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Dances with Demons

Blank glazed eyes stared sightlessly at his own. It was a disturbing sight, but one that he had encountered often enough to have become somewhat immune to it, even if they were kin. A lifetime of combat tends to do that after all. He nodded to one of the others still standing. They were too far away to return the bodies to Kiri and so they would have to destroy them here. He didn't show any emotion, there would be time for mourning when he returned to the clan hold with the news that three more Yuki had passed from the world. There was a whisper behind him and flames appeared around the bodies, quickly burning them to a crisp, destroying any chance a rival village would have of gleaning the secrets of the clan or the bloodline that flowed within them. He turned and looked at the face of the other surviving members of their squad, one of whom wanted entry into the seven, Kisame his name was, had huge reserves already as well, not bad for a fifteen year old. He'd have to recommend to the Mizukage that the kid learnt how to wield Samehada, Yagura would listen too, their new Kage was very good to the clans despite the stigma they carried on the islands that made up the land of water. The Yuki had much to be thankful to the Jinchūriki of the Sanbi for. Suddenly there was a flash to the side and he turned, the Jutsu already on his lips as he prepared to battle this new threat.

Naruto woke with a start. Gasping for air he looked around fugitively, Kunai in his hand. Finally he met the shocked eyes of Rin who was looking at him with a mixture of fear and concern. After several tense seconds he finally relaxed and stood up, hurriedly getting dressed. They had seen each other naked often enough for his modesty to have little to no bearing anymore and Rin showed no reaction to her male teammate's state of undress.

"It's time?" Naruto asked as he fastened his sandals and rose, ready to go.

"Sensei and the others are going to go there first; we're to stay here and follow half an hour afterwards and attempt to catch them by surprise." Rin responded.

She turned and chucked him his forehead protector as he turned to face her. He nodded and followed the girl downstairs where everyone else was waiting. The younger Genin showing signs of nervousness and Yama counting his weapon stocks for what Naruto knew would be at least the tenth time. Rin instantly moved to the corner and drew her Tanto, the sleek blade sliding out of the supple leather that she kept it in. It wasn't the blade she used when practicing with them however. This was the real deal, the blade honed to a razor edge and forged from the chakra conducting metal that all of the upper tier weapons were made from. It was a thing of lustrous beauty, which bellied its real purpose.

Naruto looked around and caught Kakashi admiring the blade, something that he shouldn't have been surprised by, considering that prior to 'The Incident' Kakashi had been a Kenjutsu practitioner, he still was, but the sword had long since been exchanged for any of the hundreds of Jutsu that Obito's gift had granted him access to. Hanuba looked up and caught Naruto's eyes, giving his student a quick nod before he returned to meditating. Naruto sighed and walked over to the table, grabbing some food and shoving it in his mouth, far too nervous to even taste it. The dream had put him on edge, both it and the others like it had been growing clearer over the last six months and he was beginning to wonder whether he should go and see someone like Inoichi about it. There was also Him to consider. Naruto wasn't dumb enough to believe for a second that Orochimaru was done with him, and while he couldn't see how the dreams would work to Orochimaru's benefit, he knew that the Sannin was far smarter than he was and what the snake was really working towards would be hidden behind countless smokescreens.

He finished eating and drew the same kunai that he slept with, twirling it around his fingers in an intricate dance. They all had their methods of coping with the waiting that came before going into true battle, not bandits who usually wouldn't pose much of a threat, but a real battle between nins that had in some instances reshaped the land was nothing to be cocky about. He doubted that that would happen here, but places like the Valley of the End were a sobering reminder of what the most powerful Shinobi were capable of doing when they got serious. He would also have to fight the girl, the one who looked uncomfortably like the dead Yuki he had seen in the dream, if it could even be called that. Fighting a clansman or woman in this case after he had spent years trying to find out if there were any left was not the way he wanted that meeting to go, but it was looking increasingly likely.

He looked around at the modest home that they were fighting to protect; it was strange to think that civilians put so much trust in Shinobi, he thought. You would think they would fear them for what they can do, but they revere most of us as the ultimate protectors and flock to the villages, when in many ways they would be better of just killing us all off. He wasn't sure where that thought had come from but he couldn't deny it, civilians weren't the reason that the wars began after all.

