Mei stood still as a statue in the midst of a dense poisonous fog she herself created. Her head band was currently being used as a breath mask, the fabric a special type that allowed only oxygen through it. Her eyes were shut and her other senses in a hyper focused state, thus she could easily hear Itachi dashing towards her she whipped around to the sound of his pattering feet and sent a hail of senbon his way. She heard him dodge to the left, the Mizukage smirked, he had come within striking distance she leapt forward with a sharp strike to where she could sense him, she felt Itachi dodge by a hairs breathe as he retaliated with a reverse spin kick, Mei felt the disruption in the air currents and leapt forward with a roll, just in time too as Itachi's leg hit the tail end of her ponytail. She came out of the roll facing him, having done a string of hand seals set her hands on the ground, Itachi's eyes saw a swelling of chakra directly beneath him as a pillar of lava shot out where he had just been standing. He then had to dodge another, escaping only just as the bottom of his cloak was now frayed. When he landed he had to roll to narrowly avoid a third pillar, Mei was a fighter adept at fighting with a lack of vision, not the best match up for Itachi, still he relished the challenge. Mei was listed as a Kage level ninja for a reason. He then felt the ground beneath him crumble into nothingness creating a deep ravine in less than an instant. Itachi was shocked inwardly, but his face was as composed as ever as he threw a single kunai with wire attached to a tree with the precision of pro. The line came taught and swung him to the far edge of the ravine where he sprang with a chakra enhanced leap up and out; cutting the string with a kunai before he tossed another kunai straight in the air. When it peaked and fell down he finished a string of hand seals that multiplied the single kunai into thousands all poised to rain down on the ground. The smirk Mei still wore suggested that his tactic would fail; and fail it did as acid rain started pouring down around them disintegrating all the kunai before they could do any sort of damage.

Itachi was now in bad straights as he tried his best to dodge the acid rain that came down, looking up he noticed the black cloud that hung above them. 'She set that up with the lava pillars, this woman certainly knows what she's doing. I can't afford any mistakes here or it will end badly.' The missing Nin thought to himself as he had to leap aside as Mei came down with an axe kick that would have easily crushed his collar bone had it connected. She spun in the air, lashing out with a kick the caught him in the chin, when she landed she opened her mouth wide and spewed forth an acidic cloud that raced outward like a roaring flame. Itachi's speed was the only thing that saved his hide but to his surprise Mei was now in front of him attempting a backwards bicycle kick, Itachi's stopped on a dime and with inhuman agility leaned back to avoid the strike, the heel of her sandal still caught his chin and scraped off a layer of skin. He almost grimaced as he unleashed his tanto and with a quick flurry sent Mei on the defensive, what irked him the most is that she was able to dodge his attacks with her eyes closed. That pissed him off more than mere words could express, he was a very prideful shinobi and this was huge slap in his ego's face.

Mei could feel the aggravation coming off of Itachi, "If you thought I was going to be easy prey Uchiha-san you were sadly mistaken. I happen to have been trained very well how to neutralize the threat your eyes pose. You were better off fighting Zabuza than me. As I have skills that you can't copy no matter how badly you want to. Shall I show you the true power under my command?" She asked politely as she suddenly dropped down into one of the holes she had created earlier.

"Uh oh, whatever she's about to do can't be conducive to my health." As the words left his lips the ground once more started to rumble, only nothing crumbled or fell away instead a giant volcano rose out of the ground even after it was fully formed the rumble of the ground didn't stop causing Itachi to say one word "Fuck". When the smoke started coming out of the top Itachi started running as far away as he could. The eruption of the volcano was so strong the blast made Itachi's ears start to bleed. He could feel the heat of the blast from as far away as he was. He didn't need to look back to know how big the eruption was, the fact that it was now as bright as if it were mid day was all he needed to know. He felt the ash wave he knew was coming gaining on him despite his speed, she left him with no other choice then, Itachi's pupils became a three point shuriken, "Susanoo" The black flamed warrior burst forth from Itachi shielding him just as the ash wave struck him and he was lost in the fiery storm.


Kisame and Zabuza clashed steel against steel just as the volcano erupted. Zabuza smirked, "Seems your partner pissed Mei off. That was a mistake on his part." He taunted as he jabbed forward, Kisame turned so it passed by mere inches from his waist. The blue skinned man retaliated with a horizontal strike, aiming to decapitate his opponent, only for Zabuza to bend backwards at the waist while sliding forward on his knees. Hopping back up as soon as he was out of danger he arched his zanbatou over head "Shinjinbukai Kata: Raijaru gachan!" his blade whistled through the air Kisame bringing his blade up to block, "Big mistake shark face!" Zabuza chided, when their blades collided a shockwave was sent through Kisame which left several of his muscles ruptured, worse the shockwave travelled through him to the ground to encircle him where it shot upwards in a cylindrical prison, sufficiently cutting Kisame rather nastily. Kisame tried to retreat backwards but Zabuza wasn't about to give him any room shooting forward and stabbing forward in a blurred fury. "Shinjinbukai Kata: Mugen tsupari!" The taller of the two swordsmen tried his best to block the combo but his opponent was the better of the two in close range combat and managed to get a number of strikes in leaving Kisame sporting even more new gashes.

