Meggie was sitting at her window, staring out into the nothingness.

Then, she saw a figure on the lawn. In the growing twilight it was hard to see if it was just a shadow, or something more.

She wiped some condensation off her window and looked again...Yes, she was sure of it, it was a figure outside on the lawn. She ran down the stairs, thoughts racing through her head.
"Could he be back?" she wondered. She ran to the window seat and looked out. Her breath caught in her throat.

"It's him" she whispered, a thrill growing in her chest.

Meggie flew out the door and across the lawn and hugged Dustfinger with all her might as if she were afraid he would disappear. He seemed slightly taken aback, but returned the hug. They pulled away after a few moments, Dustfinger looking in her face for something...

"Is silvertongue here?" He asked. Meggie nodded, tossing her red hair over her shoulder as she led him inside.

Mo and Dustfinger embraced and shook hands, When dustfinger saw Resa's 8 month pregnant body his eyes widened. Resa smiled sweetly at him.

"You can stay in the spare bedroom on the second floor if you wish, Dustfinger" she said.

He nodded "Yes, that would be wonderful Resa, thank you"

And with that, he climbed up the stairs to bed.

Meggie crossed her arms and made a noise of annoyance.

"All I got was a hug! He hasn't seen me in a month and it's like i'm Teddy the table lamp... Honestly"

"Be patient with him, my dear" Resa said quietly. "He's been through a lot"

Meggie frowned, sticking out her botttom lip before climbing the stairs to her own room.

Within the walls of his temporary room, Dustfinger smiled as he heard the young woman's footsteps on the landing. Meggie was the same as ever.

The next morning, Meggie bounded down the stairs to the smell of waffles, sliding in her socks from the landing to the kitchen, nearly colliding with a bookcase, the cat and her mother in the process.

"Sorry!" She said to her mother, who was eyeing her. Meggie smiled innocently and kissed her Resa's cheek before hugging her father.

"Are you hugging me to be sweet?" Mo turned a raised an eyebrow. Meggie grinned at her father.

"Maybe I just want some pancakes" Meggie replied, her grin turning into a smirk. Mo swatted at her with the spatula, but when she dodged he ran after her and scooped her up like she was four again, laughing as she shrieked.

As Mo twirled her into the dining room and plopped her into a chair, Meggie noticed the new guest at the table and shrieked again.

"Dustfinger!" She got up and ran to the other side of the table, hugging him as she had the night before.

Dustfinger breathed in the scent of Meggie's hair as she glued herself to him, practically in his lap. She smelled like roses and summer rain. His favorite.

It was hard to ignore the fact that Meggie had grown more beautiful since his last visit, Her long red hair flowing down to her waist in waves, her kind eyes, and more prominent curves made her look every day a young woman of sixteen.

She scuttled over to her seat across from him and began to watch him intently.

"You think i'm going to tell you a story?" He asked, cocking an eyebrow. Meggie nodded like a labrador retriever.

"Well..." He said, pretending to think about it.

"Come on!" Meggie laughed.

"All right. I'll tell you my latest adventure, but only if you take a walk with me first" Dustfinger said, setting his coffee mug that Meggie had almost upset on the table. Meggie was up and had her coat before he could even blink.

"Let's go!"