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Ooh… story 45! Yay!

Spoony was seriously bored now. He was so bored, in fact, that he wouldn't mind playing Final Fantasy X or X-2: that's how bored he was. Burton was Zen as ever, being the sort of robot that he was.

The disturbing part was that Spoony didn't have a clue how long he'd been in this void. Sometimes he slept, sometimes he walked carrying Burton, sometimes he sat. He wished that he was capable of watching a watch without the need to fiddle with it every ten seconds so that he could have been wearing one when he had gotten zapped here.

He wasn't sure who and why had zapped him here; if it was Dr. Insano he was going to have to take extreme measures. Lying down, Spoony looked up at the gray fog that surrounded everything. Sometimes he could swear he saw figures in the distances and heard voices from afar but he could never reach them.

Dismally Spoony started listing all the Highlander movies, part of his brain wondering why beyond breathing he didn't need to do any bodily functions. Heck, he was still almost clean-shaved and it must have been days by now.

Burton was quiet. Spoony sort of wished he would talk more. He had his cell phone on him, but it wasn't working at all. Hopefully That Guy with the Glasses wouldn't fire him, hopefully Miles and Oreo weren't completely flipping out, and hopefully Dr. Insano wasn't trying to destroy/conquer the world again.


The video game reviewer just about jumped out of his skin at the closeness of the female voice. Looking around, he saw a few meters away was… was. Spoony's mind scrambled for the name- she had been an anime movie character for that Malachite's Glove mess. The runner-up that'd lasted for Nostalgia Chick and a good friend of Linkara's… MarzGurl, that was it.

"MarzGurl?" he blinked. The woman grinned, so he must have gotten it right. Bemusedly she approached, plopping down between him and Burton.

"So… I guess we're stuck here."

"Yeah," Spoony chuckled, poking her in the arm.

"Hey!" she chuckled.

"Just making sure you're real," Spoony defended himself. MarzGurl acknowledged, "Okay, okay. I guess the Entity took us because we're both so close to Linkara. Hopefully he'll rescue us."

"Great… having to be rescued by my best friend," grumbled Spoony. "Again."

MarzGurl giggled, poking Spoony's cheek. "Hey, maybe while we're here I can talk you into being an anime fan."


"Please?" she begged, widening her eyes sweetly. Spoony rolled his eyes and patted her on the head. "Okay, hon. You can go on about various animes. It's better than listening to my own voice for hours on end."

"Really? I thought you loved doing that," MarzGurl smirked. Spoony sulked at her. "Ha-ha."

"Sorry, but it was irresistible. Okay, let's start with Hayao Miyazaki. Because his name is not a synonym for the Japanese language."

"Uh-huh. Hey, am I allowed to lecture you on wrestling afterwards?"

"Fine," MarzGurl rolled her eyes playfully. "I mean, we are stuck together until Linkara rescues us."

"Yep," nodded Spoony, wondering how come MarzGurl was able to find him when he wasn't able to find anyone else in this void. But then he decided it didn't matter as long as it meant that he didn't have to talk to himself or a silent robot anymore.

"Spoony, are you listening?"

"Of course," Spoony grinned awkwardly at her. Clearly not believing him, MarzGurl started her lecture over. But at least he wasn't alone in this void anymore and MarzGurl wouldn't have to be either.