Summary: Feeling lonely living by himself, Naruto buys a pet parrot for companionship. After a few peculiar events, he deems that the parrot is able to predict the future and begins to follow the bird's advice quite literally. Yaoi

Disclaimer: Naruto is owned by Kishimoto, Masashi-san. (Although a certain someone may disagree and claim the blond all to himself.)
Content Disclosure: There will be male-male relationships; if you are uncomfortable with this, please do not continue reading.

A Series of Peculiar Events

~Chapter 01~

The Outcome Looks Promising


Blue eyes roamed around the quiet apartment. By no means was his home dull; it was decorated with a great number of pictures of his friends, teammates, and people he considered family. There were also numerous potted plants on window sills and stands around the flat. They were luscious and green, proof of their owner's love and care. But despite the decoration and homely appearance, he was a bit…lonely.

Suddenly, there was a cacophonous crash outside his apartment. He looked at the window as silence followed before birds started squawking and cats hissing. He opened the door to his balcony and watched as a cat jumped out from a trash can. He grinned as it meowed and licked it paw before leaving the scene. It was then that it hit him.

Scribbling down on a note in nearly illegible handwriting, he taped it to the front of his door before scampering off towards the center of the town with a large grin on his face.


He was taken aback by all the animals that occupied the store. Sticking to the display glass like a little child, he gaped at the thanks containing the reptiles, amphibians, and fishes. His eyes followed the little glowing fishes before he moved on to the puppy cages, where he played with an Akita pup for a few moments.

"Did you find what you were looking for, sir?"

Naruto turned to see an elderly man smile at him and he returned the gesture. "No, I'm still looking around. It takes a lot of thought to choose a life-long companion, you know?" He grinned and the man nodded in reply before waving him over.

"Well then, there is a separate room for some birds, turtles, and other exotic animals if you want to give them a try," the owner said. He lead Naruto to another door, away from the distracting display of colourful dog toys. Naruto looked at the multiple signs of, "No outside food past this point" and "Be careful not to frighten the animals" before focusing on the man in front of him with excitement. As soon as the two entered the room, there was a loud squawk followed by a flapping of wings. He looked up as a feather glided down slowly and caught it, marveling at the radiant colours.

"Hello!" Naruto jumped and turned to the source of the voice. He looked around for another person, but as he watched the pet shop owner walk out, he tiled his head, puzzled.

"I must be going crazy," he muttered to himself, crossing his arms.

"Hello, crazy!" came a squawk and this time, Naruto found the culprit. There was a grand macaw with feathers a colourful mix of red, blue, and green staring down at him with curious eyes. The blond looked at the creature with a forced grin.

"What did you say?" he said through clenched teeth.

"Hello, crazy!" the bird squawked again. It flapped its wings as it shifted its weight on its perch to get comfortable before staring down at Naruto once more. "Hello, crazy!"

Naruto could feel his eye twitch, growing agitated at the bird who continued to squawk the same mantra. How dare this avian insult him?

"You know what? You-you…You're a bird brain!" The macaw blinked at him and chirped, tilting its head to the side while Naruto mentally bashed his head against the wall. He just told a bird that it was a bird brain. What was he going to do next, tell a cat that it meows?

In a heat of anger, he turned to the bird and glared at it. "Don't insult me, you feathered freak!" Again, he mentally winced. Could he come up with insults worse than the ones he already said? "I am Naruto Uzumaki, the future hokage of this village, and I will not take such degrading words from you!"

"I know your future," the bird replied before hopping to another perch. "I know you!"

The blond looked at the creature skeptically, peering at the tag on its cage.

Age: 3 Years

A great and talkative companion.

"So, you think you know me, Fumi?"

"Future Hokage, Naruto squawk don't insult!" The said man just gaped at the colourful bird, marveling in wonder at how the creature knew his name and dreams (forgetting that he had just stated this information only moments ago).

"Wow, you do know about me!" Immediately, he ran out the door and raced to the counter where the elderly man was enjoying his cup of tea. "Sir, please sell me that bird!"


Naruto opened the door to his apartment, whistling merrily. He looked down at the cage he was holding with a smile and placed it on a table near a window with luscious plants surrounding it.

"Welcome home, Fumi. I hope you like it. You better not be a fussy little diva, you hear me?" he said sternly. He pointed at the bird, who merely just squawked and tilted its head. He checked all the windows to make sure they were tightly shut and covered the cage's surrounding area with newspapers before opening the cage. Immediately the bird flew to the perk sticking out of her cage and chirped. He chuckled and prepared the food bowl and water feeder in her cage before sitting on the cough. He stared at his new companion for a while before sighing. The silence was a bit unnerving.

