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'Minato will succeed me as the Yondaime.'

The pale visage of the man with eerie slitted eyes, reminiscent of a snake, stalked out of the Hokage tower shaking with anger.

'How dare that old man name that blonde headed fool Hokage.' He snarled silently, as he made his way through the village. The people he walked past unconsciously moving to the sides to avoid him. The Snake Sennin frowned as he thought of that bastard of a Shinobi, Minato Namikaze who had taken the Hokage position from him. He was nothing compared to Orochimaru, and yet he had taken all that Orochimaru wanted, no deserved. A frown transformed his face into something truly monstrous as he saw a kid that reminded him of the man, before just as suddenly a smile came across his serpentine face, there was a way to get the perfect revenge on that man. Smiling he walked towards the house that Namikaze had bought recently, he had had a kid, called Nematode, or Nawatoad or some other ridiculous name. And the perfect way to punish Namikaze for taking away the Hokage position from him would be by taking Namikaze's kid away from him.

Walking into the building he knew that the only person inside would be a babysitter. Stealing up to the room, he quickly knocked the Genin watching the kid unconscious, smirking as she fell to the ground. Walking forward he picked up the bawling brat, looking at the whisker marked child, a sick and twisted smile graced his features,

"Kukukuku, you will make a perfect test subject if I do say so myself, won't you Nematode?"

The famous Uzumaki vitality would be perfect for what he had planned. He reached out and clamped a hand over the child's mouth and began to make his way to his lab, stopping to pick up the genin's body, he'd see if he could give this one a bloodline, maybe that new ice one he'd acquired in the war.

Leaving the house, not bothering to shut the door behind him, he couldn't help but think it was perfect, he had the kid and the village would no doubt blame Iwa or Kumo. It was impossible for him to be caught at this point, his genius ensured that. Making his way down the street, passing everyone unnoticed thanks to a simple cloaking Genjutsu and he was away, disappearing into the crowd, with the yellow flashes legacy tucked under his arm and a new Genin to experiment on, both of which would bring him one step closer to his goal. Nonchalantly he wondered if the kid would be able to make those Chakra chains his mother was famous for, it was a very a useful ability and well worth acquiring, he thought before he disappeared into the bowels of the Hokage monument where his genetics lab was located.

Minato smiled, not only was he going to be Hokage but he had a beautiful wife and son, looking over at his sensei Jiraiya, who was beaming with pride at the fact that it was his apprentice that had beaten Orochi-teme for the hat, he couldn't help but think life couldn't get much better than this. Sarutobi turned and looked back at everyone in the room, which consisted of Jiraiya, the third's old team mates, Kushina and Minato himself. Orochimaru had left when it was announced that Minato would succeed the Third as the Fourth Hokage, he hadn't looked too pleased about that upon reflection, but that was just the icing on the cake for Minato, he'd never liked that Snake bastard. There was something off about him, he lacked the will of Fire, Minato suddenly thought, yes that was what it was, nodding sagely to himself while hardly listening to what the Third was saying, he returned to thinking about his son.

With the conclusion of the third great Ninja war, Konoha had emerged one again as the most powerful of the great villages, although it had come at a cost, and while there were countless dead, at least the village would have time to rebuild and recover before the next war. At that he sighed, it seemed an inevitable cycle of hatred was what drove the ninja villages, it was certainly not what the Sage of Six Paths had wanted, Minato thought before he returned to what Sarutobi was saying.

"So as to what I would suggest now is following Minato's coronation, the village needs to focus on missions. Naturally I'll still be around to help out but Jiraiya, with the war coming to a close I would say that now would be an ideal time to set up an intelligence network so we're prepared for whatever will come in the intervening years. Is there anything anyone wishes to say?" he finished looking around the room and at everyone's shaking heads he smiled and said, "Well in that case, everyone is dismissed." Minato stood up with the dismissal and along with Kushina and Jiraiya after nodding to the others left to go and check on their son, Naruto.

