The Breakfast Club and Twilight Crossover

All Human and Cannon Pairings. I Do Not Own Anything!

Summary: The Twilight Gang are stuck in a Saturday Detention. There's a Juvenile Delinquent, An Athlete, A Criminal, A Princess, A Brainiac and a Basket Case. Will sparks fly for the group or will there be a world war 3.

Bella Swan: Based on Bender female version (juvenile delinquent) Brown hair, Brown eyes, Pale, Petite Figure (but can hold her own) pretty much a juvenile delinquent, very pretty without really knowing it. Is a bookworm but doesn't show it, bad home life covered in burns, bruises and marks.

Edward Cullen: Based on Andrew (athlete) Bronze messy hair, Green Eyes, Pale, Tall, Muscular, An all-around athlete plays all sports. Dad puts a lot of pressure to excel in every sport.

Emmett Swan: Based on Bender (criminal) Brown eyes, brown curly hair, pale, Tall, Muscular, a criminal, pretty good at sports but doesn't play any. Has a bad home life covered in burns bruises and marks.

Rosalie Hale: Based on Claire (princess) Blue eyes, long blonde hair, pale, tall, long legs, a cheer leader, popular, a princess. Quite conceded but doesn't want to be. Beautiful but a bad personality.

Jasper Whitlock: Based on Brian (brains) Blue eyes, blonde shaggy hair, tall, muscular, really smart the brains of the group, but he is out there. Parents pressure him to succeed.

Alice Brandon: Loosely Based on Allison (basket case) Hazel eyes, black short hair, pale, small, short, quiet, has visions, people think she's weird, good at art. But out there when she gets to knows you.

The Whole Story is written in a third person Point of View.

Chapter 1:

Forks High. On a week day the place is a gloomy hell hole that everyone has to drag themselves too every day. But on a Saturday it just seems a thousand times worse.

6 regular teenagers at Forks just thought that today would just be your regular Saturday detention, sit there, stare at a wall maybe get some sleep. But today would change their life as they know it…

Rosalie Hale, your typical Cheerleader at Forks, Drop dead gorgeous, long flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, and legs a mile long. Rose was sitting in her father's BMW

"I can't believe you can't get me out of this… I mean seriously, why do I have to even be here? And on a Saturday? It's not like I'm defective of anything…" She whinges staring at the school through the window.

Rosalie's dad looks at her "I'll make it up too you honey, ditching class to go shopping doesn't make you defective. Have a good day"

He says handing her a shopping bag, she rolls her eyes and gets out of the car and walks up the front of the steps wearing monster red heals, a short black skirt and a red blouse.

Next is Jasper Whitlock, the Texas exchange student, Jasper is your typical brainiac at Forks, with his blonde shaggy hair and blue eyes Jasper sat silently in the car as his mother lectured him.

"Is this the first or the last time we do this?" She asks him aggressively.

"The Last mam" he says with his southern drawl.

"Look Jazz, I just don't want you turning into some unsuccessful low life now go in there and use that time to your advantage" she says all but pushing him out of the car.

Jasper gloomily walks up the stairs wearing a grey casual button down shirt with black jeans and a pair of dark blue vans.

Next is Edward Cullen, The most athletic/ popular guys in school, not to mention the biggest ass hole. Edward sits quietly next to his father Dr Cullen.

"Hey, I screwed around… guys screw around, there's nothing wrong with that. Except you got caught, sport."

"Yeah, mum already reemed me, alright?" Edward says looking out the window.

Carlisle begins to get angry at Edward "You wanna miss a match? You wanna blow your ride? Now no school's gonna give a scholarship to a discipline case"

Edward gets out of the car and slams the door; he walks up the stairs wearing black skinny jeans, a plain white tee, a varsity jacket and a pair of white and black low cut converse.

Next up we see two figures well one figure walking across the oval the other was perched on his back. Emmett and Bella Swan are twins. Emmett has brown eyes and curly brown hair, is quiet tall and muscular for his age, he has the athletic figure but is not interested in sports.

Bella on the other hand has a small petite figure, brown eyes and long flowing brown hair, pale and is quite aggressive like Emmett.

The two walk up the stairs Emmett wearing black jeans, a plain black tee with a black leather jacket and black boots (just picture Damon from Vampire Diaries). Bella wearing a pair of blue faded denim shorts with cleverly designed ripped parts at the front, a white singlet with black patterns on it and a pair of batman low cut converse. The pair were covered in marks and burns the two of them didn't particularly have a happy home life.

And lastly we have Alice Brandon; she is sitting in the car with her mother.

"Alright Ali Cat, let's just make this a onetime think okay kiddo?"

"Okay Mum" Alice said grabbing her sketchbook and getting out of the car blowing a kiss to her mum.

Alice was a strange girl and didn't have many friends because of it, her closest friend was Bella Swan, she had short black hair and vibrant excited hazel eyes. Alice never went anyway without her sketchbook. Alice all but skipped her way up the stairs wearing a pink floral dress and a pair of Barbie pink heels.

Little did these kids know that today was going to change their life forever. Things at Forks High Would never be the same again.

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