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"What do you mean No?" Liv almost yelled taking a closer step towards the very annoying ADA who stood her ground gallantly, her eyes narrowing dangerously. All the other detectives in the room took a step back reflexively, knowing the Ice Queen was in the house.

"Exactly that Detective, No. Based on what you have told me I have no hope in hell in getting a warrant. Your gut feeling is not evidence" Alex remained firm.

"Dammit Counsellor 3 days ago the Perp brutally raped his ex, 2 days ago he was screaming at you in court he'd make the bitch pay. Yesterday he made bail and today she is nowhere to be found" Olivia cried frustrated "You and I both know he did it"

"Then prove it, find me a body, a murder weapon, a crime scene and requestion the two unis that have sat off on the Perp since he posted bail to see if their story changes. Do some detective work, I can't do your job for you!"

Oh she did not just say that! Elliot and the two other Detectives cringed, Olivia went red, Elliot thought she was going to burst some blood vessels. He breathed a sigh of relief when the Captain stepped out of his office and spoke.

"What is going on here?" he demanded taking in the two women standing toe to toe, neither giving an inch. There was a noticeable chill in the air, a lot different to the pleasantries between the two earlier this week. He sighed, they were two stubborn, strong willed and hot headed women. They'd be perfect for each other if they were gay and didn't kill each other first.

Olivia's gaze remained fixed determinedly on the icy blue ones that stared straight back at her. Dammit the woman infuriated her, she knew how to push her buttons and get her riled with just a look and a few well placed words.

"Nothing Captain" she spat out in a growl "Just our ADA working for the defence again" she gave the cool blonde one last look before ignoring her Captains reprimand and stalking off, grabbing her jacket on the way and calling for Elliot to follow her.

Elliot looked at a steely jawed Alex before flicking his Captain a look. Cragen just nodded at the door to which Olivia had disappeared and with that blessing he literally sprinted out of the cauldron.

Olivia was fuming, how dare Alex. Do her job indeed! She continued to punch at the down button for the elevator, barely aware when her partner came up behind her. Much to her annoyance he remained quiet. He usually asked if she was Ok or something after her run in's with Alex, maybe a snide remark about the iciness in the air, but today nothing.

"No snide remark Stabler?" she taunted him as the doors opened and they stepped into the elevator "You usually have something to say"

"Not this time" he shook his head and Olivia's head snapped around and she regarded him carefully before her jaw dropped "You think she's right!"

"I think we need to find her something to get the ball rolling" he said carefully after a long contemplation "However the comment about doing our jobs for us was totally unnecessary" he rushed on when she looked ready to chew him out.

"Damn straight" Olivia's ire returned full bloom and she charged her way out of the elevator as soon as it opened, causing several Uni's to jump back out of her way. Elliot shot them apologetic looks as he dashed after his partner.

"I have to say I am impressed though, that's the longest truce you two have held without going toe to toe. One more day and you would have made it a full working week. I'm sure she's glad she got a free lunch on Monday" he chuckled then frowned when Olivia suddenly froze to the spot causing him to take evasive action to stop from running into the back of her. "Liv?"

"Elliot please tell me today is not Thursday" Olivia groaned with some trepidation, her ire suddenly draining as quickly as it came.

"No can do partner" he looked at her "Been burning the candle at both ends again?"

More than he knew, and not because of work. Her mind really had been full of nothing but Alex for the past few days and where she had been planning on taking her tonight. Crap. Well she figured she could kiss those plans goodbye, rules or no rules about leaving work at work. No one forgot what they'd been throwing at each other easily.

"Common El, let's try and find some evidence that will get us that warrant" she sighed wearily. Not to mention maybe go part ways to mending some fences. Elliot was just plain confused by his partners see sawing emotions. Finally he just shrugged his massive shoulders and followed her to their car. Maybe she was PMSing.

By 3.00pm they had located a witness at their victim's apartment complex who stated she'd seen a man fitting their Perp's description coming out of the victim's apartment dragging what appeared to be a very heavy large suitcase. It had been very early morning, the witness just finishing her shift at work.

Another witness was located at the Perp's building that informed them the Perp was very acrobatic. He remembered one occasion the Perp had locked himself out and instead of calling a locksmith or breaking in had merely shimmied up the drainpipe near his balcony and gone through the unlocked balcony door.

