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~~~Story Start~~~

As Ichigo Kurosaki walked inside the front gate of the Karakura High School, alongside his twin sisters; Yuzu and Karin, he couldn't help but ponder the events that had befallen him over the summer. First he had been forced by that crazed, idiotic not to mention slightly psychopathic 'humble store owner' to be tortu- erm trained... no, tortured was right.

Then came the completely harebrained and not to mention extremely poorly planned rescue attempt that he and his friends had orchestrated to save Rukia, someone who he felt he owed a debt to for giving him the power to protect his family, from certain death at the hands of the people who shared the same name as the death god. Huh... and wouldn't you know it, their title was completely earned.

Then, after epic life endangering battle, after epic life endangering battle he found out that they had been used not only by someone he thought they could trust but also by someone who he didn't even know; I mean for crying out loud what was he meant to be? A servant to any and all rogue shinigami out there? Don't answer that, he didn't want to know.

But now, now that was all behind him; Rukia was safe and wouldn't be dying any time soon, she was also in Soul Society, out of his hair. And ever so slowly out of his thoughts. Yes, all was well in the world, Ichigo thought as he took in a deep breath... only for all that air to be expelled from his lungs when someone crashed into him, sending him to the ground.

"Hey, watch where you're going you idi-," Ichigo started to exclaim before suddenly finding it hard to breathe. After all who wouldn't when some absolutely beautiful woman crashes into you.

She was of average height, a little bit shorter than him, probably about 5'7". She had long straight blonde hair, bound in bandages. She was also wearing a Karakura High School uniform. Too bad for Ichigo, it seemed to be a couple of sizes too small for her, clinging tightly to her body and showing off that she had all the right curves in all the right places. That, plus the extra short skirt and black thigh highs, she was wearing only made her look all the more enticing and erotic and made Ichigo want to just grab her, pull her into the nearest alley and ravage her until-.

Ichigo shook his head furiously, his face red enough to make a lobster jealous. 'Damn that Yoruichi, I just know that this is her fault somehow'.

~~~Scene Break~~~

Yoruichi was just lazing about in Urahara's shop when she suddenly sneezed.

'Huh. That was weird, I wonder who was thinking about me, I hope it was Ichigo, hahaha, Yoruichi Shihoin, corrupter of teenaged minds!'

~~~Scene Break~~~

"I'm sorry, I wasn't really paying any attention to where I was going! I'm new here you see," the blonde bombshell stated as she picked herself up from the ground, a picture of pure innocence on her sharply angled face, with slanted eyes reminding Ichigo of a cat, which of course made him remember Yoruichi, and her perfect, naked body, which of course also made him remember how this blonde haired girl, who was obviously a new student, looked in her uniform.

Needless to say, Ichigo's steadily decreasing blush was now back, full force.

"I-it's fine," Ichigo managed to stammer out, as he tried his absolute hardest to tear his gaze away from her body and look her in the eye. He succeeded, mostly, at least until the new student crossed her arms under her bust, accentuating it all the more, and very likely start straining the fabric that was clothing those marvellous items of the female anatomy to its utmost limits.

"Oh thank goodness, it would have been horrible if I hurt someone on my first day of school," the blonde's voice was so pure, so innocent. To be honest it reminded him of a combination of Rukia's fake innocent tone that frankly annoyed the living hell out him and Inoue's. "You wouldn't mind showing me around would you? You're the person I've met that hasn't looked at me in some disturbing way." That cute little pout was just too much for Ichigo and he began to blush even more furiously, now covering not only his entire face but also his neck.

"U-um, a-ah sure, I guess," Ichigo managed to stutter out trying his hardest to not look at this innocent temptress.

"Hey, are you okay? You look a little flushed," the new girl was suddenly face to face, their noses only by millimetres not touching; her impressive bust pressed flush up against his chest. Ichigo could do nothing but look away as he froze where he stood.

"I-I'm f-fine, really," Ichigo answered shakily.

"Really," Ichigo could only nod slightly.

"Well, if you're sure," again, Ichigo could only give the slightest nod as he forces his eyes to not look at the buxom blonde and her prize winning assets that were pressed against his chest.

"Okay then." The new girl chirped as she backed off, giving Ichigo the time to breathe a sigh of relief.

"By the way, my name's Kurosaki Ichigo; what's yours?" Ichigo questioned as his prominent blush finally faded and his trademark scowl came across his face.

"Me?" The new girl parroted cutely, a wide eyed, innocent look on her face as she pointed a finger at herself. "I'm Yugito, Yugito Nii, pleased to meet you!"

By this time the two had arrived at school, and as they pulled in past the gate, something finally occurred to Ichigo. 'Where'd Yuzu and Karin go?'