"We're going to go now, stay here and take care of anyone that comes to try and take hostages. Follow in half an hour, and hopefully we'll be able to trap them." Naruto looked up and watched as Hanuba finished speaking and began to walk outside, Sasuke and Mito following, both radiating nervousness, but still doing better than Sakura who was shaking. More than likely they would be blooded by the day's end, and he would be lying if he said he wasn't curious about what changes that would bring to the three younger nins.


The waiting sucked. This was something that Naruto was well aware of, but it was reiterated every time that he and his team found themselves in this sort of situation. It had been twenty minutes so far and the three of them had barely spoken a word to each other or to Inari and his mother. Naruto grunted a futile effort to break the silence but it did succeed in distracting him from focusing too much on it. He opened his mouth to try and say something about when they should go, when the dull boom and splintering of wood sounded. Cursing he rolled to the floor, even as his teammates sprang to attention, weapons drawn.

"You! Tazuna's daughter, you're coming with us." The shorter of the two commanded, his pale hand grasping the Katana sheathed at his side, absently Naruto noted the relatively poor quality of the weapon and the lack of the Kunai and Shuriken that suggested a simple bandit or mercenary, rather than a nin.

"Mum!" Inari's panicked scream echoed around the room and distracted everyone from what they were doing as the boy ran into the room.

"We only need one don't we?" the other man said, his head with its ragged, patchwork hair bobbing up and down, an action that only increased in fever when his partner nodded.

"Good, I like killing the young ones they always scream loudest." Patchwork said as his head slowly rose, revealing a face that possessed a sickly yellow pallor and a grinning mouth that was in nearly the same state that his hair was. Naruto repressed a shudder at the man's nearly toothless appearance.

"Rin, you and Yama deal with yellow face." Naruto said, his cold grey eyes having developed the calculating gleam that seemingly appeared every time they fought. He heard their grunted of acknowledgement and turned to face the other one.

Naruto's chosen opponent then took the opportunity to glance around and noticing the three Genin he managed to get a confused, "Wha…" out before Naruto was on him, a chakra enhanced kick off propelling him into the man's chest and pushing them both out of the hole that the two invaders had punched in the wall. They fell to the ground, even as the bandit thrust out a hand to try and slow their fall, the sharp crack and successive scream indicating that a broken wrist had been the result. Naruto was heedless to this as he jumped to his feet, bringing his left leg down on the man's knee, causing a new scream to punctuate the otherwise silent and mostly morning. The red head then began to ruthlessly stomp on the man's cheat until he saw that his victim was spitting up blood. He roughly pulled the crippled man to his feet, holding the Kunai that he had been playing with moments before to the bandit's neck.

He turned to watch, as he heard Yama proclaim the success of the shadow bind, followed by the swift patter of feet as Rin ran up and kicked the other man's foreleg causing him to fall backwards, even as her Tanto swung in a graceful sweep, parallel to the ground and neatly cutting his throat as he fell, the blood erupting from the severed artery and splattering the roof as the entire body collapsed. Naruto tightened his grip on his prisoner as he began to struggle, having seen his partner's swift and bloody end.

Rin swiftly wiped her blade clean sheathing it and walking towards Naruto and the last bandit, who began struggling the closer the now slightly bloody girl got.

"He still conscious?" She asked her teammate, her eyes boring into his.

"Yeah, made sure of it." He replied, thrusting the groaning man towards her. She caught the bandit with deft hands and then unceremoniously threw him to the ground. Rapidly going through the hand seals and muttering words that Naruto didn't catch. Her body then froze for a moment before starting to fall. Naruto quickly ran to her body and caught it, waiting as his teammate rifled through the man's mind, ripping any knowledge she thought was useful from their prisoner. A useful skill to have to be sure. It took nearly five minutes for Rin to finish, and as she came too, he caught the look of complete and utter disgust adorning her face.

"You got everything?" he asked, Kunai twirling in his hand, he smirked at her nod and slammed the bladed tool into the bandit's eye, piercing both the eye and the brain, killing him instantly.

