Chapter One:

"Where Is he?" The black man strode loudly into the previously silent room, filling it with his voice. "I need him to look into the FBI's files, see if we can find anything on a potential alpha."

His words were directed to the man in the chair across the sparcely decorated space. Graying hair bent of files, a wrinkled hand pushed up his glasses as he turned to the large man looking down at him.

"Sandra said he had an off morning so she's driving him here. If he's sick than I intend to take it easy on him. You know Gary doesn't handle illness well." Dr. Rosen's voice just managed to hide his exasperation. Bill had already been to see him 5 times since they arrived, asking the same qusetion as though expecting the answer to change.

"Just go. Read a book, grab some coffee. Gary is sure to be here soon." With those words the doctor turned back to his files again.

Grumbling and muttering silently to himself, Bill strode in the kitchen. Cameron and Nina were already there, whispering and giggling, oblivious that he had joined them. Rolling his eyes, Bill called out:

"Rachel, want a cup of coffee?"

"Please don't yell", sighed Rachel as she strode in, wincing and rubbing her ear. "I was listening to Cameron and Nina's conversation. But yes, I'd like a cup."

"Do you know where Gary is? Has he called you or anything?" He asked, handing her a steaming cup.

"I was actually going to ask you. Didn't you go in to see Rosen?" Her eyes flickered to the figures by the door as she took a seat.

"Yeah. He said his mom's dropping him off."

"Then don't worry about it Bill. He'll be coming out of that elevator soon enough." She told him, and closed her eyes as she resumed her eavesdropping.

Unappeased, Bill returned to his room to pass the time. After starting on his third cup of coffee, he finally heard the elevator opening on their floor.

"About time kid", he laughed striding out of the room. "You had us worried there for a-"

Framed in the door of the elevator was a woman with corn blond hair. Her usually light blue apron was stained in the same crimson that coated her hands and cheeks.

"Lee!" wailed Sandra Bell.

A near empty cup of coffee shattered as it hit the floor.