him. She was grateful that she had several reasons to get out of bed in the morning.

John grew up with the craziest people in the world. Elena and Jeremy had lost everything but they gained a dysfunctional family that ended up not dying or leaving on John. John was a miracle. Elena lingered in the hallway and watched him put back in his earphones and shut his eyes. She had him, she had Damon, and she had the rest of her wonderful family. Elena Gilbert was happy.

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