Chapter 12:

Emmett is quietly sitting in the closet looking around, when Rosalie opens the door and enters.

"You lost?" Emmett asks

Rosalie stares at him, Emmett smiles and so does Rosalie.

Jasper is busily preparing the essay, Edward looks up and sees the newly made over Bella and is in awe.

Bella and Alice walk towards him and stops when she notices Jasper staring at her with his mouth open, she glares at him

"You look good!" he defends,

"Thank You" Bella smiles, as Alice sits down next to Jasper.

Rosalie kisses Emmett, and then she breaks the kiss.

"Why'd you do that?" Emmett asks

"Cause I knew you wouldn't" Rosalie smiles

"You know how you said before; how your parents used you to get back at each other…wouldn't I be outstanding in that capacity?" Emmett asks smugly

She smiles at him "Were you really disgusted about what I did with my lipstick?" Rosalie asks



Emmett nods and speaks at the same time "No..."

He leans in and kisses her again.

Jasper finishes his Essay and Alice gives him a peck on the check. Edward and Bella are sitting together

"What happened to you?" Edward asks

"Why? Rose and Alice did it! What's wrong?" Bella asks panicking

"Nothing's wrong, it's just so different, I can see your face" Edward smiles

"Is that good or bad?" Bella asks

Edward laughs "It's good" Edward says stroking her cheek.

Jasper puts his arm around Alice as she reads his essay.

The six of them are walking down the hall Edward and Bella are hand in hand, Jasper is giving Alice a piggy back and Emmett has his arm around Rosalie's shoulders. They walk past Carl, Jasper nods at him

"See ya Jasper"

"Hey Carl" Jasper mumbles

"See you next Saturday" Emmett says, "You bet!" Carl says smiling

They all walk outside, Jasper turns and kisses Alice before getting onto his car, Alice dances over to her car and leaves.

Edward gives his varsity jacket to Bella, and kisses her before going off into his dads car, Dr Cullen looks at his son and then to Bella shaking his head.

Rosalie takes out one of her diamond earrings and puts it in Emmett's hands, they kiss and then Rosalie gives Bella a hug and then gets into her car.

Emmett puts the ear ring in his ear, him and Bella start fighting about something as they make their way home.

Berty walks into the Library and picks up Jaspers Essay and reads it,

"Dear Mr Berty, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you're crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us… in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain, a princess, a basket case, a criminal, an athlete and a juvenile delinquent. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours the Breakfast Club.


It was a Monday morning, the Monday after the Saturday detention. The air was cold a slight fog covered the school.

It was before school and every clique was standing around in the parking lot.

Edward was with the jocks, Rosalie was with the cheerleaders, Alice was with Bella, Emmett was with the stoners and Jasper was with the brainiac.

None of them new what to expect from today, until Edward and Bella made eye contact across the lot and Edward new exactly what he had to do, he excused himself from his group and made his way over to Bella, every eye on him he stood in front of her and kissed her, there were collective Gasps all around the lot.

Bella smiled at him and grabbed his jacket out of her bag and passed it to him, "You keep it, it looks better on you anyway" Edward smiled, he helped her put it on and they walked to class hand in hand.

The whispering about Edward and Bella had not gone away, it was lunch time and Bella, Edward and Alice were all sitting together everyone was staring.

"So are you two boyfriend girlfriend now?" Alice asked excitedly.

Edward looked at Bella and realised that they had never even spoken about it, he grabbed her hands in his and looked into her eyes "Bella will you be my girlfriend?"

Bella laughed at him "Of course" she said pecking him on the cheek.

All of a sudden Jasper came and sat down chatting away "You will not believe the things that people are saying, they are out of control"

They all looked at him in shock, "What?" he asked them

"What are you doing?" Alice asked

"I came to sit with my lady, is that a problem?" Jasper asked

Alice squealed and threw her arms around his neck, while Bella and Edward laugh.

Emmett walks in to the cafeteria and the whole place goes silent, he makes his way over to Rosalie's table and sits down next to her, she smiles warmly at him "What we having Princess?"

She giggles and kisses him, her whole table is disgusted and she notices, she glares at all of them and stands up grabbing Emmett's hand walking over to the table where the rest of the group are sitting and sit down.

"I guess this is how it's gonna be from now on" Emmett says

"I can live with that" Edward says, looking at Bella adoringly

"Breakfast Club for life" Alice giggles. The gang laugh.

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