Happy Birthday Naruto
Naruto x /?

Author's note
I know this is an extremely short story, but it's Naruto's birthday and I had to do a fic of some sort. Things have been getting of my way a lot, hence why I haven't been able to really update. Hopefully that all will be taken care of by Thursday.


Story Start


It was October the 10th; his birthday. It was also the anniversary of the day the Kyuubi no Yoko was released inside of Konoha and sealed inside of him. It was also coincidentally the same day that 4th ninja war came to an end. The village was filled with lights and celebrating; people were everywhere. Most were partying and drinking sake, or hooking up and helping to repopulate the village. Now warm invites and chatter filled wherever he was. The cold scorns and indifference had been replaced with praise and warmth, but only one person's warmth meant the most.

She, the most beautiful girl in the world. Then again it was probably his own bias, said bias being a result of him being in love with her. His indigo hair goddess with soft skin and hair cascading down to her back. She was a remarkably attractive young woman with rather large and firm breasts with a firm stomach and curved behind. It was funny to think the shy girl with the large coat ended up being blessed so greatly.

Her scent, lavender filled the room as her gentle arms wrapped around him. Her breath smelled of Cinnamon buns, duck, and some sake. They had just gotten back from celebrating with their friends and loved ones. Celebrating the two year anniversary of their win and Naruto's birthday. ''Happy Birthday Naruto.'' Hinata said as her face pressed into the back of his neck. The embrace was interrupted as Naruto turned around and wrapped his arms around her waist. In the middle of his apartment the moonlight shined through a half opened window.

''Thank you...Hinata.''

The suffixes had been long left from their names, conveying their intimacy and closeness. Naruto leaned over and their lips touched. Tongues meeting as they dropped to the bed, only breaking for air every few moments. Hinata's fingers pulled down Naruto's jacket zipper as his hands slid off the straps of her dress. Gentle kisses were exchanged as their clothing was soon gathered in a heap at the bed. A pile of orange, indigo, black, and white had gathered.

Naruto's mouth began trailing over the familiarity of Hinata's forms. From her soft neck to her large, exposed mounds that he gently rubbed and touched resulting in cute mewling sounds echoing from the Hyuuga's lips. Despite the strength and courage she had gained over the years she was every bit the shy young girl she had always been.

''I love you!''

''I love you too!''

He positioned himself between her legs as an arm was placed under her back with the hand of the other stroking her cheek. Their lips connected as they united as one. Both let out gasps as they went about gentle love making. Hands roamed and kisses continued. After a while they came to there release and there fluids mixed with each others. He collapsed beside her; panting. Carefully he lifted her and placed her under the covers. He joined her and wrapped an arm around her waist. He held her close; their faces gently pressing together as they enjoyed their lover's touch.

"Happy birthday, Naruto" She quietly said. He smiled before he kissed her once on the forehead and they fell asleep.