Zabuza came forward once more with a horizontal slash that Kisame blocked and retaliated as he kicked the man hard in the chest. "Quite the climactic battle we're having wouldn't ya say Zabu? Let's raise the stakes shall we" With a maniacal grin Kisame started spewing out a torrent of water that quickly engulfed the area creating a ninja made lake. To further raise the stakes Kisame became one with the sentient sword, growing a large tail and sharp fins at the ends of his elbows shredding his cloak and leaving him in nothing but his shinobi pants. His head morphed becoming elongated and ending a point all of his hair disappearing making him look very much like an alien from outer space. Even his hands changed becoming webbed and more fin like than finger like. Kisame's new form came with bonuses it seemed as he rocketed forward with speeds no human could achieve underwater, the blue blur that was Kisame swam blurred circles around the now severely hampered Zabuza who was trying desperately to reach the top of the water but Kisame easily kept him pinned, taking his pound of flesh back for the numerous wounds he had received earlier. "Heh heh what's up Zabuza? Can't keep up with me underwater?" Kisame taunted, his voice severely distorted due to his now animalistic form.

Zabuza said nothing but his eyes steeled as a blue glow sheathed his body; he then suddenly started spinning before lashing out with Kubikiribocho in a circular pattern, a cyclone of pure spiritual energy ushered forth slicing the water like a tornado with enough force to allow Zabuza some breathing room. He quickly leapt upwards while twirling like a buzz saw. Crescent after crescent of slashing compressed spirit energy kept Kisame on the defensive and unable to stop his ascent. While he reached the top safely, Kisame was not going to let up on his assault as he had summoned so many sharks the lake was now teeming with them, one of them leaping out to engulf Zabuza just as he landed on the surface. "Tch" Was all Zabuza had time to say before he was engulfed whole, not a moment later did the shark erupt in a spray of blood as He hacked his way out of its insides. Kisame was right in front him his fist already in full speed to crash against his cranium. The elder swordsman didn't even have time to block before he was sent skipping across the lake, Kisame landed in the water and somehow swam faster than his flight because he appeared above Zabuza and punched him once more only this time down into the lake. Zabuza spat out blood as he was sent rocketing downwards his body traveling fast enough to cut through the water like a knife. Kisame's strength in his transformed state was absurd. His body finally slowed before being swallowed by water once more. He gritted his teeth as he had to defend himself from a surge of sharks looking to capitalize on his disoriented state. They were butchered easily like cannon fodder for the master swordsman. Kisame tried to take advantage of the distraction once, more but Zabuza was ready this time and Kisame narrowly escaped becoming a shark-man on a stick.

Zabuza grinned beneath his mask as his will took hold of the lake and bade the water to start churning and twisting. Transforming the lake into a hurricane with a blood thirsty Zabuza at Its epicenter. The demon of the mists' eyes glinted red as he manipulated the water Kisame had created into natures' blender effectively silencing the threat his summons had created. Kisame shot like a bullet from behind bee lining it towards his fellow missing nin who dodged while his opponent dashed back into the water, only for Kisame to pop out again, and again and again shooting in and out like a blur. Zabuza narrowly blocked and avoided the guerilla style tactics. "What's wrong Kisame, not so happy that I turned your own lake into my own mini hurricane?" He challenged. Seeing as the epicenter was the only relatively safe place at the moment the shark man emerged once more from the waters and engaged him in a brutal but quick taijutsu match. Closing the gap between them too fast for him to keep his opponent at bay, still Zabuza was quick enough to dodge the swift deadly strikes even if he couldn't use his sword to counter at the moment. Waiting for his chance he knew would come, Zabuza kept dodging the flurry of punches elbows knees and kicks as best he could while still keeping the hurricane going. It finally came about when the Akatsuki member left himself open after committing himself too much to a full powered kick he thought would catch Zabuza off guard. As it was Zabuza jumped over the kick and donkey kicked Kisame in the chest with enough force to send him flying back in to the hurricane where he manipulated it to compress and explode outward violently. Subsequently sending Kisame several hundred yards away, Zabuza knew the abilities of Samehada better than anyone having been taught Kenjutsu by the previous wielders predecessor. While in that form Samehada couldn't absorb chakra like it normally could instead infusing its stored chakra with the user to give them enhanced physical attributes. Thus the reason he could safely manipulate the lake without worrying about Kisame sapping his chakra, and he was about to show the monster of the hidden mist just who was scarier. "I hope you're prepared Kisame, Because shit just got real!" Zabuza's voice grew huskier and scratchier as dark, cherry colored chakra poured out from Zabuza the face of a smiling demon appearing for a brief instant before Zabuza disappeared in a blur.

Just as Kisame was getting up after that rather brutal assault his breathe was taken from him via a strong kick that was fueled to the brim with chakra it was followed by a second even stronger kick that sent Kisame twirling into the skies. Zabuza, encased in chakra, leapt after him leaving after images in his wake. Once he was overhead Kisame he tried to axe kick him but Kisame latched onto him. He wasn't about to let the bastard do anything however, slamming the butt end of his giant butcher knife against Kisame's back. The strength of the blow forced the shark man to let got but now they were both falling down and Kisame was positioned above him. Which was perfect for Zabuza as once more he used the blunt end of Kubikiribocho to strike at Kisame, managing to connect against the side of the still disoriented missing nin, which switched their aerial positions, Zabuza somersaulted mid-air to gain swinging power and with a two handed grip he unleashed a powerful chakra enhanced vertical swipe, Kisame curling like a ball to try and shield some of the damage he was going to be receiving. He took devastating wounds as the strike unleashed an explosion of chakra that tore into the shark mans arms and legs leaving deep gashes, his life blood flowing out of him in rivers. "Tenma Kata: Makai no houfuku" Zabuza roared as he chucked his chakra infused blade straight towards the downed Kisame. He wasn't a legendary ninja for naught however and had enough drive to live to rollout of the way of the impact and try and get out of Its impact radius. What he wasn't expecting was for the strength of the impact to cause spider web cracking throughout the battle field in a pretty extensive radius, the second thing he hadn't counted on was for Zabuza's chakra to shoot out of said cracks bathing the area in reddish were light and further shredding his body.

