A Series of Peculiar Events


Chapter 02

Always Two There Are, No More, No Less


Content Disclosure: Some pillow and book abuse ahead. But no actual items were harmed!


Chimes rang in the wind and Naruto gave a sigh as he looked down at the mission logs before him. Since Tsunade's public announcement of making him the next Hokage 2 months ago, she had been training him to prepare for the position, which he would overtake in a few months time. However, her definition of "training" meant to leave Naruto with all of the paper work while she went out for a drink.

He rested his head against the desk, his arms sprawled out as he gave a whine.

"Why does she have to leave the work with me?"

"This is going to be a lot of what you're doing once you take over the position, so you better get used to it," a voice said, interrupting Naruto's miserable cries. The blond peaked an eye and scowled.

"Hello to you too. I'm hurt by that greeting, after all that we went through? Maa, Naruto, I thought I taught you to treat your elders better than that."

"Kakashi-sensei, you didn't teach me anything but how to give stupid excuses when late! You even went to go drink with her!" Naruto sat up and grabbed another mission log to read before stopping to glare at his former teacher.

"In fact, you were the one who suggested to her to dump this all on me and go drinking in the first place! This is all your fault!" Kakashi merely swatted his hand at him, as if to shoo away the accusations.

"Think of it as training. She wanted to go drinking anyway, I merely created an opportunity for her to go. And it's great to get a head start on what you're actually going to be doing." The sound of ceramic shattering was heard as he dodged the paper weight that was thrown at him.

"Now now, that's dangerous Naruto. Don't go throwing things around like that, someone could get seriously hurt." He shifted slightly to the right as a kunai whizzed past his ear and embedded itself into the wall behind him.

"Is that how you're going to treat me?" Kakashi repeated, lifting his hand to wipe an imaginary tear. "I even fed your pet bird for you. We had a lovely conversation, by the way. And she seemed pretty intent on believing that you were crazy although I don't know-"

"GET OUT!" Naruto shrieked, and without another word the man left the office before other hazardous things were thrown at him with an intent to kill. The blond huffed out in anger before plopping back into his chair and grabbed the mission log that he was reading before. His eyes skimmed it before it narrowed in annoyance.

The mission log before him detailed all past, completed, current, and future requests for the month by the one and only Uchiha, Sasuke. Naruto felt the thickness of the stapled document and gave a sigh, dropping back into his chair. He had thought that Sasuke had been on more missions as of late, but he waved off the thought as him having early relationship jitters. But seeing the evidence before him, and the amount of requests he put in...His chest tightened uncomfortably.

Was this a way for Sasuke to get away from him?

His grip on the pen he was holding grew tight. They had been dating for 6 months and Naruto smiled as he remembered their miserable first date at the ramen shop as if it were yesterday. But the past month, Sasuke had scarcely been around, and whenever he was, he would be too tired to do anything but eat and sleep. He felt rather...distant, and Naruto was scared that this was a sign of their end.

He shook his head to rid himself of the frightening thought. This couldn't be the end; he loved Sasuke too much. But what if he didn't feel the same?

Naruto bit his lip and was so lost in thought that he didn't feel the presence of another enter the room.

"I'm here to deliver the report on my latest miss- Naruto? What are you doing here?" The said man looked up and momentarily froze. There was the person haunting his very thoughts right now.

"S-Sasuke!" he winced as his voice cracked, hoping that his lover didn't catch it. "What brings you here?"

Sasuke looked at Naruto confused and shifted his weight, holding a stack of papers.

"I'm here to give my mission report to hokage-sama...Which brings me to my first question. What are you doing here, and where did she go?" He gave the blond a look as if to say, 'What did you do now' and Naruto laughed nervously.

"Well, I didn't do anything so get rid of those thoughts. That stupid woman went off drinking and dumped all the work on me, calling it 'training'. So until she finishes her drunken escapades, I'm temporarily taking over her paperwork duties." He saw Sasuke sigh and gave a shrug of his own.

"Well, here's my report then." A pile of paper was dropped onto his desk, adding to his work and Sasuke turned to leave.

"Wait, Sasuke!" The said man turned and raised an eyebrow, prodding the future hokage to continue. Naruto blinked as he tried to figure out why he stopped the man, before he bit his lip and just smiled weakly.