It was Uncanny how much the kid looked like himself Minato thought as they made their way towards the couples new house. Although those whisker markings would make him a hit with the girls, no doubt Jiraiya would be able to make some great Icha Icha based on the kid in the future. He smiled at that thought; no doubt Kakashi would love the kid just for that reason. Rounding the corner and looking at the house which he and his small family lived in he frowned when he saw that the door was open, 'it shouldn't be open', he thought a frown marring his face a glance showed that Kushina was concerned as well, Jiraiya hadn't picked up on the mood and was leering at a girl, less than half his age through a shop window, beginning to panic slightly he walked into the house, his pace increasing slightly until he was running up the stairs his wife just behind him. Rushing into his son's room he noticed two things, one his son was not there and two there was no evidence of a struggle, his son was just gone. A low cry came from behind him and he saw Kushina with tears in her eyes looking at the place where little Naruto had been just hours ago. Jiraiya he noticed had arrived and looked just as shocked, Minato felt tears gathering in his eyes as he turned looking at the other two he managed to keep his voice level as he stated "The Hokage must be informed of this." The others managed to nod before they turned and sprinted back the way they had come, 'how could this happen?' Minato wondered as he rushed to keep up with his wife, flinching as he felt the Kyuubi's chakra react to the emotional state of his wife. Come hell or high water they would find his son.

Bursting into the Hokage's office, Sarutobi looked shocked that they were back after leaving less than ten minutes ago. Even more shocking was the emotional state they were in the reflected as he looked closer at their faces. "Is something wrong?" He asked gently in his best grandfather voice, wouldn't do to upset the kids now he thought, why it was only yesterday that he remembered Kushina arriving from Uzushiogakure. His trip down memory lane was cut off when Minato gasped out "Naruto's gone!"

"What?" the words escaped Hiruzen's mouth before he could process them, looking at the devastated parents of the little, blue eyed, blonde haired boy and his Godfather, who didn't seem to know what to think about the situation, seemingly torn between tearing the Village Hidden in the Leaves apart to find him and just sitting down to bawl his eyes out.

"We, we came back and the door was open and he's gone, him and the Genin who's supposed to be watching him, it's like they were never there." Kushina managed to get out before she collapsed on the ground tears and demonic Chakra mixing in the air around her.

Minato himself looked lost, the young man was staring at Hiruzen with an absent look in his eyes, a seeming gateway to the void, certainly they lacked the usual spark so full of life that usually resided in his eyes.

Hiruzen himself was shocked, few people knew about the birth, fewer still where the Namikaze house was located, still he was not the longest serving Kage for nothing, pulling himself together he glanced at the broken couple and super pervert before him, they were certainly going to be no help, the thought bounced around in his brain before he reached a decision. Barking out an order for his Secretary, when she entered the room and before she could see the state that the most famous man in Konoha was in, the Monkey Summoner roared out, "I want every Shinobi, bar the academy students out and searching for a blonde boy with blue eyes and whisker marks, the kid is of vital importance to village security!" He was of course, there was a specific reason that Uzumaki's were used as the Konohan Jinchūriki's and it had everything to do with the fact that their more concentrated Chakra meant a greater control over the beast, an essential when dealing with the biggest remaining part of what had once been the Jubi. The Uzumaki's, now Namikaze's had a vital role to fulfil for the village's security and that boy had to be recovered at all costs. "What of the Genin, watching little Naruto-chan?" he asked remembering that little fact in the brief lull between the storm of emotion now hitting him.

"Gone as well, you don't think...?" Kushina began but the Third waved his hand silencing her,

"It's impossible to know, we'll have a clearer picture once the search begins, you are all in no position to participate, I'll handle this you go and rest."

"No, I can help," Jiraiya managed to get out, "let me do my part sensei."

"It wasn't a request Jiraiya, go now." the tone of finality in his voice ensured that they obeyed him and regretfully they departed, leaving the aged leader to deal with the latest disaster to affect the first of the Hidden villages.

As soon as they were informed, the majority of the Shinobi forces present in the village were on high alert and searched throughout the village for the famed Yellow flashes son. Even Orochimaru had emerged from his lab to participate; of course he only did so to throw off suspicion despite the fact that there was none on him in the first place. 'There were so many benefits to being the favourite student of the God of Shinobi.' He thought as he absently searched a ditch on the outskirts of the village for the 'missing' boy.