"He deserved worse than that." Rin muttered, glaring at the rapidly cooling corpse.

"Tell us later." Yama said as he emerged from the house, hardly sparing a glance at the dead man at his feet. Or the body with the flapping head that he had stepped over to get out.

"But he, they…" she began helplessly.

"Yama's right we need to move now." Naruto said bending down to clean his Kunai. Rin seemed to struggle with herself before snarling and turning to face the body.

"Scum," She sneered at the body and spat in the gaping hole that had been his eye, "Let's go, no one else is coming, but there are five missing-nin down there if you include Zabuza."

Naruto nodded stowing his now clean Kunai in the sheathe he kept it in.

"Let's go wild then." He said with a grin before turning and sprinting towards the bridge's location. He did so love a good fight.


Hanuba grunted as he parried another strike from Zabuza before jumping back and letting Kakashi take charge, this really wasn't his day. He was a Jonin and a good one for a branch Hyuga with all the restrictions that that put on him, but he certainly wasn't on the same level as Zabuza and Kakashi. Who were both high A, borderline S rank. Hell Kakashi had been considered an S rank back in the days where he'd held the position of Dragon in the ANBU, admittedly he had slipped since then but he was still an incredibly dangerous shinobi.

He eyed the other missing nin who were waiting in the wings for whatever reason, there was the one that was already fighting Sasuke and Mito too, a Hyoton user of all things. That in itself was surprising, he was aware of his students desire to find his clan, something he had considered fairly foolish, but he couldn't help but wonder what this would mean here. He grunted again, his students would be coming soon, and truthfully he needed them, Sakura and the client needed protection and he couldn't do that on top of fight three missing-nin simultaneously.

"Heh, I should have known that it would be too easy here. This is the end old man." He returned his attention to Zabuza with that statement and watched as the man flashed through the hand signs for a jutsu that he recognised only vaguely. There was nothing either he or Kakashi could do, Kakashi still trying to deal with the five water clones that the Demon had used to distract the copy nin and he himself was too far off to save Sakura or Tazuna.

The water dragon rapidly formed and curled around itself, glaring ominously at its targets before it slithered through the air towards them, its monstrous form casting a deep and dark shadow across the earth as it slowly gathered speed. Hanuba heard Sakura's panicked scream and was again reminded of the only other time he had had a teammate or someone he was working with die. His own Chunin partner from the early days of the Third War, it was something that still haunted him to this day and it looked like he was going to have to add another name to the nightmares that plagued him still.

"Hyoton: Hiryū no dan (Hyoton: Ice Dragon Bullet)." His attention was drawn to his three students, with Naruto in the middle, the boy's hands pressed into the water, even as it swirled and condensed, vapour and mist pouring off it. There was a moment of silence as if the entire area was holding its breath, Until with a sharp cracking sound the water froze and just as suddenly a dull roar drowned out the noise of the first dragon and another emerged from the watery depths.

The monstrosity, dwarfing the size of its smaller parent Jutsu slowly rose into the air, its serpentine body, pockmarked with jagged spikes and horns coiling and uncoiling as it rose ever higher into the sky until it towered over the battle field, revealing a tail that looked like it belonged on a whale rather than the great beast it was attached to. Red eyes surveyed the area for a moment until the construct roared again, and rushed forward, tearing through the tightly compacted water that made up Zabuza's own dragon before turning towards the missing-nin's position and thundering down, collapsing in on itself even as it tore through the earth. This all happened in the blink of an eye, before a mass of razor sharp icicles suddenly emerged from the ground ready to skewer Zabuza had he still been standing there.

The man chuckled for a few moments before looking at the Konohan contingent, "So you have one too? That make such useful tools don't you think?"

Predictably the older Konohan nins didn't bother to reply, and the only indication that Naruto had heard was a slight tightening of his mouth. Even as he slowly began to stand he began to look around for the girl, who Zabuza had just confirmed was one of his mysterious clansmen. He looked up and noted the three missing nin who were now making an appearance, their decision not to intervene earlier he guessed to have something to do with Zabuza wanted to redeem himself in the face of Kakashi's victory a week ago.