"Why are you so quiet now? You were such a big mouth at the store and on the way back," he muttered. He stood up and walked over to her, smiling gently as she waddled closer to him. "Is it because you don't like my home?"

"Ask me anything and I shall tell you your future!" she cried, looking up at him expectantly. Naruto blinked, a bit taken back. He hummed in thought as he paced, throwing glances every so often at the bird. Might as well give it a try, he thought. It couldn't hurt. Besides, she already knew my name when I first met her. She's got to have a special gift! With a grin stretching from cheek to cheek, he lowered himself until he was eye level with Fumi, who was now perched on the table. "Hey, Fumi…Should I confess to the person that I like?" he asked, a light blush dusting his cheek. Just thinking about the other made his heart skip a beat and he smiled at the potential future they could have together.

"The outcome looks promising!" Fumi cawed before hopping into her cage to grab a seed from the feeder. Naruto's heart filled with joy and he happily watched his new pet munch away at her snack. Making up his mind, he picked up the phone and dialed a number he memorized too long ago.


Naruto gulped and took a deep breath. This was not the time to get nervous! "Hey, it's Naruto. Do you want to meet up for lunch tomorrow?" There was a slight pause on the other end of the line and he held his breath. Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes, he repeated in his mind.

"Sure, where and when?"

"Ichiraku at noon?" Naruto winced at the sigh that followed his words. Maybe he should've picked another eatery?

"That's fine. See you tomorrow."

"Bye," Naruto whispered, hanging up the phone. He placed a hand on his stomach to soothe the jittering butterflies and took a few breaths. After he felt his heart beat slow down, he turned to Fumi's cage with a large grin, laughing as he watched her climb her 'jungle bars'. "Fumi, I have a date tomorrow!" he said as he closed her cage.

Okay, so it wasn't an official date, but a man was allowed to dream, no? Beating his chest with his fists, he headed to his room to fantasize some more. He was sure his confession would go over well. He had Fumi's blessings and predictions, after all! With those final thoughts, he plopped onto his bed and waited for sleep to claim him. He just couldn't wait for tomorrow noon to come.


"Hey gramps, was Fumi sold?" a little boy asked as he helped his grandfather close the store. He looked towards the elderly man who hummed in thought before snapping his fingers and nodding.

"Yes, she was. Why do you ask?" The boy stared at the man in disbelief, shaking his head.

"Grandpa, did you forget to tell the new owner about Fumi's history and who she used to belong to?" He saw his grandfather shake his head and sighed, pulling down the metal sealing and locking it in place. "Eh, it's all right I suppose."

"But it's always proper to tell the new owner of a pet's past," his grandfather started. "I suppose the young man will come back to ask if he's curious."

The boy just shrugged and grabbed the elderly man's hand before starting their journey home. As long as the new owner wasn't a complete idiot, he guessed everything should be all right.


As Naruto was walking to Ichiraku, his heart was racing in his chest. Many thoughts ran through his mind and it was the first time he could honestly say he gave himself a headache by thinking too much.

What if he doesn't show? His footsteps slowed as the thought of his secret crush not showing to the appointment hurt more than he thought it would. He shook his head as to get rid of the negative thoughts and slapped his face lightly. "Naruto, you can do this! It's just lunch, and you have Fumi's great advice!" The slowed footsteps picked up in pace as they grew firm and determined, but the adrenaline was back as his eyes spotted the famous Ichiraku sign.

What got his heart racing even faster was the figure standing before the eatery. In a panic, Naruto looked at a near clock tower only to see that he indeed was 15 minutes early to their lunch date and not late. Mentally chiding himself to calm down, he grinned a waved at the person.

"Hey, Sasuke! Did you wait long?" The said man turned and looked at him with eyes that held an unknown emotion before giving his infamous Uchiha smirk.

"I'm surprised you're early. I thought you would've slept in." The blond blushed, knowing if it were any other person or situation, he would have indeed slept in until someone had woken him.

"I can be early if I want to," he said, sticking out his tongue playfully. He immediately regretted the decision when he saw the smirk again and wondered if it was too childish or some sort of turn-off. "Well, don't let me keep you waiting, let's eat! I'm starving."

The two headed inside, warmly greeted by the owner and his daughter, before sitting at the booth.

"So what'll you have today, Naruto? The regular?" Naruto hummed in thought and glanced at his companion, who seemed to be looking at the menu thoroughly.