Kisame did his best to shield the damage but he came out looking like shark that had been through the blender. The fact he was still able to stand was a testament to the man's stamina and strength of will. with nimble fingers despite being webbed Kisame strung a rather long string of hand seals together just as Zabuza's feet touched the ground "Suiton: Senshokuko" Kisame summoned a tidal wave that could flatten a small island, and it was teeming with rather hunger and blood thirsty sharks constructed of water there glowing red eyes honed in on dinner A.K.A Zabuza.

"Do better!" Zabuza shouted "Tenma Kata: Oni kirite" as he shunted chakra through his sword and thrust forward with his sword releasing the stored energy in a vertical crescent that cleaved the tidal wave half so it passed harmlessly on either side of Zabuza. He immediately flowed into an upward strike countering Kisame's overhead slash having defused with Samehada who was just waiting to bite into Zabuza's flesh.

As soon as Zabuza cancelled his connection to his chakra to avoid having it eaten by the Samehada he noticed the disadvantage he was at. Defusing had somehow healed Kisame of his wounds, and a full strength Kisame is something Zabuza couldn't compete with at the moment. "What's wrong Zabu? Don't have a neat little quick regeneration like I do?" The larger man cackled, he pressed his advantage and slowly but surely his blade was closing in on his opponent. Until Zabuza rolled backwards causing Kisame to stumble forward right where the man wanted him to be as he leapt upwards with a second uppercut slash only this time it cut deep into Kisame's chest as he tried to back pedal. Blood ran away from the wound splashing in heavy drops on the ground. Once again Zabuza had evened the odds somehow someway. "This is the most fun I've had in awhile! I hope you can keep it up! HAHAHA!" Kisame laughed as he sped forward and clashed steel on steel once more. Just as a Giant chakra bomb exploded creating a black white pictures the two master swordsman two shadows against the white pane.


Orochimaru was toying with them and all three of the Konoha ninja knew it. He was easily keeping all three occupied and he hadn't even used any of his serious landscape altering jutsu they all knew the bijuu and the subsequent Jinchuuriki were capable of. "Just because he can regenerate himself doesn't mean he can take a shot to the cranium and still be kosher, Tenzo help me rip a whole in his god damn shell! Anko get some distance and when you see a shot take it! And whatever you do don't miss!" Sarutobi ordered as he simultaneously dodged a jabbing chakra tail while making it look easy. Just to piss the snake off. And piss him off it did indeed as now all three tails were focused on Hiruzen and set on kill as they jabbed forward trying to impale him. The veteran of three ninja wars was used to dealing with opponents that no one in their right minds would take on. It was what he did. 'Time to put my old student through his paces and remind him whose boss around here' Sarutobi thought to himself, dashing forward as one of the tails erupted from beneath him and trying to grip his ankle, Hiruzen front flipped over it and kept bounding forward. The Kage then suddenly hopped to the right avoiding another tail that he almost seemed to know was coming. Needless to say Hiruzen was making Orochimaru suddenly look like a rookie; of course the smirk he was putting on was for show, he was fucking nervous here! He then fell into a slide as one of Orochimaru's giant crab like claws tried to decapitate him. right when he was underneath the belly of the beast and could actually see Orochimaru's true form did he start doing hand signs and they were so fast not even your run of the mill Uchiha could copy them. "Doton: Kishou no Ken Danmaku!" Not one, or two, or even a hundred but hundreds of giant stone fists rose out of the ground and sucker punched the bestialized Orochimaru with enough force to launch him in the air. "I'm not done yet!" He called ending another string of hand seals 'come on where are you guys! This is the best shot we'll get!' "Raiton: Denkou arashi!" the dark clouds that form above them sometime during the fight were laden with moisture and a perfect set up for the jutsu as arc after arc of lightning struck the beast, the stone fists having metallic compounds in it acting as a lightning rod. The roar of anguish Orochimaru loosed was music to the Kage's ears.

It seemed the punishment wasn't over yet, as a giant boulder smashed into him after the lightning faded away and giant eight armed wooden golem came wading into the fray, to compare sizes he was twice the size of Orochimaru in his unleashed form, Tenzo was lucky to find a huge tree that suited his needs perfectly. Shaping pre-existing wood cost a lot less than growing wood from a small piece. The tips of each finger had sharp wooden teeth and acted like animals chomping at the to get a taste of the beasts flesh as the golem quickly latched onto his three tails and two claws, a sixth and restraining his head and pointing at the sky so he couldn't hit them with breath attacks and the final two were jabbed into the beasts' stomach, all of the places of contact were draining Orochimaru's reserves, at a significant rate. His chakra body was now littered with wholes and that was taken advantage when all each and every single one of them was filled with a dithering hail of golden arrows.

Orochimaru was now bleeding heavily and severely injured, but still a smile stood on his face. "You fools I am IMMORTAL!" He shouted collapsing the shroud once more into his stage 1 activation before unleashing a chakra pulse that sent the arrows his body was still riddled with back at his attackers much a like a porcupine releasing its deadly needle spray. One of his tails had managed to sneak into the ground during that time and Caught Anko unawares as it wrapped around her ankle, he commanded it mentally to rise and slam her into the ground taking immense personal pleasure in the pain it caused her. He then chucked her with said tail as far as he could, which sent the now heavily injured Anko sailing through the skies at a break neck pace.