Weeks passed and reluctantly the search was called off. The Genin was assumed to have defected with the boy as payment and Naruto was given up as lost. The only comfort that could be given to Minato and Kushina was the fact that the girl's family were disgraced, but it was a cold comfort and did little for the gaping hole that the event had left in their hearts.

Meanwhile Orochimaru retreated to his lab and had made several startling discoveries, after much testing on the Genin, he had never bothered to learn the girl's name. He worked out that there was no way that he could forcibly insert bloodlines into ordinary people's bodies, which meant that the resurrection Jutsu he was working on would need to be used on people with bloodlines, which in turn meant that the curse seals that influenced people's thoughts would need to be used on those with greater willpower. He frowned at that, that little fact would complicate things, and it also meant that he would have to leave the village, while he had no love for it; Konoha like any other provided a security that was unavailable to a nukenin.

However despite this set back he made a number of discoveries about young Naruto, the first was that at some point his ancestry must include a member of the Yuki clan, as he carried the genes for their Kekkei Genkai; it was very weak however and would never activate naturally. The other startling discovery were the traces of Demonic Chakra running through the baby's chakra coils, further tests ascertained that this demonic chakra was a remnant of spending ten months in Kushina's body prior to his birth, but this was of minor importance compared to the Hyoton genes that the boy carried and the fact that his chakra was strong enough to handle some alterations to the coils, as a result Orochimaru could forcibly give the child the Hyoton bloodline.

After much preparation the procedure had been carried out and it was a great success, with the added benefit that the Yuki DNA that he had overridden Minato's with meant that the boy who had originally been born of Minato and Kushina now had a genetic structure that suggested that his mother was Kushina while his father was a member of the Yuki clan who was killed several years ago during the third war, originally Orochimaru had collected his DNA for research purposes but this was a much better use for it, at least in the man's twisted mind.

Over time the boy's physical characteristics changed to reflect his new cellular structure, with his blonde spiky hair fading to a dark red, which slowly straightened out as well as his tanned skin becoming a more pale shade reminiscent of the famed clan of ice wielders and the whisker marks that identified him as the child of a Jinchūriki faded away entirely, while his eyes, lacking the pigments that made them blue, faded to a slate grey. He couldn't have wished for a better outcome, there had been some concern on his part that the boy looked far too much like his father to have been seen in public, but this way the chances of anyone connecting him to Minato were minimal. The Uzumaki themselves had scattered after the fall of Uzushiogakure, so it wasn't totally unbelievable that one would have ended up with the Yuki, or run into a Yuki as they fled the purges. In any case, it meant that he had managed to kill the son without taking the life of the boy, something that appealed to the scientist in him.

"Minato? Can I talk to you for a moment?" the man looked up when his wife spoke, blonde hair framing a face that had rapidly come to be one of the most famous on the continent. A slight smile overcame his face as he looked Kushina in the eye. She looked a lot happier; radiant even, something that hadn't been at all common over the last year.

He himself wasn't any happier at the situation they had found themselves in, waiting for the time that their son reappeared, no doubt under the banner of Iwa, kidnapping just didn't seem to be in the style of the new Raikage, and thus the general opinion on the perpetrator's went to Iwa. Danzo, the only other option, only ever took orphans that no one wanted, not the children of sitting Kage's.

"Sure what is it?" he asked, even managing to smile himself, something that happened far too infrequently these days to himself as well.

"I'm pregnant!" she exclaimed, and for a brief moment, looking like the little girl who had said she was going to be Hokage. The man grinned; she had acted like this last time as well.

"That's great!" he responded, getting caught up in the emotion charged conversation and forgetting momentarily about the Academy budget.

"I know! After everything that's happened I thought well you know…" she trailed off, casting her eyes downward even as a flash of pain appeared in Minato's eyes, reminding them that they had been through this before and it hadn't worked out so well.

"Yes, well we're just going to have to be more careful this time around." He said hesitantly, not sure himself how those words were supposed to be comforting. She nodded and smiled again, it just wasn't in her nature to be down about something when there was something else to be happy about.