Just as he was about to call out and ask for orders, Hanuba was there beside them, while Kakashi continued his intricate dance with Zabuza.

"Naruto go and help Sasuke and Mito with the Hyoton user, Rin Yama you're with me here."

"Yes Sensei." Naruto replied before turning and jumping towards the ice dome that he had only just managed to find. As he grew closer a frown began to mar his visage. The technique wasn't one he recognised, but that made sense. He had the clan scrolls and the girl was no more than two, most likely one year older than he was. He came to a stop and tapped the construct, the cold having no effect on him, due to his ancestry.

"Solid, goanna need a fair bit of force to cut through it." He muttered out loud, uncaring of anyone hearing, considering that according to Rin's information all the missing nin were accounted for and fighting his comrades.

He looked around hurriedly, realising that he probably didn't have much time to do a lengthy study of the mysterious technique. He sighed; he lacked the brute force to pierce the ice, that was something that he knew from his own experience with the protective techniques that Hyoton gifted him with. This meant that the only thing that he could do was to try and get enough momentum and concentrate enough force to shatter the ice. He quickly began scaling one of the ancient trees that stood proud and strong next to the dome. He reached the top in seconds and paused for a moment, calculating the distance that he would need to jump. He then crouched down and making a quick sign of the hare ran his left arm down his right, not bothering with its name the variation weapon creation jutsu began to coat his hand in a cone of ice, a wicked point stretching out a further two feet from where his arm usually ended. A small grimace crossed his face as his hand was rendered immobile, he had never been able to get used to that feeling.

Concentrating, he pushed chakra to his feet even as he leapt in a graceful arc. He flew through the air slowly turning until he was facing directly downwards, his right arm thrust out like a diver, even as he positioned his body behind his arm turned lance and attempted to make it as small as possible. The dome loomed into view, which as he free fell through the sky and towards his target which he now realised was composed of mirrors. He thrust forward with his arm, even as he pumped chakra through it causing one of the mirrors to shatter into hundreds of pieces and the boy himself to fall through the air.

Landing in a crouch, he quickly scanned the interior, noticing that both Sasuke and Mito were on the ground, riddled with senbon needles. He would have to check that they were alive latter he decided, in any case it was unlikely that Mito would be dead, the Kyuubi would no doubt ensure that such a dismal end never occurred.

"You broke through my Demonic mirrors." Naruto turned his head at that statement and was rewarded with a masked figure looking at him from within the mirrors. He took a moment to study the figure and guessed that it was indeed most likely Haku.

"Yeah, I have to say I didn't think I'd run into a clansman out here." Naruto shot back, his words conveying his wariness; he was in an unknown jutsu and at a distinct disadvantage, the only benefits being that he guessed he had more chakra than his opponent.

"Nor was I, but I am master Zabuza's tool and as a good tool, I cannot let you go, even if you are like me."

Naruto barely had time to blink before the senbon shot out of the mirror, scarcely managing to dodge, he quickly made his now characteristic kunai and crouched down, low, ready to do battle with the girl although his willingness to kill her was another matter entirely. There was a pause and everything seemed to slow for a moment before another barrage of senbon came and Naruto leapt forward, his kunai held high , ready to bring their razor sharp blades down upon the ice maiden.


Hanuba grunted as he sealed another tenketsu in his opponent. The Iwa missing nin wasn't a famous one, nor was he particularly good. Well the man amended, he was likely a capable Chunin, but as a Taijutsu focussed nin he couldn't hope to compete with Hanuba. He ignored the sheen of sweat of his opponent's face as he struck again. Slowly but surely he worked his way up the missing nin's arm, noting that his opponent was slowing. He smirked, the first time that he had allowed emotion to show before he struck again, his hand pushing the required chakra and rupturing the man's heart. His opponent's body feel lifelessly to the ground and he turned his attention to his other two students, both of whom were dealing with the Demon brothers. He scanned their forms, attempting to find the flaws, the brothers were capable, but ultimately they relied on surprise and teamwork, something that they lacked here due to the lack of the hidden mist jutsu that was synonymous with their particular style of combat.