The other two tried to help but Orochimaru was too fast to keep up with as he back flipped away, while lashing out with a foot that hit home right underneath Hiruzen's chin and sent the Kage skipping backwards across the ground, he then curled around a giant straight fingered jab by the Giant construct in an entirely inhuman and snake like fashion. With a savage grin on his face Orochimaru shot upwards on the wooden construct his image but blur. Within an instant he reached the top of the giant's forehead and disgorged his sword the Kusanagi. In one fluid motion he decapitated the golem with a single swipe and then leapt upwards and coated his blade with wind chakra before releasing it an arc that split the giant in half vertically, again in one swing. Orochimaru then used his tails as support beams to let him hover in the air. "You see, none of you can touch me at all! I'm going to prove to you right here how pathetic you are to me now." With a twisted smile on his face he launched into a string of hand seals, "F utōn: Kamekaze!" five massive tornados struck down in a pentagonal shape creating a vortex of colliding winds in the center of the prism, it tore up chunks of earth sent pieces of rock flying through air and causing craters from the impact where they landed. The reach of the jutsu caused even the vast stretching sky of dark clouds to start swirling and churning violently. Orochimaru was far from done as he ended yet another string of hand seals a maniacal gleam in his eye. "Katon: Hibashiri" a circle of fire sprang to life at ground zero and with all the churning air currents quickly accelerated the fires to become a firestorm that engulfed the night the flames reaching heights beyond counting. That combo they had unleashed against him had hurt like hell and he felt like getting pay back, what he had just done he felt still wasn't enough he wanted to make it even more personal. "I know your still alive sensei! I can sense you! I wonder how your little kiddies are doing. If they're alive they won't be in a second HAHAHAHAHA!" He started cackling madly as once more he transformed right back into his full beast mode. Opening his jaw a giant chakra bomb was created using the perfect mix of yin and yang chakra before firing it straight to the area he knew the teens would be fighting. The explosion was so massive it split the giant island at the point of contact and pushed the two new islands further away from each other.

"NOOOOO!" Hiruzen roared as he watched it sail over head. He had only just gotten back up after that horrible jutsu Orochimaru had unleashed. His eyes hardened and a cold steely gaze fixed itself upon Orochimaru. He didn't have much gas left after he pulled out the last few jutsu. He had one more ace up his sleeve however, he didn't know where the other two were or if they had lived through Orochimaru's onslaught. He hoped they were okay and not dead, as it was he was on his own behind enemy lines and staring the devil in the face. He did the only thing he could do. Defy the laughing devil and tell it to fuck off, Hiruzen slammed his palms down. "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" three plumes of smoke the size of sky scrapers appeared before the smoke was blown away in the remnants of wind. What stood there were three gorillas that looked more like body builders than apes. Dual katana proportionate to their size were strapped across their back. All three wore Konoha bandanas, "Meet Ro, Ko, and Bo also known as the bash brothers." Hiruzen said with an emotionless voice their arms were thicker than the than the damned Hokage tower. "Bash brothers meet my traitorous student. Shred him limb from limb" Unsheathing their Katana's the trio leapt into fray with fierce howls.


Guren prowled the tops of her crystalline graveyard searching for her prey. They had escaped her in the shockwave of her attack. They were better than average she'd give them that much, with good tactics too. She was going to enjoy watching their eyes at the moment when all hope drained from their precious viewing lenses. How dare they try and interfere with the great Orochimaru's plans. "Where are you little kiddies? You're not scared of little old me are you?" She called in falsetto.

"Nope just wondering how many S.T.D's you have after Orochimaru got through with you." Naruto retorted hopping into plain view a few yards away. The Cheshire grin adding insult to injury with his comment showing just how much he enjoyed being a smart mouth.

"Ooh you got some fire to say that to me kid. I think I'll cut out your tongue you little shit." Her eyes were as vicious as her words; she crossed the distance between them in one leap, the blondes eyes widened as she jabbed forward with her fingers straight set to impale him thanks to her crystalline armor, only for Naruto to go up in smoke.

"Ha! You mad chic?" Naruto's voice called several yards behind her. Seeing her face turning red he knew he was getting under her skin. "So what was he like in the sack anyway? Was his one eyed snake all scaly and gross or was it dry and flaky did he even have one? Is he a hermy and just can't accept it?" Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at how easy it was to rile her up.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU PERVERT!" crystalline shuriken tried to embed themselves into the blondes' forehead only for it also to go up in smoke.

"Ok so maybe that was little crass. I'm sorry, oh wait no I'm not Fuck you you broke my arm you selfish twa-" poof another clone.

"UZUMAKI I'M GOING TO FLAY YOU ALIVE!" Guren's eyes were hazed with rage and set on one thing, the death of a certain blonde loudmouth.

"Yeah I hear that all the time, but it's usually from your father for sleeping with your mother!" Another Naruto called hopping up; this one had his hands set into a seal. "Fūton: Diatoppa!" his jutsu packed enough power behind it to send her on a collision course with one of the stalactites she had created.

Guren rolled backwards through the air to land against the stalactite with her feet and hands palm downwards gracefully. "You already fixed your arm huh? Resetting it hurt like a bitch I take it? How 'bout I take them off!" She rocketed towards naruto and pulling two crystalline swords from the stalactites when she launched only to run smack dab into a cabled net she had been unable to see because of the dark night, her swords clattering off in the distance. That wasn't the end of things either; lightning then raced across the cables like spiders across a web and swarmed on the enemy Kunoichi.