Unknown to Ichigo as he turned away from Yugito to hide his blush, a deep, seductive smirk appeared on the face of the new girl as she almost purred in her mind 'That's right Ichigo, I'm beautiful, I'm sexy and yet oh so innocent. Hahaha, yes, all according to Kyuubi-sama's plan, you will be mine!'

~~~Scene Break~~~

Turns out that Yugito wasn't the only new student at Karakura High School that day. Her two brothers had also been enrolled by their adoptive father, a man that Yugito had told Ichigo had moved to Karakura town with his brother and niece to open a Kenjutsu and Shito-ryu dojo. Thankfully for Ichigo's piece of mind, both her brothers were quite honourable, and had left with Yuzu and Karin for the school after Yugito had bumped into him. Fortunately for them, they had been assigned places in his sisters' class and so would be able to be shown around by the twins, while Ichigo himself escorted Yugito around the school; what a meeting that was when they met his friends.


Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin were leading the three new students to meet their friends. At first, Ichigo didn't really want to have anything to do with them, but when he was caught by Yuzu's pout he could do nothing but let Yugito and her adoptive brothers come along. Speaking of her two brothers, Ichigo didn't really know what to think.

First was the oldest, one Naruto Uzumaki. At first glance Ichigo thought that he was a flirtatious pretty boy, what with his spiked blonde hair, and the way that every single girl he talked to always blushed whenever he would talk to them, even Yuzu and Karin blushed! This belief was quite quickly shot down after spending five minutes with the five foot five blonde. He wasn't a suave womaniser, just a clueless idiot who had no idea of the effect of his words.

On the other hand, the other brother, Gaara Uzumaki, was a quiet, collected and an eerily calm person. He also had an annoyingly dry voice. Honestly, for the first half hour of talking to him Ichigo thought that he was constantly making fun of him, so did everyone else for that matter; in fact, the only ones that didn't think so were Yuzu, who was just too nice to get offended, Karin, who could somehow tell when he was serious and not, and his blood brother and adoptive sister, Naruto and Yugito, respectively, who were used to it. Hell, even the teachers were annoyed by it.

As the group of six reached the roof all conversation stopped in the two groups already inhabiting the rooftop. The awkward silence was instantly broken when Keigo laid eyes upon the buxom blonde beauty that was Yugito Nii.

"Well helloooooo beautiful, I'm Keigo Asano, but you can just call m- ack!", only to be cut off by the squeezing pressure on his shoulder as Yugito's adoptive brother stared down at Keigo.

"What was that? I must have heard you wrong. I'm sure I just heard something perverted in my ear," the tall blonde new student all but growled out as the squeezing pressure that fell upon Keigo got worse, as did the clamping of his hand on Keigo's shoulder.

"N-no, I-I-I didn't say a-a-anything, I-I swear!" Keigo barely managed to squeak out, only for the pressure to again worsen as his chocolate brown eyes to lock onto the frigid blue ones of his intimidator.

"So now you're saying that I'm hearing things, huh?" The hand on Keigo's shoulder was now clamping down so hard that Keigo thought it would break.

"Nawww , it's so cute to see that you care Naru-nii, but I'm a big girl now and can deal with perverts like him. After all, you are the one that taught me," Yugito pouted as she saw her eldest brother getting over protective… again.

"Hmm… I don't know. Why don't you show me then." Naruto released his hold on Keigo's shoulder as the squeezing pressure he felt dissipated.

'Thank God,' Keigo thought. Keigo's relief was short lived as he felt the utmost pain a man can feel; Yugito's deceptively slender leg had planted itself in between his legs with a great amount of pressure.

"Oh… Oh god… I… I think she… I-I think she crushed one them." Keigo squeaked as he fell to the ground, curled up into a foetal position. Though it seemed as though nobody noticed. That, or nobody simply cared. Yeah, he was going to be singing sopranos for a while.

"Ichi-kun, what'd you bring for lunch today?" Yugito chirped as she skipped over to where Ichigo was standing, her marvellous breasts bouncing with every skip.

"…" A squeaking noise came from Keigo, sounding awfully similar to a mouse. Nobody seemed to have heard it though, as everyone was paying more attention to the new girl and she hugged Ichigo's arm in between her breasts. Well almost nobody; Naruto leaned down to hear what Keigo was trying say.

"P-please… call… call an ambulance; o-or the hospital. I need help." Again Keigo barely managed to squeak out.

"An ambulance, a hospital, help? You're a man aren't you? Just get up and walk it off. It can't hurt that bad. No one else has ever said anything before!" Naruto exclaimed loudly. Everyone on the rooftop just sweat dropped. 'Obviously he doesn't remember that everyone Yugito's done that to before were knocked unconscious,' were Gaara's thoughts.

As Naruto walked away and was quickly introduced to the rest of the gang, Gaara knelt down next to Keigo, "You are strong. Most people would have been knocked out by Naruto if he held them that long, let alone staying conscious after Yugito's kick." Keigo just whimpered.

Meanwhile, while all these shenanigans were happening there was just one thought in the minds of Ichigo, Uryuu, Chad, and Orihime 'Was that spiritual pressure just now?'

*Flashback End*

So now, after the day had ended and the final bell rung, Ichigo pondered the day's events. 'That was definitely spiritual pressure I felt coming off that Naruto guy. And that Yugito's personality, something about it just seems… forced, I guess.'

~~~Scene Break~~~

Naruto, Yugito and Gaara were walking home from their first day of school. "Man, what a day, huh? This school is perfect for us!" Naruto exclaimed as they walked.

"Yes", and "Indeed," were the replies from the blonde male's siblings.