"Dinner is still on for tonight, right?" The Uchiha smirked and walked up to him before planting a kiss on his forehead.

"Of course, idiot."

He walked out on a dazed Naruto who touched his forehead lovingly before he realized what had just happened.

"Hey, I'm not an idiot, you bastard!"


He couldn't, for the life of him, focus on the food in front of him. Which was a first, since it was his all time favorite meal.

"Naruto, is something wrong?" The blond was roused from his thoughts and met the concerned eyes of Uchiha, Sasuke. He forced a grin and hastily shoved the noodles into his mouth.

"No, nothing's wrong Sasuke. Why?" he returned, his mouth full of food. Sasuke's nose scrunched in disgust and placed his chopsticks down, appetite suddenly quelled.

"You've been oddly quiet tonight, not that it's a bad thing," he started, taking a sip of this tea before continuing. "I'm just wondering if something's on your mind."

Sasuke looked at Naruto who went back to looking at his bowl of ramen, swishing the noodles around.

"If something's bothering you, it's okay to tell me. Being the idiot you are, I'm sure your mind would implode if you didn't let it out." He hid a smirk as blue eyes glared up at him before their owner shoveled more noodles into his mouth. There was the fiery attitude he loved so much.

"I'm not an idiot, bastard! And thinking won't make my brain explode." Sasuke raised a brow in amusement, as if to mock him.

"I never said anything about your brain or exploding. I merely said that you need to let out your feelings."

"You just said my mind would explode if I didn't let it out!"

"Implode, which means the opposite. And yes, your mind not your brain, moron. You'll only get headaches if you worry uselessly." Another sip of tea.

"It's not useless, and stop calling me names you jerk! I'm bothered for a perfectly good reason!"

"And what is that?" Naruto froze and resisted the urge to bash his head against the table. He unwittingly fell right into Sasuke's trap. That arrogant prick! He played me. He noticed the smirk on his lover's face and grit his teeth, growing even more agitated before he settled down as he thought back to why he was so bothered in the first place.

He mumbled something incoherently and it took all of Sasuke's endurance to lean over the table to hear clearer. Be damned if he was going to be caught looking like a fool.

"Want to say that again, so that I can hear you this time?" Naruto gave him a look and huffed, crossing his arms before clearing his throat to speak again.

"I said, I was worrying about whether or not you loved me anymore."

Sasuke blinked and his blank stare caused Naruto to grow extremely heated, blushing to a dark shade of red. "I'd say that's a reason to be worried." Even with that small consolidation he said for himself, the blond couldn't help but blush even more, if possible and wanted to sink into his chair. Damn it, this is so embarrassing. Here I was, worrying and looking like an idiot.

He grabbed his chopsticks and shoveled more of the ramen into his mouth, trying hard to fight the blush from his cheeks. Then something happened that even he, the number one surprising ninja in all of Konohagakure, wouldn't have expected.

A laugh from the (seemingly) emotionless Sasuke Uchiha.

It was a small 'snerk' sound, that was quickly muffled by a pale hand but those shaking shoulders ruined all attempts made to hide what was happening. Sasuke Uchiha was laughing.

"It's not funny, you asshole! I was seriously worried!" Naruto flushed an even darker shade of red and wanted to disappear. He got up and placed money on the table, thanking the cook behind the counter for the meal. "If all you're going to do is laugh, I'm leaving," he huffed.

He left the eatery, ignoring the scraping noises of a chair against the floor and walked quickly into the direction of his apartment. He wasn't going to slow down for the stupid Uchiha, who was laughing at him! And to think, he was worried...

"Naruto, wait." An arm grabbed his and the blond shook it off, continuing to walk. "Hey, idiot, I said to wai-"

"Why should I wait, Sasuke? For you to laugh at me more?" he said, turning around in anger. "I was worrying all day, like an idiot because I wanted this relationship to last. I'm sorry if I'm the only one who cares about us at all!"

He turned and started storming off to his apartment again, only to be stopped once again. "Let go of me-"

"Who said you were the only one who cared?" The dead seriousness of his voice made Naruto hesitate and he turned around to meet earnest eyes. "Who said you were the only one who cared about this relationship?" he repeated.

The blond shifted uncomfortably, not expecting this attitude from Sasuke and looked at anywhere but his lover. Now that he had the opportunity to speak with the topic at hand, he was unsure what to say.