That led to the two detectives checking out the rear lane behind the Perp's building and staring in disbelief at the drainpipe and on closer inspection well used grooves in the brick and mortar that looked recently disturbed. A quick talk with the Uni's that were watching the Perp and their admission they hadn't been watching the laneway and Elliot was putting in a call to Alex.

On the way back to the station Olivia made Elliot stop suddenly and before he could say anything she was racing out of sight, assuring him it was a personal matter so he wouldn't follow. She turned the block corner and ducked into the florists. She had a bit of sucking up to do.

Alex looked up from the paperwork she had been struggling with since she returned to the precinct with much relief as there was a knock on the door. No one turned her topsy turvy like the great Detective Benson. She had her all over the place and the range and depth of the emotions she stirred in her left her stunned at times. So stunned she uttered stupid arguments like "I can't do your job for you". She groaned. Talk about idiotic. She'd be lucky if Olivia ever spoke to her again. Although her parting shot had hit the mark and had her clenching her teeth and staring into space while telling herself it would be stupid and weak to cry.

The knock sounded again and pushing the earlier thoughts to the side she called for the person on the other side of the door to enter. Her jaw fell open in shock as her secretary did so, preceded by a very large bouquet of pink roses. Oh my.

"Well someone sure is lucky" her secretary chuckled "You're a dark horse Ms Cabot, didn't know you were dating anyone"

"I'm not" Alex replied slightly stunned. Well not yet, maybe not ever since she couldn't keep control of her big mouth or her temper. Although she wasn't alone in that.

"Oh well, someone seems to want to change that" her secretary smiled placing the roses on her coffee table by her couch then hovering nearby. Alex gave her a pointed look and she suddenly seemed to remember herself as she blushed and pointed over her shoulder "I'll just go"

"Hold all phone calls and no visitors for the next 5 minutes" Alex instructed before the door closed. Standing swiftly she approached the roses wondering who had sent them. Bending over she took in the blooms and the lovely scent before searching for a card, which she quickly located. Not one to procrastinate she opened the envelope and took out the card.

I'm sorry. O

Short and to the point, just like the detective herself. Alex couldn't help the smile that spread across her lips. The woman infuriated her like no one else, but she could turn her to mush just as quickly. Returning to her desk, card in hand, she searched for her phone typing out a quick text and sending it before sitting back to wait while returning to her paperwork with renewed vigour.

Olivia felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and pulled it out, trepidation settling in her stomach as she saw it was from Alex. Holding her breath she accessed her texts and looked at the screen.

Thank you for the roses. Sorry 2

Olivia grinned and replied

Still good for dinner? If I make it out of here at a decent hour?

Olivia didn't want to push her luck but she had to beam when Alex text back immediately.

Of course. If it's after 9 grab take out and bring to mine.

Olivia didn't know what she meant exactly and needed to clarify

House or office. I'll let you know if gonna be late, will reschedule.

House and you need to eat no matter what time. I will stay up and wait your call.

The reply stunned the detective momentarily. Wow Alex had to be a Saint for putting up with all the crap she'd hurled at her today and still want to have dinner with her. At her place no less and time wasn't a factor.

O: - Ok, but if it's after midnight I want you to go to bed, you need rest.

A:- Pot kettle detective. You'll come here. Don't make me come get you.

O:- Yes boss

A:- Don't you forget, now go, you're wasting time. Bye

O:- Bye Alex.

Olivia put back her phone with a grin just as Elliot called that they had the warrants and she hastily stood, rushing out the door with him, Fin and Munch.

To say the scene at the victim's house was gruesome would be a vast understatement. By the amount of blood sprayed on walls and ceilings and pooled on the carpet they knew their vic was dead. No way she could survive that blood loss without medical attention and then it would have been dicey.

It appeared the first attack occurred at the front door, the victim managed to make her way to the lounge and a pool of blood near the phone cradle indicated she tried to get help. From there it seemed she was dragged into the kitchen, the tiles stained with litres of blood, more spray lined the cabinets and walls. She must have taken a real beating. There were wheel tracks through the blood, possibly from the suitcase their witness saw. Luckily for them there were some decent foot prints too.

Last but not least was the bathroom and the blood soaked bath. Olivia's fury knew no bounds when Melinda indicated there were what appeared to be saw marks. Olivia bet a year's wages he'd dismembered the vic. Warner also indicated that someone had taken a shower and the crime unit needed to pay particular attention to some dark hairs in the bath. The vic was blonde.

After leaving the crime scene the 4 detectives and another team of uni's and crime scene unit headed for the Perp's apartment. Munch and Fin took the back alley while Olivia and Elliot made a forced entry.