When Guren wasn't screaming in pain the teens felt their hearts drop. "Yeah that's right kiddies. I know how to conduct lightning through my body safely. Thanks for the boost." And there it was; she saw the light of fear brighten in the blondes' eyes. She easily tore her way through the cable to once more resume her attack on Naruto sending a barrage of crystal projectiles at him. Naruto easily dodged but she followed his movements in a pincer attack. "We'll start the ass kicking with you." She said gleefully as she proceeded to beat the piss out of the real Naruto. Clearly he thought that trap would work. Her first punch crashed against Naruto's face and sent him falling down to the ground. She followed gripping his shirt and repeatedly slamming her knee into his torso, a strike to the gut, then to the ribs; she was sure she heard a rib crack, before finishing the combo by twirling in the air to throw him to the ground making him bounce just in time to receive her fully cocked back twirl enhanced punch. Only for Naruto to burst into splinters. Saved himself from the finishing blow, smart kid, she thought. Once again all was still in the night.

Guerilla tactics hadn't worked for them either. They were finally realizing just how outclassed they were against this opponent. "You can't take me head on and you can't take me with guerilla warfare what hope have you against me?"

"You sure talk big, but in reality you're just a disillusioned little girl. Orochimaru spoiled you; we are those who have no choice but to kick your ass. So that's what we're gonna do, I'll give you this one chance at unconditional surrender." Naruto's face held a confident smirk and his eyes held a certain inner light them.

"Is it stupidity or bravery that compels you I wonder?" Guren threw a few shuriken his way to test if it was just a clone or the real deal as well check for further wiring. There was none and Naruto nimbly dodged all the shuriken with no trouble. "I'm going to tear out your heart, still beating, and make you eat it." She growled. Dashing along the ground darting in a zigzag pattern keeping her advanced hidden behind the crystalline structure. When she was within range she pounced. Attacking the blonde from behind who ducked below the attack and open palmed her in the chest, inconsequently copping a feel. Guren, her face turning purple at the injustice done to her femininity, growled low in her throat. She tried to go at her attacker full force but found she couldn't move, "What the fuck?" She raged struggling to fight her paralysis. Her eyes tried boring holes at the shock of blonde hair, wait why was it slowly bleeding to black, and then Naruto became Shikamaru grinning rather smugly at her.

"Surprise, I'm not Naruto. First move is always a faint lady, Jeeze you'd think that being one of Orochimaru's elite he'd teach you that but apparently he's a poor ass teacher." The teen rambled walking them through the torn up battle field. It seemed as though he had no clear direction as to where he was going. "You know I really despise people like you, given this great power of Kekkei Genkai and you abuse it so needlessly. Whatever happened to chivalry and honor? Well I suppose I'm a hypocrite because I'm a Ninja and we lie, cheat, and steal like it's going out of style. Sorry am I boring you?" He inquired flatly.

"Nara you can't keep this up forever, I will get out of this and then you have to know I'm not going to let things end well for you." She threatened icily.

The young teen just chuckled, "Yeah nice rack by the way, shame you're an enemy really." He paused for effect, and because she suddenly started resisting a lot harder, "You think I don't know I can't keep this up, I'm a genius lady, as in G. E. N. I. U. S. Go ahead take your time and spell out. Know what that means? I'm smarter than you, way smarter and your intelligence doesn't hold a candle to mine." To prove his point he stopped them in their tracks and threw a kunai in the air, at the crescent of its flight it let loose a burst of light over the immediate area and the contrast allowed her to see the wires on the ground.

"Wires again? That didn't work before what makes you think it will work again?" Guren taunted, not afraid in the slightest of whatever they had cooked up

Shikamaru grinned, "Because those wires and these wires serve entirely different purposes." She felt his connection on her break just as the wires glowed blue and revealed their true form, a very very large seal array. "Wanna know the benefits of working with a team? We all have a unique skill set, like Naruto for instance, whose going to be remembered in the history books as one of the best seal masters the world will ever know." The woman howled in agony as the wire leapt onto her back and coiled in on itself imbedding inside her flesh at searing hot temperature. After it attached itself Guren laid there twitching slightly, a whole was burned the back of her garment where the steel wire now appeared as a small spiral in the middle of her back.

All three gennin walked up to the now defenseless woman, two of them limping because of their injuries, and stared down at the elite they had captured alive. "Heh, never underestimate an opponent, that's rule number two." Naruto taunted a smile playing across his bloody lips.

"I. Hate. You. All." Guren ground out behind clenched teeth. Trying her best to move but finding it far too difficult.

"You should be playing demure right now lady, I cut off access to your chakra and motor skills. Trust me if you play nice we'll be a lot more lenient I-" He paused mid sentence because he felt a huge upwelling of chakra, his head snapped towards where their sensei was fighting only for a giant chakra bomb to be front and center. There was no time for thought or spoken word only action. He reacted on instinct really. He saw Shikamaru and Tenten turn their heads and realize what was on a collision course set to right where they were standing. Naruto took in a deep breath; He had gone to Shikamaru in the weeks of their training with an idea for a jutsu of his own. The Nara teen had helped but at the cost of training him in the knowledge of seals that he wouldn't otherwise be privy to just yet. The only problem was he hadn't worked out all the kinks yet. It was do or die time and Naruto lurched forward firing off a ball of condensed shining blue chakra that contained nearly all of his reserves, he poured everything he had into it. The shockwave of that much chakra backlashed Naruto backwards a few feet. Naruto's jutsu while a thousand times smaller than Orochimaru's attack held enough potency to upset the careful balance of the mixture and caused a cataclysmic explosion that tore Kirigakure in half and pushed the two lesser but still massive pieces of land away from each other.

The shockwave from that blasted the entire team and Guren sailing into the air, Naruto somehow caught Guren but blacked out almost immediately after as a second more forceful shockwave hit them.


When Orochimaru fired off a Bijuudama Itachi knew it was time to turn tail and run, he'd wasted to much chakra dealing with Mei anyway and he still hadn't finished fighting her. His Susanoo was still active and a serious drain on his chakra reserve, he had maybe a minute left at best before he was completely out of chakra. Besides the rest of the group had to know of this development. "Until we meet again, Mizukage-sama. Good fight" He intoned flatly as he disappeared in a flock crows.