"Well can you blame me?" he grumbled, biting his lip. "You haven't been around often and you keep requesting for more missions. I thought you were avoiding me or something."

He heard Sasuke sigh and looked up to see the other man run a hand through his hair. "I'm dating a moron," he muttered.

"'m not a moron..." he retorted, glad that the awkward mood had been broken somewhat. He could be serious, sure, but it didn't mean he enjoyed those situations. He preferred scenarios where everyone was laughing and having fun.

The Uchiha didn't respond and just grabbed the other's hand before walking towards the blond's house. Naruto just followed silently, looking at their entwined hands before another blush crossed his cheeks.

Sasuke's hand was warm.

They walked in silence until they were in front of the apartment complex that Naruto lived in, before the Uchiha stopped. He turned around and wrapped Naruto in a hug, and they stood in that embrace for a few moments, not wanting to break the calm, loving atmosphere that settled between them.

"Don't ever think that I'll fall out of love with you, Naruto. You mean everything to me." The said man buried his face into the crook of Sasuke's neck, grip tightening on the man's clothes. "Don't worry, and just trust me, all right?"

Naruto felt Sasuke's grip slack and looked up to meet clear, honest eyes. Sasuke never looked like this in front of other people, and it made butterflies flutter in the blond's stomach, knowing that he was the only person who got to see this side of his lover.

"Okay...But at least tell me why you're requesting so many missions, stupid jerk." He turned away, feigning annoyance, refusing to give the Uchiha the satisfaction of seeing the blond flustered by this unusually gentle side. A pale cupped his cheek and turned his head.

"Hey, wha-"

He was silenced as his lips met Sasuke's in a soft, chaste kiss. It was quick and brief, but it didn't fail to catch his breath away. They parted, and Naruto was dazed before his lips were caught in another kiss, deeper and more sensual, but was just as loving.

"Just know that I'm saving up for something, all right stupid?" And just as quickly as the first kiss had come, the Uchiha disappeared, leaving the blond in a light trance.

The blond gently touched his lips, remembering the kisses that he was given before heading into his apartment.

He had just opened the door before Fumi greeted him noisily.

"Hello crazy!" she squawked and instead of answering with an insult of his own, he just smiled at the bird.

"Hi Fumi," he greeted back and opened her cage, allowing her to stretch her wings. "I just had a pretty nice bonding experience with Sasuke."

He gave her a seed and stroked her feathers once she took it from his hands. "You know," he continued. "He said that he was taking all those missions to save up money for something. I was worrying for nothing." He chuckled to himself before plopping down on the couch. He felt the slight scrape of Fumi's claws as she landed on his stretched out arms and peaked an eye at her.

"Hey Fumi, you think Sasuke's saving up to get me a present?"

"Always two there are, no more, no less!" she squawked in reply, flapping her wings. He raised a brow at her, the line sounding familiar but he nodded enthusiastically.

"Two presents? Why, he's pretty generous, isn't he?" He grinned when the bird squawked in what he assumed in agreement. "Well, after all of the worrying that jerk put me through, it's the least he can do! I wonder what I'm going to get," Naruto said, happily contemplating this as he spoke. Maybe that kick-ass kunai he'd been eyeing earlier? Oh! Maybe it was a bunch of ramen! He hoped it was a bunch of ramen.

Naruto looked distinctly like the cat that caught the canary, and he only righted his expression when Fumi started to back away from him.


It was the next day when Sasuke and Naruto were taking a break from their duties and strolling around Konoha that Naruto decided to try and get some information out of Sasuke. He had never been one for surprises, at least when he was the one getting surprised.

"So," Naruto said slyly, glancing at Sasuke from the corner of his eyes, "you said that you were saving up for something."

Sasuke nodded. "Yes."

Naruto frowned. Couldn't Sasuke take a hint? He wanted to know what Sasuke was buying for him already! "I bet it's something nice, if you have to save for it," he said, trying to hint at Sasuke to just tell him what his presents were already.

But then Sasuke grinned, and it was so... evil looking, that Naruto could only stare. "Oh, it is," Sasuke replied, and Naruto didn't like that glint in his eyes.

After that, Naruto couldn't muster up the courage to question Sasuke any further.

Naruto wasn't one to give up, however. They didn't call him the show-off, number one unpredictable noisy ninja for nothing, damn it! Sasuke couldn't keep this secret from him!