"Sasuke, what are you having?" he asked, leaning in closer to the other male while pretending to look at the menu. He had every item on the paper memorized by now; he had come here far too often for too long not to.

"I think I'll go with the low-sodium miso ramen, extra vegetables please," Sasuke said, confirming with the owner.

"Uncle, give me the same, but without the extra vegetables please!" The owner looked at the blond with a raised brow but said nothing and turned to head into the kitchen to prepare their orders.

Sasuke, on the other hand, looked at his teammate dubiously. "You eat low-sodium ramen, idiot?"

Naruto huffed; if they had any future together, that 'nickname' would be the first thing to go. "I can try and be healthy too, bastard."

Sasuke gave him a look and rested his chin in his hand. "An all-ramen diet is not healthy, no matter what the sodium content is," he replied.

Naruto bit his lip, resisting his urge to reply. He was not here to banter with the Uchiha, but to confess. Who argues right before they make a love confession?

They sat and idly talked – or rather, Naruto talked – about the current news and gossip blazing through Konoha before their orders arrived. "Two orders of low-sodium miso, one extra vegetable!"

Naruto stood, his stool screeching as it moved from its position, and took the two bowls from the owner's hands. "Thank you, uncle!" The bowls were hot and he grabbed them awkwardly, trying to set them down on the stand before them. He watched in horror as one slipped from his hand and fell into the lap of the object of his infatuation. He wanted to cry as Sasuke stood up, hissing in pain as the scalding broth burned his skin and Naruto hurriedly set down the remaining ramen bowl. He grabbed every napkin within his reach and gave some to Sasuke, while dabbing dry at the other wet spots, fighting the urge to find a hole and hide himself from the world. What on earth had he done?

"Sasuke, I'm so sorry I didn't mean for that to happen."

The Uchiha didn't respond, too concerned with preventing any serious burns to his body parts, but gave Naruto a stern look before continuing to dab himself dry. The blond only continued his motion before Sasuke pulled a leg away.

"It's fine, I don't need your help." Naruto felt his heart shatter and cursed the parrot for all eternity; what promising outcome? Fumi was such a liar and he was such an idiot for believing that a bird could predict the future!

"Sasuke, really, I'm so sorry. I'll pay for this meal and I'll get you another one – "

"No, it's fine. Let's just go somewhere else," the Uchiha said. He tossed the soiled napkins into the nearest disposal and walked away, Naruto hastily following. The blond bowed in apology to the Ichiraku owner, who merely looked at the pair in sympathy.

The two walked for some time before they reached the district where Sasuke lived at. Naruto was unsure if he should keep following the man, or if he should go home and cry into his comforter. They reached the door to Sasuke's apartment and the Uchiha headed inside while the blond looked at the entranceway as if there were deathly spikes protruding from it. He wasn't given permission to enter…So does this mean that this is the end of their time together? Were they cursed to be in this teammate relationship for all of eternity?

Naruto wallowed in his miserable thoughts outside the door, before Sasuke's head poked around the corner from the hallway.

"Idiot, what are you doing out there? Come in," he muttered before disappearing again. The blond gave a huge sigh of relief, thankful that the other didn't completely hate him and stepped inside, taking off his shoes and muttering a quiet, "Sorry for the intrusion".

"Sasuke?" he called out into the hallway as he settled into the living room. He looked around and noted how bare the walls were. He reminded himself to ask Sasuke to see if he could decorate the home a little bit; a plant or two wouldn't hurt. "Sasuke, I'm really sorry about what happened earlier."

There was no response and the terrible feeling within Naruto grew. "Really, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen, and I shouldn't have recommended that place because you don't even like ramen all that much, although I don't understand why – "

"What are you babbling on about, moron?" Sasuke interrupted. Naruto looked up to see his teammate in a new set of clothing and shuffled over to make room on the couch for him.

"I'm not babbling, I'm apologizing! I mean, we went to eat at a place you don't like and I spilled hot soup all over you and it must have really hurt especially around your ba – "

"Please, let's not talk about genitalia," Sasuke bit in once again. The blond smiled sheepishly before continuing.

"But honestly, it must have been really painful! Let me pay for any medical bills if you get any burns or anything, I mean really, anything I can do let me know." The Uchiha looked at him with a raised brow and waited for the other to catch his breath.

"Are you done?"

Naruto nodded and looked at him, clenching fists into the fabric of his pants. "It's all my fault that you got hurt…"

"It's just small burns Naruto, they'll heal in a few days. I've gotten worse on missions, remember?" Instantly, the time at the Hidden Village of the Mist flashed through his mind, and despite himself, the blond felt tears well in his eyes. Damn it, now was not the time to cry.