"Kirigakure no Jutsu. (Hiding in Mist Technique)" The Hyuga let loose a sigh; he seemed to have spoken too soon. Moving to where his students were, he reactivated his Kekkei Genkai, preparing to deal with this particular threat, trusting Kakashi to be capable of seeing to the more skilled Zabuza.

"Yamatchi, five meters to the left." He spoke quietly but his voice carried in the unnatural stillness that had developed with the advent of the wide area jutsu. His student nodded and quickly tossed a kunai, flipping through a couple of seals. He watched as the Kunai multiplied, it was a base form of the Shuriken shadow clone, forming illusions rather than the traditional physical clones, ultimately it was nothing more than a distraction jutsu, but it was enough for Hanuba to quickly move in and immobilise the target and take him out of the fight. He quickly scanned the area to locate the next one, as he closed in on the second brother he wondered with the small part of his mind that wasn't preoccupied how Naruto was finding his own battle.


The sharp clack of two blades meeting echoed in the cavernous space that the mirror dome had become, a pale blue light illuminating the hundreds of senbon that littered the area as well as the deep scratches that marred the otherwise flawless mirrors in the jutsu. Naruto grunted and with a push he managed to force the girl and the Tanto she was using back with one of his kunai even as he lashed out with his left hand and nicked the retreating girl's arm, the small wound joining several others on her arms and legs, each one a reminder of what Naruto was capable of just as the gash on his shoulder and the senbon dotting his body were proof that he shouldn't underestimate the girl in close or long range, two mistakes he had no wish to repeat.

Naruto paused gasping slightly, he hadn't thought that the battle would last this long, although his opponent was even worse off than he was, if the way she was acting was anything to go by.

"I didn't see you as someone who could use a sword." Naruto said as his breathing came back under control.

"I am my master's tool." Came the simple reply from the masked girl as if those words could explain everything, which, Naruto supposed they did.

"But I am afraid that we must end this dance now, my master will need me to deal with your companions." She said beginning the seals for what had become a very familiar jutsu to the boy due to the last twenty minutes. He rapidly began his own; a futile gesture as he knew that he couldn't get the seals done in the time that it took his opponent. Suddenly a surge of adrenalin that he hadn't had moments before sped through him allowing him those precious few seconds to finish the last sign even as the water needles sped towards him, all pretence at simply immobilising him long since forgotten.

Just before they could get within five feet of him however, a shimmering latticework of ice rose around him in the shape of an orb. The needles continued in their path, but despite their velocity they failed to succeed in breaking the rapidly expanding protective jutsu that Naruto had managed to get off.

"I didn't think you would be able to get a Hogo kōri no dōmu (Protective Ice Dome) off in the time you had, it is quite impressive." Haku said in the soft voice Naruto had come to associate with the girl, still present even in the midst of their battle. The boy didn't bother to reply, opting instead to rush through another set of hand seals before pushing his chakra out and into his makeshift shield. The nearly see through ice trembled for a moment before it shattered, the shards tearing through the air with the speed characteristic of Futon and all related techniques.

Haku gasped and jumped back as far as she could, sinking into the closest mirror she could get to and managing to avoid the shrapnel that the boy had created. That last technique had scared her, she hated killing, a failing that her master didn't like, but hadn't pushed her to do anything about despite how ineffective it made her. The boy before her however, she repressed another shudder and she jumped from mirror to mirror, the boy was like the others in the stories Zabuza occasionally told her, the Yuki, the clan of killers who controlled the ice, just as bad as the Kaguya in their own way. She was going to have to actually kill the boy; there was nothing else for it. She adjusted the grip on her short sword and prepared to deliver a killing blow from behind the boy when the sharp sound of shattering ice caused her to pause and look at what was happening.

The boy, 'Naruto' she amended, had managed to break her jutsu with one that was eerily similar to the way that her bloodline had reacted the day her family was torn apart. She continued watching with slowly growing horror as her jutsu fell apart, having sustained too much damage over the course of the battle, finally meeting its match in ice that was just as hard as it was, under the control of someone who was only too willing to cut it. Quickly she assessed whether she had the chakra to repair her jutsu, she didn't.