So if Sasuke wouldn't tell Naruto what he was planning on getting him, Naruto would just have to influence his decision. He'd be getting that huge pot of ramen yet!

"Oh, would you look at that," Naruto exclaimed, putting on his best 'surprised' face. "It's Ichiraku's! I didn't realize we were in this part of town. Silly me, I must have been spacing out." Man, Naruto was a good liar. If you asked him, he should win an award.

Sasuke, for his part, simply looked resigned. "Naruto, you suddenly grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over here."

Oh, snap. "I do not recall any such event," Naruto said, eyes shifting about.

Sasuke held up his suddenly red arm.

For half a beat, Naruto was stumped on how to respond to this piece of evidence, but then Naruto got over it.

"Well, since we're already here we might as well go inside!" Naruto proclaimed joyfully, latching onto Sasuke's arm again and ignoring it when Sasuke let out a pained hiss.

It wasn't long before they were eating, and that was when Naruto decided to lay it on thick. "You know," he started conversationally between mouthfuls of noodles, "I really love ramen."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "I know you do, Naruto," he replied.

"Like," Naruto paused for dramatic effect, "really love it."

"And the sky is blue. What is it you're trying to say, Naruto?" Sasuke asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Nothing," Naruto replied innocently. "It's just—noodles, Sasuke. Ramen."

Suddenly, Sasuke looked the tiniest bit mischievous. "Naruto," he said, leaning in so he was only inches away from Naruto's face. "If you wanted to do it, then all you had to do was say something."

For a long time, all Naruto could do was stare uncomprehendingly at Sasuke. What was he even talking about?

And then it clicked into place.

"Pervert!" Naruto screeched, violently pushing Sasuke away before he could do anything about it. Sasuke toppled out of his chair.

Naruto quickly stood over him, and indignant look on his face. "I wasn't talking about sex, you bastard! It's just...! Presents! And ramen and a kunai...! NO, NOT THAT KIND OF KUNAI, YOU PERVERT!"

Even though Sasuke was sprawled haphazardly on the floor, he still managed to give his trademark Uchiha smirk.

"STOP GIVING ME THAT LOOK!" Naruto yelled, arms flailing.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Sasuke replied, that same smirk on his face as he got back onto his feet.

Naruto backed up. "That look! That one right there! The one you're giving me right now!"

"I still don't know what you're talking about," Sasuke said dismissively, hand-waving away Naruto's panic. "Now, do you want your present or not?"

Naruto paused. He did want a present, but... Was this a trick? He shot Sasuke a suspicious look. "You're not trying to mess with me, are you?" he asked bluntly.

"No. In fact," Sasuke paused to look at the clock, and his creepy grin widened, "I think it should be at the house now."

Naruto didn't completely trust Sasuke, but he seemed truthful enough. "Okay," Naruto agreed. "But it had better be good!"

They paid for their food and Sasuke whisked Naruto off to his house. Sasuke seemed strangely excited about what he was giving Naruto, and Naruto was instantly suspicious. There wasn't much he could do, however, especially when Sasuke all but threw Naruto into his house.

Naruto was quickly led to a table where a somewhat large package was lying. Naruto's eyes widened. Lots of ramen could fit in a package that big!

"Well, what are you waiting for? Open it," Sasuke said. If Naruto's eyes weren't so glued on the present, he would have been more suspicious of the look on Sasuke face.

Not needing any further prompting, Naruto practically jumped the package and started tearing at the wrapping. "You got me ramen, didn't you? All the ramen I can eat! Thank you, Sasuke! I lo... What the hell is this?" Naruto stared blankly down at the contents of the box, eyes disbelieving. It couldn't be... Sasuke wouldn't have...

"This," Sasuke began, and Naruto wanted to throttle him for the pride in his voice, "is a body pillow."

Naruto continued to stare, his expression strangely blank. "Why does it..." Naruto seemed to be having trouble getting the words out. He paused and shook his head.

Finally, Naruto spit it out. "Why does it have a full-body picture of you?"

"I custom ordered it. This way you'll have something to hug at night when I'm away and you're feeling lonely," Sasuke revealed. He sounded quite proud of himself.

And then all hell broke loose.