"But it's all my fault, and I feel bad knowing that I caused you pain. It was just supposed to be simple lunch and…"

"Naruto, look at me." Wiping at his eyes, the said man turned to face the other. Sasuke face flashed with an emotion, too quick for Naruto to catch, before returning to an emotionless expression. "Don't worry about it."

At this, Naruto's tears fell even harder. "But nothing went the way I planned!" he cried. Sasuke, a little taken aback, looked unsure of how to treat this situation. "We were supposed to have lunch together and maybe hang out and spar…hic…I was supposed to convince you to treat me-hic -to lunch…"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, mentally chuckling. Once an idiot, always an idiot.

"And I was supposed to tell you that…hic…that I liked…you…" Naruto mumbled, whispering the last part. The other blinked in disbelief, not sure if he heard the blond correctly.

"Say that again?" But instead, Naruto continued to let out the tears, letting the world know that his attempt to confess was an utter failure.

"Hey, idiot. Moron, stop crying," Sasuke said, grabbing Naruto by the shoulders. The blond continued to silently shed tears and he sighed before giving a quick, but tender kiss to Naruto's forehead. Shocked, the blond stared at the Uchiha with a dazed look, tears and snot still running down his face and Sasuke couldn't help but laugh at the sight. Naruto, mistaking the laughter as a joke shoved his friend away.

"That was a cheap joke, you bastard. After I just confessed to you – " Instantly, he was silenced once more as Sasuke dove in for a swift peck on the lips.

"It wasn't a joke, idiot."

"But you laughed…" Sasuke couldn't help but let out a snort.

"Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You look disgusting."

Despite the hesitant hope that was slowly starting to bubble up in his stomach, Naruto couldn't help but take offense to this. "Jerk! I-I look fine. I'd say you're just jealous of my superior amazingness," he boasted hotly, sticking his nose high in the air. Unfortunately, this caused aforementioned nose—runny from all of the crying he'd been doing—to clog, and he immediately started to sneeze.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at Naruto's antics. "Whatever you say. Now, follow me and I'll get you some tissues. You think I want the person I like to be a blubbering mess?" He began walking towards another room, presumably to where the tissues were.

"That is—wait," Naruto abruptly cut off his own retort, teary eyes widening. "You… What did you just say?" He could feel relief and happiness, both wanting desperately to swoop through his body. He somehow managed to keep them at bay, however; he needed Sasuke's confirmation.

Sasuke paused, his hunched shoulders uncomfortably stiff. "Don't make me repeat myself," he finally said, seemingly unable to bring himself to turn around and look at Naruto. With that said, he started to walk forward again.

Poor Sasuke wasn't able to get very far, though. At the words, the emotions that Naruto had been holding back swept through his body with a force that surprised even him. A wide smile quickly lit up his face and he jumped forward, tackling Sasuke to the ground in his glee. They both landed on the ground with an audible thump.

"Ouch! Damn it, you!" Sasuke exclaimed from the ground, wincing. "What did you do that for?" he demanded, trying to get up and shake the persistent blond from off of his back, but ultimately failing.

Naruto smile seemed to widen impossibly more. "I like you, Sasuke! I really, really like you!" he yelled happily. He held onto Sasuke tighter, unwilling to let him go.

Reluctantly, a small, gentle smile crossed Sasuke's expression. "Yeah…" he agreed softly. Then, in spite of what he had earlier said about not repeating himself, he continued, "I like you, too, moron."


"Fumi, I'm home!" Naruto cheerfully called out as he closed the door to his apartment. He heard her mimicking cries echo through the room and hurried to her, a smile on his face. As he rounded the corner, his smile only widened as he saw her perched near the cage door somewhat expectantly.

"Hello crazy," she cawed, before fixing a ruffled feather back into its place. The blond twitched before he checked her feeders to make sure they weren't running low and changed the newspapers while whistling, laughing as the avian sang along.

"You know Fumi, you were right," Naruto started. The said bird climbed her jungle bars to meet his eye level and chirped, to which he laughed again. "Remember how I asked you if I should confess to Sasuke?"

"Your outcome looks promising," she cawed and he nodded enthusiastically.

"That's right, it was definitely a promising outcome!" he all but shouted, plopping onto the nearby couch, grabbing the stray pillow. As he remembered the day's event he laughed into the material before turning around to peek at his companion.

"Fumi, I think you and I will make great history together."

"Outcome looks promising!"

~Chapter 01 – End – 2011.10.10~

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