"So when is the baby due?" he asked hesitantly. Already preparing to change his schedule to accommodate what would be a major occasion in both their lives.

"She, will be due on October the tenth." His wife proclaimed with a smirk on her face, prompting an even wider grin from her husband. 'well a daughter will be nice.' He thought, truthfully he would take anything that served as an opportunity to put this last year behind him.

Water dripped down from the rocky ceiling, making a steady drip-drip noise even as Sarutobi led his team slowly through the underground catacombs that they found themselves in. He didn't want to believe it but the elder Shinobi was beginning to think that the allegations against his student may actually have some grounding. The occasional hiss of the countless snakes haunting the area, adding even more evidence onto what was already looking like a disaster in the making for the Hidden Leaf Village. He shook his head trying to eliminate the thoughts that were crowding his elderly but still sharp mind, he couldn't afford to be distracted here, and they had already lost two men already, well technically one man and a woman.

Finally a door came into view, and he crouched behind it, waiting for the sole remaining men of his team. Tori and Tora quickly took positions for the standard ANBU assault procedure to be carried out. Sarutobi grunted he was far too old to be doing this, 'It should be Minato…' He crushed that trail of thought, Minato had done his duty, just as Hiruzen was doing his now. A few hand gestures and the door exploded into splinters even as he and his men charged into the room, prepared for anything.


He thought he was going to be sick, the bodies chained to the wall, the test tubes, all confirming that if nothing else, his teammates had been right to suspect his student. He had never thought he could be so disgusted with another human being.

"Orochimaru! What have you done!" he exclaimed as he saw that it was without a doubt his prized student, the one that he had once told Jiraiya, so long ago would be the one succeeding him. It seemed like a cruel joke now that this had come to light.

"Well I guess the cats out of the bag now, I'm creating perfection Sensei! I'll be the first in the world to learn every jutsu there is!" Absently he took note of the maniacal gleam in his student's eyes, the hint of madness that had always been there seemed to have blossomed, and that scared him more than the bodies here did.

"You're not trying to…" The aged Hokage began but stopped when one of the most prized ninja of Konoha began to laugh, it was a cruel, dark mocking sound, one that most people had only heard slightly before they died.

"Yes, Sensei" the pale man began, "I'm creating the spell of immortality!" the last part had a slight tone of bitterness to it, something that Hiruzen had only just picked up on, and that ability owed more to the years he had spent as both a ninja and a politician that any real ability to read his student.. 'Ahh, so that's what this is." He thought, his mind quickly drawing what he suspected to be the most likely reason for this behaviour, it always came back to peoples childhood's he thought bitterly.

"Monster!" Tori yelled out, his sister had been one of the Chunin that had gone missing, and the only thing restraining him was his training.

"So are you going to kill me Sensei?" the man continued, Sarutobi snarled and made the hand gestures and offered the blood, as Enma was pulled into the realm. Orochimaru in turn flipped through some seals and the light s, which offered the only illumination in the complex exploded into countless shards, the gas that they contained mixing with the other smells that filled what amounted to a torture house.

He felt the hand push him to the ground and he lashed out blindly, but it was a pointless action, even if he was able to see, he wouldn't have been able to kill his prized student.

He caught the man's eye briefly before he was gone, and he was left there lying on the ground, Jiraiya would pursue him, and for that Sarutobi was thankful to his student, it would mean he wouldn't have to deal with the pain of killing off the one who had once been his favourite.


This room was cleaner; it seemed this was where the completed experiments were kept, rather than the experimenting room where he had found Orochimaru. Sarutobi repressed a grimace. Before looking around, apart from the test tubes and charts there didn't seem to be any of the corpses that usually populated the complex's rooms.

"Don't come any closer, I can and will kill you!" He didn't miss the fear that lay under the iron willed statement and he was instantly wary upon hearing the voice in what he had assumed to be an empty room, but relaxed very slightly upon seeing an eleven year old. While he wasn't afraid of the boy, you only needed to look at Dragon and see what an eleven year old could do and that was without factoring in whatever his student had done to the boy in front of him.