When Naruto finally came back to his senses, his fury mostly let out on the poor, beaten form of Sasuke in front of him, he stomped angrily back to his apartment. It wasn't long before he arrived, slamming the door behind him and badly startling Fumi, who let out an indignant squawk.

"'Don't worry and just trust me' he says!" Naruto fumed. "Who the hell gets someone a present like that? That pervert! I don't need a pillow of him to friggin' hug!" He angrily kicked off his shoes.

Fumi, who obviously had no sense of self-preservation, called out, "Moron!"

Naruto's mouth dropped open. "Now you're using the insults the bastard always throws at me? Fumi..." Naruto cracked his knuckles dangerously. "I'll make a stew out of you."

As Naruto stalked over to Fumi, she started frantically fluttering about before desperately saying, "Always two there are, no more, no less! Always two there are, no more, no less!"

This caused Naruto to pause, remembering their earlier conversation. That was right... Sasuke was supposed to get him two presents. So where was the second? There had only been the pillow in the box. That meant...

There was still a chance that he was getting some free ramen!

Suddenly much more happy, Naruto started lounging around the house, whistling a merry tune as he enjoyed the rest of his day. Just as he was contemplating going outside to do a little training, the doorbell rang.

"Coming!" Naruto called before getting up. He opened his door, only to find no one there. He blinked. "Huh?" he said to himself, confused. Was someone playing a prank on him?

Then he looked down and spied a familiar package on his doorstep.



It was early in the morning when Naruto woke up. He yawned noisily, scratching at his stomach before looking towards the table where his companion was still sleeping away. He smiled as he saw Fumi's head tucked under her wing and stretched again.

"G'morning, Fumi..." he mumbled out. He plopped back onto the bed, closing his eyes and allowing the waves of temptation to sleep to come over him. He spread out his arms to take in the entirety of the bed before he felt a lump at his side. He struggled to open his eyes and looked to his side, blankly staring as his mind was still hazed with sleep.

Immediately he shot up, eyes focused on the object beside him and he glared.

"Stupid pervert," he grumbled, grabbing the pillow. He hadn't had the heart to throw out a gift from his lover, no matter how much he hated it, and ended up taking it in last night. He frowned at the pillow and dropped it on the sheets before grabbing his own and smacking the image with it. "You stupid asshole!" Thwack "Pervert!" Thwack "Who says I get lonely?" Thwack thwack thwack. He continued to rant at the abused body pillow, hitting the item with the pillow in his hands on every syllable and continued to do this for a good several minutes.

He was slightly out of breath by the time he was done and he tossed his pillow-turned-weapon to the side. He continued to glare at the wrinkled cover of the body pillow and groaned. The smug smirk on the bastard's face was driving him mad.

He plopped the body pillow on its side and mimicked the pose of the image of his lover. He layed on his side, propping his elbow so he could rest his head in his hand and stared. Sasuke's image was doing the same, except for the damn smirk on the bastard's face that continued to rile Naruto.

"Bastard, what are you looking at?" he shrieked. The image continued to smirk that annoying smirk and Naruto huffed, turning to lay on his back. He crossed his arms and stared at the ceiling, ignoring Fumi's small 'caws' as she was disturbed from her sleep. Silence settled like a blanket in his room as his pet avian seemed to go back to sleep and suddenly, the silence became a bit overwhelming.

Without looking at the pillow, he grabbed it and hugged it close to him, turning to his side as he did so. He took in the scent of the pillow, noting that it smelled like the cologne he bought for Sasuke as a present a while back before they started dating. He pulled back, against his better judgement, to look at the picture of his lover and swore.

That bastard's smug smirk was mocking him, as if saying, "I knew you'd give in and hug me eventually." He grumbled and planted his face into the cotton fabric of the cover before his mind began to drift off, feeling less lonely than he had before.

His eyes began to shut as sleep attempted to claim him once more and snuggled into his pillow, wrapping his legs around the object as he allowed to sleep to overcome him.

Or so he thought.

"Is this an odd fetish that I should be worried about?"

Immediately Naruto shot out of bed and shoved the pillow to the side and under the covers, hoping that by hiding it from view it would have erased itself from existence. He glared at the nin who was squatting on the windowsill and fought the blush that threatened to color his cheeks.

"Kakashi, what the hell are you're doing in my room?" The mentor merely shrugged.

