Quartering Acts

By Ahro


The sound of gulls high above lifted Arthur's gaze to the sky. The blue expanse stretching on, while dotted white clouds coasted along with the wind. A single jet streaked across the blue and white canvas, taking him out of his world, and reminding him just how far the world had come.

How far we've all come since then.

He then looked down at his feet. The waves of the Atlantic, gently lapping at the souls of his shoes. While further out ran a coal black jetty. The cold waters brushing its sides, occasionally revealing the speckled shapes of barnacles and mussels.

The sound of an engine cutting off from behind him, followed by a car door being shut brought him to look up again. Not at the approaching person, but out across the waters, to the far west where he had left so much, but gained back that much more.

"There has always been something strange about this spot." Arthur began, as his guest walked up along side him. That familiar brown bomber jacket appearing out of the corner of his eye. "I have come back here numerous times before, but not once could I tell what it was. Even now..."

Arthur's hand at his side clenched, but then relaxed as the other man's hand gently took his and intertwined their fingers together.

A calm smile played on Arthur's face as he shut his eyes. Feeling the warmth of the sun at his back, and the courage that hand gave to him.

"Even now... I fear I am still uncertain as to what this place means to me. Should mean to me... but..." His gaze moved down to stare at the bouquet of red roses. Bundled together with an elegant red and gold bow. "...I think a calm will finally settle in this place, and I pray, in my heart as well."

His hand was squeezed with reassurance then. Courage and an understanding that he knew only could come from that man.

With a heavy sigh, and his spirit beginning to feel less weighted, he tossed the bouquet out across the waters, settling along side those jet black stones.

"For whatever the reason..." The waves brushed along the flowers and stones, seeming to caress them in thanks, "I hope it brings peace to that spirit... as well as my own."


A/N: That is the final ending of Quartering Acts.

Extremely short, but I felt it pulled everything together in the end. I hope you all enjoyed it. :)

Thank you all so SO very much. Your reviews over the ending have really touched me deeply, and I can't begin to express my thank you.

I love and cherish you all!

Sincerely yours, Ahro.