"Seriously, you guys could show a little more enthusiasm," he sighed, "Well at least tell me how things went today."

"Good," Yugito began, "I was able to get close to Ichigo Kurosaki just as ordered; I would expect that after my actions today if the boy doesn't see me as a friend then he at least considers me a close acquaintance. Any closer relationship will take time, as one would expect. And what of your target, Kyuubi-sama? Were you able to get close to her?"

"Of course I was. Yuzu Kurosaki is a very sweet girl, very trusting, and has a great sparkling personality. Like mine! She was easy to get close to. I know for a fact that she considers me a close friend. That easiness is why I picked her. Don't you know? That, and she hot as hell in that uniform!" Naruto bragged, a small trickle of blood coming from his nose at the end. Gaara and Yugito just sighed at his perverse laziness. "Now what of you, Gaara? Were you able to get close to your target?"

"Of course I wasn't," Gaara sighed, "It's the whole reason that Karin Kurosaki was chosen as my target. It will require a lot of time and patience to get close to her, especially since you want us to get to the dating stage."

"What is with that anyway? And for that matter, why the hell do I have to use this gigai, the breast implants are annoying! I don't even see how they help anything but giving me back pains."

"Why, it's simple my dear! We need to invade Ichigo's life, get him to trust us, make him feel like family to us all, so that that way when we reveal who he truly is and what his role in life, he will believe us. After all we can't have the Magna Pecus Lunae not trust us can we?"

"No, of course not, he would destroy us all, but still…"

"Oh, the breast implants to your gigai? That should be obvious! Ichigo is a teenager! What teenager doesn't like big breasts? Hell, you've read the reports from our spy in the Seireitei. That 10th Squad captain. It's obvious that the only reason he keeps that lazy vice-captain of his around is because of her boobs."

~~~Scene Break~~~

Toshiro Hitsugaya sneezed.

"Are you catching a cold, captain?" the ditzy bombshell of a woman asked of her captain.

"No, now get to work, woman!"

~~~Scene Break~~~

"If it's that much of a hassle you can always back out, Nibi-chan."

"Of course I will do no such thing! This is a mission, and I never back down from a mission!"

"Yo, yo, that's good to hear! Number Nine needs to have no fear!" By this time the three 'high school students' had arrived out the front of their current place of residence "B's Dojo, Yo!"

"Shut up, B" Gaara and Yugito sighed. Naruto just grinned a fanged grin.

~~~Later That Night~~~

Nine figures stood in bleak silence in a room shrouded in absolute darkness.

"It has been many years since we have been all together like this. Even longer since we were all, one by one, exiled from the Soul Society," one of the figures muttered.

"Indeed," the figure across from them in the circle stated.

"Yes, that is indeed true. But fear not, for our time of vengeance draws nigh. The blade of the slaying moon has been found. Our true leader is beginning his rise. But until that day of ascension we are left as we are," the figure that stood at the head of the circle proclaimed. "Even so, we have much to do. The slaying moon must be tested, his comrades challenged and trained, to earn their titles! But even before that, there is still something left to be done. A long time it truly has been since our exile, and the Soul Society has all but forgotten about us!"

Various dark mutters resounded throughout the darkness. "But they shall not forget us for long, no. We shall show why we are the strongest beings in existence; why we are the ones that keep the eternal balance. We shall rise to the top once more, and the shinigami who betrayed us, who ridiculed us and cast us away shall taste the sweet cold meal of vengeance. And we, the Pondera, shall show our true might in force and demonstrate why we are the true chosen of the Spirit King!"

Cheers rang out through the darkened room, "Tertium, Sextum, you two shall be the humans' preliminary testers, Shikai only; we don't want to tip anyone off too early. Dismissed!" As soon as the final word had finished parting his lips the leader was alone in the room.

Suddenly light started to filter into the room as the curtain covering the window, parted, letting the moonlight in, illuminating the darkened hall.

As the leader crossed the hall to look out the window, the pale moonlight exposed his features, he wore a wide hat that had a veil that came down over the head. It completely hid his hair and shadowed his eyes. Bulky robes hid the man's figure, except his somewhat tall height. In fact the only thing discernible about the man were the three thin black marks on his cheek, resembling whiskers.

"Yes," the man whispered to himself, staring at the pale moon. "Soon we shall return to the limelight, where we will strike fear into the hearts of old. After all, nothing is stronger than true balance. Nothing is stronger than the true spirits of the Bijuu. Deliver our message Tertius Dominus Conchae, Sextus Dominus Bullis; guide our god onto his true path."

The man once more stared at the full moon in the distance, "From the slaying moon, great power is born. From the slain moon, greater power rises. From guardian's death, together united shall the demon god be born. And so rises… the almighty: Decima Dominus Luna!" And with that, Naruto Uzumaki walked away into the darkness.

~~~Chapter End~~~

Magna Pecus Lunae = Great beast of the moon

Pondera = Balance or Weight (depends on translator)

Tertium = Third

Sextum = Sixth

Tertius Dominus Conchae = Third Lord of the Shell

Sextus Dominus Bullis = Sixth Lord of the Bubbles

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