"Your window was open," he drawled, one eye observing the blond, "and the Hokage wanted me to summon you."

Naruto twitched, remembering the ordeal he was put through yesterday. "What does she want?"

Kakashi shrugged again and the blond could see the shape of his mouth under the mask turn into a grin. "More training, I suppose. It's not my place to ask why she's summoning people working under her."

A lone eye made its way to the lump that was haphazardly thrown under the covers before closing as the man smiled. "Well, I'll see you later then, Naruto." He turned and prepared to jump off the ledge before he turned back, eyebrows raised almost pervertedly.

"And if you're that lonely to want a substitute, I recommend making a shadow clone and making it transform. It's much more..." he paused, looking for the right word before giving Naruto a look that sent shivers down the blond's spine. "Realistic."

With those words, he jumped off the ledge and out of sight. Naruto just stared at the spot his mentor had occupied only moments before and then suddenly sputtered, a dark blush taking coloring his face.

"You pervert!" he screamed out the window before slamming it shut. Why the hell were all the people surrounding him such damn perverts?


By late afternoon, Naruto was in a dark, foul mood. His eyes roamed the paper he was currently looking at before putting it into a pile on his right. He glanced at the clock and groaned, slamming his head into the desk. He still had one more hour to go before he was allowed to leave. Stupid long hours...he was hungry, damn it!

As soon as he stepped into the office earlier that day, Tsunade plopped him into the chair behind the desk and instructed him on the work he was supposed to finish for today. She then gallivanted her way to the door before Naruto stopped her with a question.

"And just where are you going?" She had sent him a smirk and sung out the words of her location before closing the door behind her as she left.

Which was why he was here now, doing her paperwork. Again. He fought the urge to scream. Why was he here doing the stupid paperwork about the condition of people's yards when it was the hokage's job? And even more, why the hell was she shoving all of this work on to him? It wasn't fair that he was stuck doing cumbersome work that wasn't meant for him while that foul lady was enjoying herself at an all day spa. He slammed his head against the desk again and felt a little better. But only a little.

"You're going to lose the few brain cells you have if you keep doing that, moron." Naruto looked up and scowled, but his dreadful mood lessened a bit.

"My brain is just fine Sasuke, thank you very much." The said man handed him the mission report he was holding before grabbing a chair from the side and pulled up next to Naruto.

"What's wrong with you today? Run out of ramen at home?" Naruto frowned and picked up the report that was dropped onto his desk, not answering the question. Even though he actually did run out of ramen that morning when he checked.

"Nothing's wrong," he muttered, before putting the mission report in his 'completed' pile after signing it. He let out a sigh and leaned back in the chair before looking over at Sasuke. "Did you know that the pillow smells like your cologne?"


Naruto straightened in his chair and swiveled it to face Sasuke head on. "Did you know," he said slowly, licking his dry lips. He cleared his throat before he continued, "that the pillow smells like your cologne?"

Sasuke stared at him and Naruto coughed into his hand, red coloring his cheeks. He looked at his desk and fiddled with some papers, straightening them out before he heard his lover spoke. And he could hear the smirk that was probably plastered on the bastard's face.

"You used the pillow." It was more of a statement than a question.

He sputtered and refused to look Sasuke in the eye. "I didn't use it. I'm just asking you if you knew that your pillow smelled like your cologne."

"And you would only know that if you hugged the pillow."

Naruto's blush darkened. "I didn't hug it! You can smell the cologne from a mile away," he said, plugging his nose with a hand and wafting away an imaginary scent with the other to emphasize the point. "Only an idiot would cuddle with that stupid thing."

If possible, Sasuke's smirk became even more mocking than it already was.

"Oh, so you cuddled it?" The blond rambled inaudible words, most likely expletives, but Sasuke ignored it. "You know you can only smell the cologne if you hug it, because it's the cotton that was sprayed with the scent and not the cover."

Naruto stared at him incredulously before grabbing a random book from the desk and began to whack Sasuke with it.

"You bastard! I can't believe you actually made it so you would know if I used it or not!" Sasuke, in feeble attempts to protect himself, raised his arms up to guard his face. But the attempts were also half-hearted.

"Naruto-" Sasuke started, ignoring the whacks made to his body with every word.

"All I wanted was a box of ramen! RAMEN-"

"Naruto-" he tried again.