5 minutes later Fin and Munch led the handcuffed Perp back in the front door while he screamed harassment. Two uni's watched him while they tipped his apartment looking for anything they could find. Eventually Munch found a pair of bloodied shoes that seemed to match those at the vic's apartment. Olivia couldn't believe he'd been so stupid.

They read him his rights and left the crime scene unit to process the rest of the apartment while they took the Perp back to interview him. Idiot waved his right to an attorney and Alex watched on as he sung like a canary. He was quite proud of his achievements and went into great detail to explain how. He also pointed them to where he'd dumped the body. She turned to Cragen and instructed him to book him, first degree murder, she'd chase the death penalty. Then she strode out, looking forward to going home and catching up on her paperwork while waiting for Olivia to call.

Olivia finished the last DD5 and stretched her sore tired muscles while looking at her watch. 11.30pm. Shit. She wrestled with the idea of not calling Alex but knew the woman was stubborn and would soon be calling her.

Glancing across at her partner she saw he was busy tidying the last of his paperwork and quickly reached for her phone.

O: -Hey, nearly done. Captain says we're not needed until 10am unless a case arises.

A:- Hey. Come here then. I don't have court til 11. I ordered Italian a couple of hours ago, will reheat.

O:- Sounds wonderful, see you soon.

A:- Ok, drive carefully.

Olivia tried not to chuckle as she tidied up her desk and stood. Elliot looked up in surprise, totally stunned she was finished and actually appeared to be going home. He was so stunned he could barely return her goodbye before she strolled out of the precinct.

"Olivia must have a hot date" Fin grumbled "She's been texting and smiling all evening"

"He must be one understanding SOB or Liv is a great lay to wait around til midnight" Munch commented idly which earned him a glare from Stabler and a wad of paper in the face from Fin. He shrugged "Just saying"

Fin rolled his eyes and returned to his work. Elliot closed his file and stood grabbing his coat.

"I'll see you ladies tomorrow" he called out, hurrying after his partner. Maybe he could catch her in time. He cursed when he reached the street in time to see her headlights heading down the road, in the opposite direction to where she lived. He grinned. Go Liv.

Alex took one look at Olivia and decided any planned discussion on what had occurred between them that day could wait. She vetoed any attempts made by Olivia, promising her a full discussion in the morning if she wished before serving up a hearty plate of pasta and sending Olivia to her couch.

She organised herself a glass of wine and a beer for Olivia and followed her into the lounge, sitting close by her on the couch while channel surfing until she came to a game of NFL. Olivia paused, pasta half way to her mouth as she rose a surprised brow.

"Never figured you for a NFL fan Alex" the brunette teased causing the blonde to smile.

"Full of surprises detective, besides I figured it would keep you awake and entertained long enough to eat something"

"Maybe" Olivia cracked her jaw on a yawn "Just" she added while returning to her meal. Alex just smiled and pretended to watch the football while sneaking glances at the beautiful brunette. Yes after today they had a lot to discuss but now was not the time. Her opinion was going to be that Olivia was worth it, no matter what happened at work it was the prospect of further nights like this, maybe even more that Alex knew would always have her forgiving Olivia every time. They just had to try harder to keep their tempers in check. Not easy with two hot heads like themselves.

A half hour later she noticed Olivia doing the classic bobble head and had to smile. Turning off the TV she stood and held out her hand.

"Come on detective, let's get you to bed" she teased and saw by the way Olivia's jaw dropped she had got the wrong end of the stick.

"Alex I...we...too fast..." she sputtered.

"Spare room Olivia. You get to sleep there" Alex laughed gently as the brunette groaned.

"Alex not fair. I'm too tired" the brunette complained with a pout. Alex just laughed harder and led the exhausted older woman to the spare room.

"Bathroom is next door down, there should be fresh toiletries there. I think my cousin left some shirts here last time he visited. I'm sure he won't mind if you borrow one to sleep in" Alex grinned and watched the tired brunette barely manage a nod before she squeezed her hand and wished her goodnight before returning to the lounge to clean up.

She gave the detective a good ten minutes to organise herself before popping her head into the spare room. Olivia was sprawled out under the covers, taking up as much room as she could on the bed and breathing deeply in her sleep. Alex was sure she could probably sleep through a train wreck. Backing out of the room quietly and shutting the door she headed for her own room, hoping she could get a good night's sleep while knowing the sexy detective was just down the hall.

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