"You're not the snake man?" the boy asked when he saw Hiruzen and his guards appear.

"No, I've come to stop him." The Hokage said, making his voice as soothing as it could be, and was rewarded with the boy calming down.

"It's alright." The boy said to someone behind him. And Hiruzen caught a flash of red before a second boy, this one red headed ,was standing in front of him, looking at him with dull grey eyes, ones that he had only seen on the children who were packed off to the front lines. He was unable to repress a shudder as he thought about what the two children in front of him had been through.

"Hello what's your name?" he asked the youngest boy. The boy looked at him for a moment before turning to the older one who nodded. The boy looked at him with his so serious eyes and replied.

"Subject zero zero four." Hiruzen immediately lost his smile and the boy shrank back a bit, but held his ground otherwise.

"Here." The older boy said as he thrust something into his hands, that Sarutobi realised were medical records or at least something similar. He quickly scanned the records, there wasn't much, the boy, named Tenzo was the sole remaining subject who had been injected with the Shodai's cells, and the younger one was according to this a successful cross between the Uzumaki and Yuki, a clan that Hiruzen knew little about other than they were bloodline wielder's from Kiri. According to this, the bloodline was confirmed in the boy. The more practical and ruthless side of himself was pleased, they may have lost Orochimaru but they had gained two children with Kekkei Genkai, a fairly even trade in many ways.

His eyes returned to looking at his two new charges, he had automatically begun to think of them like that, they were the creation of what was his biggest mistake and as such he was in charge of them. However he couldn't look after another child, he was already trying to pick up the pieces of his own broken family without factoring in another two. And on top of that he had to deal with the problems besetting his village after the Kyūbi attack. He sighed, why were things never simple.

"Get me Dragon," he said turning to Tora, "He has a new assignment." Maybe this would prove to be beneficial to the man as well; Kakashi had never really been the same after what happened three years ago. Like the village, he was reeling from one disaster after another, maybe this would return the man to some level of functionality.

"Naruto can you come in here?" the silver haired man asked patiently, his one visible eye somehow managing to make what seemed like a smile when the boy in question came into what served as their living room.

"Yes Niisan?" The red headed boy asked, grey eyes alight with curiosity. Kakashi smiled at that, it had taken him more than a year but two years on since he was given Naruto to look after and partial responsibility for Tenzo, the boy was finally acting like a kid his age should. He had chosen to name the boy after his Sensei's son, a way to honour the man who had been as much his own father as Sakumo had been. The fact that the two boys were the same age and could claim the same clan, Minato himself having come from a ninja family rather than a clan, had only cemented the decision for Kakashi.

"Naruto, The Hokage has decided that now's the best time to tell you, about this, but the man, who had you before Hokage-sama found you, did some stuff to you; one of those things gave you a rather unique ability that will help you as a ninja." He stopped and mentally berated himself; he could have expressed that better than he had.

The boy looked at him, grey eyes developing a slight gleam as the boy processed what had been said. He was clever for a six year old, Kakashi wasn't sure but the child likely wasn't far off being considered a genius, he had certainly taken to the small lesson's that Kakashi and Tenzo occasionally gave him like water to a sponge. It filled Kakashi with a sense of pride, which now that he thought about it, was likely the same one that other Jonin got when their students accomplished something, maybe he should look into taking a team, the feeling was quite addictive.

"Like your eye?" the boy asked after a few moments. Kakashi beamed underneath his mask.

"Yes, exactly but you don't have eyes like mine." He snorted at the huff of annoyance the boy gave out when he heard that, the boy may be good for his age but he was an open book to Kakashi.

"Something like Tenzo-Nii then?" the boy said asking about the only other person who had a bloodline that he could think off. He clearly didn't have anything like what Hana-Chan had, but she had said what her clan had wasn't a bloodline so that was already out of the question.

"Yes, exactly! It took us a while to work it out, but you'll likely be able to use ice based ninjutsu."

"Is that strange?" the boy asked the curiosity again evident in his voice.