"-some fucking perverted bastard of a boyfriend gives me a stupid-"

"Naruto-" And again.

"-perverts everywhere! Climbing in through windows! And is a box of ramen that hard to get? Ungrateful bast-"

"Naruto-" A little bit more firmly, this time.

"-upid excuse of a boyfriend who doesn't give a shit-"

"Naruto!" Sasuke said, raising his voice a bit. But it seemed to have gotten the blond's attention.

"WHAT?" Naruto stopped his abuse but was unprepared for the sudden kiss that Sasuke pulled him into. The Uchiha's lips moved against his, nibbling on his bottom lip and he sighed into the kiss, dropping the book and putting his arms around his lover's neck. They continued to kiss, each kiss growing more fervent and passionate before Sasuke pulled away ever so slowly. Naruto's eyes were still closed, but a smile was on his lips and he felt Sasuke's forehead touch his own.

"Are you done being mad now?" Naruto's eyes opened and his eyes met Sasuke's gaze. He glowered, but there was no anger behind it.


Something pressed into his hand and Naruto looked down to see Sasuke place a small envelope in his hand.

"Meet me here after you close up the office, okay?" And with those words, he vanished.

Naruto just stood there, lips swollen from their kissing session and sat down. His hand raised to his face as he turned red for the umpteenth time that day and groaned. Stupid bastard always got away with everything.

The clock chimed seven times, signaling that it was time to close up. Naruto stood, leaving everything in its place, not caring if Tsunade had to clean up after him in the morning. She deserved it anyway, that lazy hag. He shut the office doors behind him, locking it, before walking towards the exit. He looked at the small envelope Sasuke gave him and opened it, confused when there was only a written address with a key attached to a three-dimensional frog figurine.

Why would he need a key?

He shrugged and head off to the location, which wasn't far and became extremely confused when he stopped in front of a house. It wasn't a restaurant, like he expected it to be, nor was Sasuke's apartment. It wasn't a house that belonged to anybody he knew.

He knocked at the door, silence only answering him. He tried the knob, frowning when it was locked. He fished for the key in his pocket and gave a triumphant grin when the door unlocked. Even though it was odd that he was meeting at a strange home, and even more-so that he needed a key. But he shoved that thought aside.

He walked in to see and saw Sasuke's shoes at the entryway. "Hello?" he called out, shaking off his own shoes and venturing down the hallway. He arrived in what seemed to be a living room and was greeted with the sight of a smirking Sasuke - damn his stupid smirk - sitting at a couch.

"Took you long enough."

Naruto gave him an annoyed look before looking around. "Hey Sasuke, what is this place?"

He heard the other shift from the couch and turned to look as the man approached him. Their eyes met in a soft gaze and a slightly awkward silence engulfed the two. Naruto shifted, fidgeting slightly, but not once did he break his gaze with the other.

"Sasuke...?" After what seemed like eternity to the blond, the said man moved and pulled him into a hug.

"Sasuke?" he repeated, utterly confused. What was going on? And then he heard the words, uttered so quietly that he had to ask them be repeated again, even if he heard them clearly the first time. Because he couldn't believe his ears.

"Say that again?"

"Move in with me." Naruto pulled away enough to look at Sasuke's face, taking in the man's expression. To another person who didn't know the Uchiha quite so well like Naruto, he would have seemed stoic.

But Naruto knew better.

In Sasuke's eyes, there was a slight plea, a need, for the blond. It was a sign that Sasuke had taken down one of the walls surrounding his heart and that he was slightly vulnerable-afraid-of the possible outcomes. Yet he was doing it anyway.

"Is this what you were saving up for? A new home for us to live in together?" He could see the vulnerability cloud, hidden beneath a facade of annoyance and he couldn't help but smile at the Uchiha's predictable actions.

"Idiot, stop avoiding the question and ans-" Before Sasuke could finish his sentence, he was pulled into a quick kiss, before there was one more, then another, and another. Then, with a final kiss, they parted slowly, foreheads touching like before.

"I'd love to move in with you, Sasuke."

And for the first time, in a long time, Sasuke Uchiha gave Naruto a warm and genuine smile.


Back at Naruto's apartment which was soon to no longer house either him or his pet bird, Fumi ruffled her feathers and gave a squawk before resting her beak under her wings to sleep.

"Always two there are, no more, no less!"

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