She watched as the Jutsu fell apart as the spikes radiating out from the boy slowly drilled through the bottom layer, the cracks spreading with exponentially growing speed. It was over, she had failed her master and now the only thing left to do was to ask for the boy to kill her, she was a broken tool now, of no use to Zabuza. Silently she fell to the ground and then to her knees and leant forward extending her neck to Naruto.

"Kill me please." The desperation in her voice shocked Naruto, of all the things he was expecting, that wasn't it.

"Um why?" he finally asked, his shocked mind unable to articulate a more complex response.

"I have no purpose anymore, I'm unwanted like you must have been, Zabuza was my way out of that, he offered me a purpose. You had someone like that too didn't you? Someone offered you an escape from having no purpose.

"Yeah I did." Naruto replied after a moments silence, the Sandaime had offered him a goal and given him something worth giving his life up for, a life that in the deepest parts of his soul he considered cursed even more so than Mito's. After all she wasn't the product of a mad man's delusions of grandeur and an impossible goal. There must have been something in his eyes because Haku nodded after looking at him intensely for a few moments.

"Can you do something about them?" Naruto asked, jerking his head in a sharp movement towards the unconscious Genin. Haku nodded quickly and removed her half broken mask, carelessly tossing it to the side before walking up to them and muttering a few words followed by the one handed seals that had made her such a deadly opponent. Then she breathed out over the bodies and the senbon disappeared, evaporating into the air.

"They'll be fine after a couple of days." She said before returning her attention to Naruto.

"Are you sure you want this?" he asked, it seemed unreal that he was going to go through with this, it certainly wasn't how he had envisioned the first meeting with his clan, but then again, a lot of what he had done in his short life seemed just as if not more surreal than this.

"Yes, please." She pleaded, Naruto sighed and got ready to perform an action he just knew he was going to regret, but who was he to deny the girl her wish?

The mist slowly cleared and it revealed a drastically changed battle field. Naruto turned and picked up Sasuke and Mito, effortlessly hoisting them up and over his soldiers, the chakra he was using to supplement his strength allowing him to mask the strain he felt after one of the most draining battles he had ever been in.

"Come," he said, turning to the girl, "We'll talk about this latter with your master, it looks like we're both needed." As he said the last part he nodded his head towards the bridge.

Haku turned to stare and gasped, where once the Konohan contingent and Zabuza's forces had been fighting, now Zabuza, the only one of her allies still standing and his previous opponents were confronting a man she could recognise even from here.

"Gato." She snarled in a hissing voice before she formed another mirror and dove into it, aware on some level that Naruto had followed her. She lacked the chakra to be of much help, but she would die protecting Zabuza to make up for her failure.


"So this is the Demon of the Mist? Pathetic." The man sneered, before turning to the thug next to him and giving a short sharp nod. The thug grinned and swiftly raised the crossbow that he was wielding and swiftly fired, the bolt speeding through the air and punching through fabric and into Zabuza's chest. The former Kiri nin fell, a stunned expression on his face even as Gato sniggered.

"Thinking that I would actually pay you? How stupid can you get? You were just here to kill a couple and weaken the rest so I could kill all of you damn ninja's…" He was about to continue when an ear rending scream rent the air.

"ZABUZA-SAMA!" the noise heralded the arrival of Haku and Naruto not a moment latter, both looking out of breath and nearly dead on their feet.

Naruto started at the men before him, there were more than one hundred and while they normally wouldn't prove to be much of a challenge they were all exhausted, the Gato fellow was certainly cunning and seemingly possessed of a low animal intelligence in any case. Ignoring his exhaustion he prepared to preform another dragon bullet, the jutsu would likely kill him, but the others might live. Just as he was about to however he felt what felt like concentrated evil emanating from where he had placed Mito when he began to go through the hand signs. He froze as he tried to work out what it might be and when he realised what it was, he grabbed both Haku and Sasuke and jumped back. Watching his neighbour and somewhat friend with an expression torn between horror and interest as the Jinchūriki awoke.


Kurama smirked, gigantic teeth flashing in the dank sewer he was kept in as he felt his chakra heal and push his current host into a state far beyond what she was capable of previously. Not that that was much.