"Yes, there are only five elements that most people can use, and most people will never bother with more than two, if that." The boy nodded filing it away for later like he did with everything. Kakashi nodded, that was all he needed to say, now that he knew Naruto would likely practice on his own, and Kakashi would be no help here in any case.

"Was there anything else?" the boy asked, squirming in his seat, eager to be off to do something else. That was the other thing Kakashi liked about him, the boy was quiet and didn't bother him unless he really needed help, leaving plenty of time for Icha Icha. Certainly he was a departure from the other two Uzumaki's Kakashi had come into contact with.

With that his thought's turned to a little blonde girl who even now was living in an apartment by herself, who was always saying she was going to be Hokage. Kakashi frowned at that and then thought of an idea that was arguably one of the best he had ever had. Eventually Naruto was going to want to move out, the apartment just wasn't big enough for the both of them, probably when he graduated, so he'd get him to move in Next door to Mito, and then Naruto could keep an eye on sensei's Daughter, it was perfect.

Kakashi giggled to himself, maybe they'll end up together, and Kushina would be pleased to think the Uzumaki's would live on in a way. He stopped giggling when he saw Naruto eying him suspiciously. Wordlessly Kakashi turned around and went back to find out what Ayiarij and Edanust were going to do now that her mother had left them alone in the clan house, he giggled again, how he loved Icha Icha.

Naruto looked around the class, taking as much in as his eight year old mind could. There were relatively few people who he would have classed as anything approaching a challenge, Rock Lee and Neji were both better than he was at Taijutsu, not that he cared much. Lee was pretty good fun and the boy needed to be good at something. Neji was possibly the most arrogant person he had met, reminding him of how Kakashi-Niisan said he used to act, and thus unless they were sparring Naruto had as little to do with the Hyuga and his freaky eyes as he could. Other than those two, there was Tenten no last name, an orphan girl who was freakishly accurate with weapons, and Yamanaka Rin, who while she didn't really stand out at anything, she was still good enough to be ranked second behind Tenten. His musings were interrupted by a soft snore next to him and he grinned before unobtrusively kicking the boy next to him awake.

Nara Yamatchi was possibly the laziest person he had met, and that was including Kakashi. Although the boy claimed his uncle the clan head was worse. He was also Naruto's best friend, and had been ever since he had latched onto the red head last year when their academy education had begun. His other dubious claim to fame was successfully earning the ire of their sensei Iruka in less than a year, and often bought the scar faced man's wrath down upon the two of them. It was something that had happened far too often for Naruto be comfortable with leaving his friend to sleep during class. He ignored the spluttering as the boy woke up and discounting Iruka's droning voice, returned to looking at the rest of the class.

The other students were mostly minor members of the clans that made up the majority of the Shinobi forces and civilians who thought the Shinobi lifestyle would be 'fun' and 'exciting', in turn there were a number of fan girls and the odd boy, there for the express purpose of netting themselves a 'cool' ninja boyfriend or girlfriend, much to Naruto's Chagrin. It turned out that he was sufficiently cute to be deemed acceptable; although it probably didn't help that he was ranked second in the class either.

Oddly enough despite living with him, Kakashi had had very little noticeable influence on Naruto as he neither wore a mask or had any of Kakashi's other tendencies, a white tee shirt with the Yuki clan marking on his breast pocket coupled with grey Shinobi pants and the usual sandals, made up his usual mode of dress, and seeing as he never felt the cold, a benefit of coming from a clan that made its home amidst the snow he supposed, he had never needed to wear a jacket or a coat. He sighed before returning his attention to his teacher, it was boring but necessary, and as a result he would ensure that he would succeed in this and everything else Iruka could throw at him.

Several years passed and little changed, aside from rumours of a blonde girl who was completely hopeless joining the class below him, he paid it no mind. He enjoyed the lessons about being a Shinobi and looked forward to the day that he would graduate and begin to serve the village that had done so much for him since he was found.

The outside world touched him little as he was praised for his near perfect chakra control, a rare feat in a male and all the more so considering the large chakra reserves he had for his age. However the near annihilation of the Uchiha by their greatest prodigy Itachi left its mark as it meant that the time had come for Kakashi to return to ANBU, helping to keep up the image that Konoha was still strong, even as the various disasters that seemed to strike every few year began to mount up.

