(10) omnipotence

As if a God would watch the news. I'm prejudiced, of course, since I don't believe in the first place, but even I can tell the power's too little. Maybe a god, small G, would watch the news, even learn things from it—half the time gods are just humans writ large, with lots of power, after all, but even a small-G god should have more than the ability to kill, and more than the ability to kill only one person at a time, and be able to handle a better grade of justice than performing capital punishment on people whose crimes have already been made public.

Plus, I saw videos of the Kanto, Japan broadcast, online. He got duped. Kira's just a psychotic psychic. If he's not a secret organization that's either formed as a conspiracy among the world's police forces or has moles everywhere, and the second doesn't fit with the broadcast, because if they had moles good enough to take that guy out while he was still on television they would have also known he was a fake, and not bothered, unless to convince the detective or the public that Kira was in Tokyo. Possible, but unlikely. L and his psychic Japanese mastermind could be all a front, of course. You never know with governments. But on the whole I doubt this level of cooperation is possible, especially when I can't see where the money would be.

No, on the whole I guess Kira is one or two small-minded, crazy humans with psychic abilities. Or, hah, I guess Kira could be what the real world gets instead of Clark Kent when we naturalize super-powered aliens. Can't be a cadre of assassins who've been hired to scare the peoples of the world into submission, because then they'd tend toward killing the kind of people that the public would be upset to lose. Right? Because this way, people aren't getting upset, exactly. They're getting dead-eyed and inured to death (because it's starting to seem like everyone's seen someone die) and light and bitter about life, and heavy and bitter about living.

And meanwhile the Japanese, since they and the world believe he's one of their own, have spun off the deep end. They're not the craziest people in the world for their cartoons and game shows and sneaker adds anymore. But the same madness is at the backs of everyone's eyes. Everywhere.

It's scary. This world. I treat it like a joke, like someone else's problem, but seriously, right now when it's one-forty-five AM, eastern standard time, and I'm alone in my apartment, it's suddenly struck me that I am scared shitless, and there's nothing I can do about it but hold on tight.

Which is just the world as usual. But missiles, famine, pollution, disease, slavery, corruption, and ordinary death were never like this. They were parts of life. But this is anti-life, Kira, like a hole in the world where the vivre is draining out. This world was always a little bit like hell, but Kira's taken away so much of what wasn't. Although...it's just another fear. Maybe it only seems so huge to me because it's a fear and evil that's at its strongest here in the rich and civilized world, where it's supposed to be safe, where until now we had forced most of the usual fears far away, into death, and the dark corners you can usually avoid, and into countries less lucky and complacent. He can strike at our hearts. Our personal demon. A mad little boy with an internet connection and morals about as deep as a nineteen-fifties comic book. Speak, and you might die. Join him, and you might live. Keep all your secrets close. His spies tell him everything. He could do anything.

And I can do nothing about it.