His first Host had been a monster of a Shinobi, her husband too and for that he could respect them as descendants of the Old Man, despite the fact that they were pretentious and sanctimonious bastards. Kushina had been tolerable, not nearly as capable as her great aunt but acceptable. However this one was pathetic.

Her brother was much more capable and worthy of being a descendant of his maker than she was, hence why he had withheld his gifts while he watched his 'son' fight the other girl, the fact that his disappearance had been one of the few times he had come even remotely close to escaping Kushina also playing a part in his decision to let the boy prove himself.

Still here was an opportunity to kill the very type of human's he had used his gift to find and destroy when he roamed free. He roared when he felt the body rise up, filled both with his anger born from centuries of watching his makers dreams being torn apart by those whom he had saved, and chakra that could make even a citizen a threat to a nin.


Naruto watched with stunned fascination as the angry red chakra circulated around Mito, it didn't look like the cloak he had read about but he doubted that was necessary if she was capable of even half the things that the scrolls said that Jinchūriki were capable of. There was a flash and she was gone, before screams filled the air. The enraged jinchūriki ripped the bandits apart with the ease of a much greater being, unminding of the fact that they were completely incapable of responding. Finally there was a shrill shriek and the pleas of Gato offering the girl money if she would leave him alone, then a dull tearing noise and silence. Not that the silence was any better than the screaming.

Not two minutes later he saw Mito returning tears and blood steaming off her as she collapsed to the ground and began crying. Naruto glanced around, Haku was with the mortally injured Zabuza, talking about something, their voices were too quiet for him to hear. And Sakura had run to the Uchiha, while his own team mates were looking at Mito with the curiosity obvious on their weary faces. Hanuba was looking at them, worry clearly evident on his face, all the while Kakashi attempted to comfort his crying student.

The battle for the bridge may have been over, but he couldn't help but think that the consequences would be far reaching. He groaned and scratched the back of his head. At least they wouldn't have to fight anymore A rank nins for a while.



Ice lance: Naruto's new self-made Jutsu, I had some vague idea about having this eventually develop into his version of the Chidori but whether I do that remains to be seen. It is very good at piercing should you gather enough force behind it, as seen with the way that he broke the mirrors.

Hyoton: Hiryū no dan (Hyoton: Ice Dragon Bullet): A rank Ninjutsu: one of the more powerful Jutsu of the Yuki, very chakra intensive, but has a sizable advantage over its parent jutsu (water dragon bullet) in that because it is solid it can create a much bigger dragon as the water particles do not need to be compressed to the same extent.

Hyoton: Hogo kōri no dōmu (Protective Ice Dome): C rank Ninjutsu: General protective jutsu, creates a ring of ice around the user and anyone within range. Can repel most objects, although it will struggle with high ranked blunt force or precision techniques, The Katon element also represents a threat when used by a truly skilled user. Has a number of sub groupings, the most notable is the chain that shatters the jutsu and sends the shards flying, in a wide ranging attack intended for small enclosed areas or when confronting a mass of people. It is highly inaccurate however and should only be used when it leads to a clear advantage.

Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hiding in Mist Technique): D Rank Ninjutsu: General mist technique of Kiri, major aspect of the skill of silent killing. A number of very skilled users, Zabuza in particular have shown the jutsu's versatility in battle. It cannot fool a Hyuga but Sharingan users will find their sight hampered by the mist.

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The chapter itself was quite difficult but I settled on this, the mirrors were broken more because of sustained damage rather than anything Naruto did at the end. With Hyoton I imagine that it can cut itself just as I think that Sasuke had he actually had a fire affinity rather than the lightning would have done more damage. I also think that Lava would prove quite effective against the ice but that remains to be seen I guess. Anyway next chapter will deal with a couple of Issues and the return to Konoha with ten onwards covering the Chunin exams, which while they will involve the invasion will have a different focus rather than the Gaara fight that dominated the cannon one.

I am also going through and updating the earlier chapters, the first one now having another 2000 words and to my mind at least seeming more like an actual chapter.

Read review ect and please let me know of any glaring mistakes, I'm not the greatest speller in the world and it is inevitable that I will miss some.