Naruto by nature was a reserved boy, and while he got on well enough with other people, none could claim to be his friend like Yama could. Neji was possibly the only one to have anything more than a couple of conversations with the boy and even then their relationship was more a rivalry than anything else.

Naruto sighed as he walked toward the building where his new apartment was located, walking up the ancient and creaking steps, a quick glance confirmed his suspicions about the buildings quality, 'hmm let's see, mould, in dire need of a paint job and entirely lacking in any effort to make it even remotely appealing.' It certainly wasn't anything like Kakashi-niisan's place.

Looking around he frowned when he saw that for all intents and purposes he was the only person here, indeed it looked like he was the only person who even lived in the ancient if gargantuan complex. He vaguely remembered the Hokage saying that there was one other person who lived here. As he searched for his apartment number, he wondered why there was only one person here, the Hokage had looked sad when he asked why and simply said he didn't know, maybe the other resident was a cannibal or something? He laughed at that a Cannibal in Konoha he doubted that he'd be allowed to go anywhere near a Cannibal, he or rather his bloodline held too much value to Konoha to simply let it go. Eventually he found the number that corresponded with the number on the piece of paper the Hokage had given him and opening the door he walked inside.

It was a nice enough place. He decided as he looked at the musty apartment, a thick layer of dust covering all the furnishings which had been provided for some reason. He put it down to another attempt to convince him that it was a good idea to stay in Konoha, that got another laugh out of him, he had heard from some of the merchants that came through what it was like for bloodline clan member's in Mizu no Kuni, and it wasn't like he had anywhere else to go. Setting the storage scrolls that Kakashi had given him to help him move down on the table he walked to the window and looked out, there was a spacious grassy area that he guessed was intended for residents to train in. He sighed again, it would be interesting he supposed to live by himself, of course Kakashi would be stopping by he assumed and it wasn't like his friends from the Academy would desert him, plus there was the possibility of be befriending his cannibal neighbour. Looking at the scroll, which contained all his worldly possessions, he groaned, he'd unpack latter, might as well explore the neighbourhood and introduce himself to the neighbours. 'Neighbor' he mentally corrected himself. He hoped they weren't civilians; they always tried to set him up with their kids. As he headed to the door, he heard the one next to him slam open and a shout of "Dattebayo!" echoed around the empty complex, he hid a smile maybe this was why it was deserted. A moment later he heard the pounding of feet as someone rushed down the stairs. Figuring it was better now than latter, Naruto followed at a less breakneck pace; rounding the corner he saw what appeared to be a blonde girl, who must have been a year younger than him, wearing the most revolting jacket and pants he thought he had ever seen. They were Orange with a red swirl like the Jonin vests on it, Naruto filed that away for future reference, it obviously meant something, and it could be worthwhile finding out what it meant. He continued his study of the girl until she turned around, he noticed that he had whisker like birthmarks on her cheeks; they looked kind of cute he thought absently.

"Yatta!" his examination of the girl was stopped when she suddenly yelled and rushed towards him, "Who are you!"

"Naruto Yuki" was his reply, grinning as her face scrunched up in a very expressive indication that she was thinking.

"Are you a Pervert?" she demanded eying him suspiciously,

"No, I live here" he replied outwardly he was calm but on the inside he was sniggering, pervert indeed, maybe she had met Kakashi-niisan before.

Her face scrunched up again, before she relaxed and said, "I know, you came to steal my super awesome ninja moves didn't you? Admit it!" she said, screaming the last part at him. It was all so ridiculous he thought, wincing at the shrill sound.

Recovering he looked her evenly in the eye, and talking very slowly stated, "I'm ranked second in my class, why would I want to steal any moves from an orange pipsqueak like you?"

"Because I'm Mito Uzumaki, future Hokage, and orange is awesome!" she screamed at him again. And with that, Naruto quickly began to realize why the apartment complex was deserted. Staring at the strange girl, he wondered if it was too late to ask the Hokage for a different apartment.