Mei appeared out of the ground a few feet away severely out of breathe. "Damn that Uchiha was certainly no slouch on his skills. Ha and I survived it, I have to keep moving forward." She slowly rose to hear thunderous roars and applause, her shinobi were splayed out behind her, seems they had watched her fight, a small smile twitched at the corners of her mouth. 'Well would you look at that?' One crisis averted another one to go. Still she couldn't show her exertion in the face of the public so she waved and proceeded to go find Zabuza,

She found him a few minutes later bleeding from many small wounds but nothing major. "He got away." The man's voice was obviously constrained; she knew how much he hated the rogue swordsman. He'd butchered one of Zabuza's only friends.

"We have to go, the battle against Sanbi still rampages about, we have to stop it before it gets out of hand." Zabuza could easily hear the weariness voice. It didn't take a genius to guess how much chakra she'd used in her battle against it Itachi.

"We have nothing left in the tank how are we going to battle a fully charged Jinchuuriki." The weapon master questioned.

"With the help of the strongest Jinchuuriki!" a familiar voice butted in. Two tiny cockroaches crawled out of their pants and in a puff of smoke two Naruto's stood before them. "Heh I'm adept at giving my chakra to others, I do it all the time with my teammates when we spar with Sarutobi, it's the only way we could possibly last." He proudly announced, as he placed a hand on each of their backs and closed his eyes pouring his chakra into theirs. It didn't take long for them to feel the effects.

"Holy shit kid, you're not as useless as I thought you were." Zabuza complimented, while he still had a lot of minor scratches his chakra felt more powerful than ever. With a dark grin his dark cherry aura appeared once more and he rushed off towards the battle field.

"Sigh that man is such a child sometimes I swear." Mei chided humorously, chuckling at his eager attitude. "Thank you young man your help came as a miracle today." She smiled and gently kissed him on forehead. And pressed something into his hand. Take that medallion as a sign of kinship with Kirigakure. Being that my family possessed lava and acid release I think you'll find that medallion capable of remarkable things." She gave him a wink before dashing off towards the Sanbi as well.

The shadow clone was left completely stunned. "Dude how come that couldn't be me?" The second clone said. Seriously did he look uglier than that clone or something, this was a total insult. "Oh hell no, we just perfected our new ranged jutsu I'm gonna go show that bastard why you don't fuck with Uzumaki Naruto, and then Mei will wanna kiss me on the forehead or even better make out with me. WHOOOO! HERE I COME OROCHIMARU!" the second clone stampeded off towards the battle front.


Anko knew she was dead to rights. She should be dead, but it seems that the gods defied Orochimaru yet again, as she hit something soft and squishy which she bounced harmlessly off of and landed gracefully on the ground. "So out of the fryer…" Anko said to herself trying to survey the area. She'd landed in a pit somewhere, somewhere that had greenish glinting walls. She tried to stick her foot to it via chakra only for the wall to move. "Okay…That can't be good. Stay calm Anko, you got this." When the wall moved a second time it was accompanied by a loud 'thud' followed closely by a second, than a short pause and two more 'thud's shook the ground.

"Who dares wake me?" The voice that reached her ears sounded like rocks in a blender, very scratchy and elongating the end of each word transitioning into a hiss. It was as if speech was a secondary skill learned rather than one that was born with.

"Anko Mitarashi, whose asking?" She queried her bow cackling in her palms.

"I sense great power within you. Hmmmmmmmm," The creature hissed.

"Uh yeah that's right I'm really powerful so you best be wary of me!" She bragged/threatened.

It chuckled, or at least she hoped it was, because if it wasn't she might be in serious trouble.

"I smell snakes on you, such puny reptiles, I am not match for you but there are plenty of my kin who could devour you as nothing more than a morsel." The creature fired back slowly circling Anko keeping her trapped inside the circumference of the creature's body.

"I'd take em all at once and still make it look effortless." Anko replied heatedly. One did not goad Anko, for she had extreme pride in her skills. She heard a fifth much smaller thud right behind her. Twirling behind her she saw a scroll.

"You're the most fun I've had in centuries. I'll give you this opportunity to prove you have what takes to put your money where your mouth is. There's a reason my kin are called Komodo dragons." True to its word the giant Komodo dragon uncurled itself and stood to its full height. He was just as large as the Sanbi was, and she just boasted that she could take on all of his betters at once. She gulped and looked down at the scroll. "Go ahead and sign it if you have the guts. I can sense the rampaging Sanbi; I could be of help, if I felt so inclined."

"Why allow me to sign?"

"Because I'm bored, and have been for a century, I'm tasked with sitting here until I find a suitable summoner, you've lasted longer than five minutes against an opponent much stronger than yourself. So you've shown you have some skill enough to warrant the signing. You'd better hurry up before your friends are dust and I decide to eat you instead of bow to you." Who said animals were dumb? Typical human egoism was that was. Anko made a split second decision casting away the last of her ties with Orochimaru and signing her name away in blood on the scroll. "Good, my kin are going to love their new toy. Now hop on" Anko did as instructed and leapt on top of the creature and held on via chakra. "Dagaraaaaaaaaaa"


"That's my name idiot"

"Ah well walk on dagaraaaaaaaaaaaa" She fired back mockingly. Dagara moved with a slow but steady pace. He knew better than to bum rush a rampaging Jinchuuriki that kind of shit got you killed. Still those three giant gorillas were doing a marvelous job keeping it busy. 'I've only got a little energy left; I hope this guy can fight.'

'Ugh honestly are humans always this useless? No wonder Uzumaki sealed something much stronger than a mere human soul inside of the seal. Here is a bloody boost don't waste it you harlot.' Ayane chided within her mind, not a seconds later did Anko feel a rush of energy surge through her veins her mind sharpening and receiving a refreshing second wind.

Armed with her brand new summons she set course for her ex sensei, a murderous shine in her eye.


Tenzo breathed a sigh of relief as he stood up again, that was not the most pleasant experience he had ever endured, creating a triple layer shield the outermost being rock the second being water and the third being comprised of wood was the only reason he was still alive and he knew it. "Damn I'm out of commission, heh sorry Sarutobi-san I'd just be in the way if I re-entered the battle."

"Now seriously is that any way to be Tenzo-san. Seriously when the going gets tough you spit in goings face and drop a deuce on its lawn." Another cockroach crawled out of his clothing and poofed into a Naruto clone.

"You know I should be surprised that you managed to hitch a ride on me and somehow manage not to take damage to stay alive and be here right now, but I'm not. Well done Naruto, someday I'll have to teach you how to properly control the wood release." He chuckled

"I'll hold you to that. The boss is currently blacked out after Orochimaru tried to toast our ass but the teams all fine. Let's get you up to fighting strength, If I remember my history lesson right your wood release will be extremely helpful in this fight." The Naruto clone put his hand on Tenzo's back like he'd done Mei and Zabuza filling him with all the chakra he could until he popped out of existence.

Tenzo stood up and looked at the palm of his hand, He didn't know if Naruto realized just how much chakra he had. Tenzo had never felt this much chakra at his command. A smile slowly grew on Tenzo's face. "Payback time. Mokūton: Ga-goiru Guntai!" Tenzo summoned thousands of wooden gargoyles, complete with fangs, talons, and wings stood awaiting his command thanks to the chakra Naruto had bestowed him with. Each gargoyle was roughly the size of a small house, Tenzo hopped onto to one as they all took flight with the mighty beating of wooden wings. "TO BATTLE!" he bellowed. Screw assassination this was survival now and when fighting a jinchuuriki subtlety was simply not an option.


Despite having extremely skilled summons, Hiruzen was losing and he knew it; every time he had Orochimaru cornered the man would shift from full beast mode to the chakra cloak and would engage Hiruzen directly. Hiruzen didn't escape those skirmishes unscathed either, Orochimaru did. 'God damnit if I don't do something fast this is game over for us all.' Orochimaru was currently in his fully transformed state easily keeping the bash brothers at bay.

"Need a chakra boost sensei?" an all too familiar voice called.

"Naruto how the he-? You know what never mind I don't even want to know. Yes I'm in dire need of that, right now."

"One Uzumaki special coming up Ji-Ji!" The clone didn't even bother removing his henge instead simply channeled all of its available chakra into Hiruzen before poofing out of existence it had one last comment, using voice projection to do it. "HEY YOU, YEAH YOU THE SNAKE WITH CRABS! DON'T FUCK WITH UZUMAKI!"

Hiruzen stood tall once more as he Naruto had given him so much chakra his body couldn't hold that much for long. That meant he had to expel some chakra, and fast. 'Thank you Naruto' He thought silently stringing together a long string of hand seals. Before he was finished, a giant ball of liquid acid slammed into the side of Orochimaru, "Anko's here to save the day! Duh da da duh! Eat Komodo dragon acid you sick freak! OPEN FIRE DAGARA!" The giant reptile she rode atop of eagerly fired missile after missile of what looked like acidic spit, as it was slowly starting to create small holes in the chakra shroud.

At that point wooden Gargoyles descended from the sky with a mighty buzzing, and like an angry beehive started darting around popping shots at Orochimaru's bulky form. The snarling gargoyles would swoop down and tear a bit of 'skin/chakra' off each time they fed the Gargoyles grew slightly. Hiruzen saw Tenzo riding atop of one gargoyle's a look of concentration on his face. Hiruzen fingers landed on the final seal of his string, it was perhaps one of his most powerful and at the very least certainly one of his flashiest. "Raiton: Denkou no Doki" He whispered, the very air started to vibrate as lightning started sparking around Orochimaru until it erupted in a cyclone to become a maelstrom of electricity centered solely on Orochimaru.

Large wooden chains, riddled with barbed points, erupted from the ground that entrapped the large construct and ate away at its shell, this time large holes started to appear over one of them leading straight to Orochimaru, a shining golden arrow was already through the whole, when it got a few inches from the jinchuuriki it detonated in a brilliant display of light. As well as blinding damn near everyone. The force of the explosion shattered the wooden bindings and caused quite a decent size crater in its wake. It wasn't island splitting or anything but it was certainly powerful. There was just one problem. Orochimaru had disappeared in that flash. There wasn't a shadow of a doubt that he was still alive.

"We arrived too late it seems. Well done Hiruzen, you have won us Kirigakure this day." Mei's soothing voice called as she arrived on the scene.

"He got away, Tenzo put those Gargoyles to use and send them out to look for him immediately if he's still in the area I want to know about it. Anko I need you to go find my team, I need to speak with Mei briefly. I'll be along shortly." Hiruzen was not about to let Orochimaru escape his grasp again. By all rights that man shouldn't even be alive He'd killed the man personally. 'This is far from over Orochimaru'

Tenzo immediately went to do as he was told, personally hopping on one of his Gargoyles as they all took off creating a huge gust of wind. "Man wood release is so cheap, eh so is poison I guess, so who am I to hate. How am I supposed to find the bratsicles anyway?" Anko pouted.

"HEY! Did I get here too late? Where's snake face with the STD's? I got a new jutsu to take back my pound of flesh on. AND THEN GET MEI TO KISS ME WHOOOO!" The Naruto clone that had given chakra to Zabuza arrived steam snorting out his nose as he shouted.

"Shit head you're aware everyone heard that yeah?" Zabuza said a murderous gleam in his eye.

"Ahem' I believe your prayers were answered Anko take Naruto and find the rest of the crew and quickly before something unfortunate happens to that clone." Hiruzen wanted to laugh, he really did, but composure must be held during meetings with other nations. Naruto's idiocy was just so ridiculous.

"Come on lover boy, come chat with good ol' Anko" The reptile mistress threw her arm around the blondes shoulder. The steely glint in her eye made Naruto's clone very uneasy. "So, shit stain…What's that twat got that I don't? Huh? Or did you forget about our time alone already?" Her tone a mocking melancholy. Naruto was so red everyone thought the clone might dispel itself out of pure embarrassment.

The clone wisely said nothing and pointed, "This way." He quickly took off a cackling Anko following him.

The merriment gone Hiruzen addressed Mei, "Don't worry we were never even here." He winked, "However, if you should feel so inclined an alliance with us could be worked out for the mutual benefit of both of us." His smile was extremely disarming by design.

Mei giggled, "Of course, we'll be in touch Hiruzen." With a hand shake the foreign Kage turned to catch up to his team.

"So Mizukage how's the future for Kirigakure looking?" Zabuza asked as he watched the 'God' of shinobi fade in the distance.

"We've gained some powerful allies Zabu." She paused for effect, and to hear him shout his aggravation. "The future seems trouble however; still I will ensure Kirigakure earns its rank as one of the big contenders. As it should be."


When the adults arrived, they found the Tenten and Shikimaru awake and tending to their wounds. They were surprised, however to see a seething Guren, who lay trapped in an unconscious Naruto's arms, her body having occasional spasms, Shikamaru finding it hilarious since it looked like they were spooning. The Nara had been taunting her ruthlessly the whole time; obviously smug about the fact that they captured an elite of Orochimaru's.

"Well done you three, so why is Naruto passed out still and you two or should I say three awake?" Hiruzen asked, "And for the love of god why is that woman twitching and why are you not making her more comfortable?!"

"Naruto's passed out because, he used all of his chakra to detonate Orochimaru's ball of death and clonked his head when the shockwave hit us but not before catching Guren, probably to make sure she didn't die. She's twitching because her body just had a dual restrictor and chakra restraining seal placed on her back with white hot metal wire. I'd be twitching too if I were her. I haven't made the bitch more comfortable because she's done nothing but threaten and spit at us. I was tempted to strip her and Naruto and take pictures. Instead I chose to mock her for my own personal amusement. You got anything against that you can send it to me in a memo and label it under shit I don't care about." Shikamaru responded dryly. He'd had an EXTREMELY stressful day and it was over now, in essence he didn't give a flying monkey ass about anything… well that wasn't entirely accurate, what he didn't tell everyone was that he had woken up before his other teammates and HAD taken those pictures, for future black mail only of course, he almost sniggered before he remembered it would look strange. Which would lead to questions, questions he just wasn't going to answer them, ever, as in even on his death bed. It was just far too troublesome.

"Well just for that guess who gets to carry her home?" It was a rather rueful grin he sported when Hiruzen said that.

" Too Troublesome!" Shikamaru groaned.

"I. Really. Hate. You. All." Guren groaned out. Seriously talking about her as if she weren't there, if she wasn't restricted she would throttle all of them.

"Shut it you. You can have relations with little Naru later. You're in the presence of Sarutobi Hiruzen, show some respect!" Anko chimed in.

"ENOUGH! Pack up and move out were headed for home since there is no need for a headlong sprint we'll be taking our sweet time about it. It's been to long since I've been out about in the world." Hiruzen barked, slinging the unconscious Naruto over his shoulders, within minutes the team left their extra cargo trying her best to choke Shikamaru but to no avail, Naruto knew what he was doing when it came to seals it seemed. She would bide her time until her chance to escape came, until then it looked like she was to remain prisoner.

~Chapter END~

Jutsu list~

Shinjinbukai Kata: Raijaru gachan: Heaven style: Radial crash

Description: a Technique in Ken-jutsu . it sends a shockwave that travels through the user damaging them internally before encircling them in a prison before releasing the stored spiritual energy upwards slicing whatever it touches.

Shinjinbukai Kata: Mugen tsupari: Heaven style Infinite thrust,

Description: As it's name suggests The user thrust his sword at a speed that can't be seen by the naked eye shooting an uncountable number of spiritual bullets that pierce through whatever's in their path. the size of the sword determines the size of the bullet, the larger the sword the larger the bullet.

Tenma Kata: Makai no houfuku : Demon style: Hells wrath

The user chucks his chakra laced sword at the ground creating a crater that causes spider web cracking throughout the battle field whereupon the chakra erupts out of the ground

Tenma Kata: Oni kirite: Demon style: Hell cutter

The user coats his blade chakra and sends it out and a sing large vertical crescent that travels at bullet like velocity and cuts anything in it's path.

Futōn: Kamekaze: Wind release: divine wind

The user releases a gust of wind that forms several small tornadoes

Futōn: Daitoppa: Wind release: Great break through

This is a relatively simple technique that creates a sudden gust of wind, but its scale varies greatly depending on the user. If used by a superior shinobi, it has enough destructive power to knock down a large tree.

Katon: Hibashiri: Fire release: running fire jusu

This technique creates a stream of fire that can be manipulated into several forms (so far, rings of fire that runs on the ground or a circle of fire flying through the air) before striking the target

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