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Full Description:
Evil finally manages to do what he's longed to do for years. Get rid of Flippy permanently. Will Flaky be able to cope now that her boyfriend is gone? Or will she see to things differently? The now deserted Happy Tree Town, will never be "Happy" again..

(Normal POV)

It all happened to fast. At one moment, he was enjoying himself with the rest of his friends, then the next thing that happened was Evil telling everyone how he had managed to permanently destroy the good Flippy. But they all knew it would happen to him one day.

Everyone single one of the tree friends haven't even left their house since they found out Evil would be on the loose 24/7. He was cruel, cold-hearted, sadistic, perverted and bloodthirsty. They would never see the good Flippy they once knew ever again. Only one tree friend was devastated the most by the fact Flippy was gone for good, and that is Flaky. She didn't stay locked away in her house whiles Evil roamed the empty streets looking for someone to kill. Surprisingly, she wasn't even afraid to go near him! She hasn't even spoken on those days either. It was like her emotions had vanished with Flippy himself.

The rain was coming down pretty hard, and it was late. Evil was sat on a park bench with his precious bowie knife in his hand. Waiting for at least ONE person to kill. But his luck wasn't all that good. No-one came out anymore. Or maybe.. Flaky? Evil knows that she's always out unlike the rest, and he could see her entering the park gates with a long rain-coat on. His luck was starting to change.

He watched her walk closer and closer to where he was, only having no idea he was actually there as he was hid behind the park bench. Flaky looked around the park before pulling her hood back out of her face. Evil could tell that she's been crying a lot lately, the tear marks on her cheeks and her chocolate brown eyes appeared redder. He watched her stand there with a blank expression on her face, staring at the ground.

"Hello there, Flaky.." Evil started, appearing from behind the bench. She didn't move her eyes at all,
"What do you want?" She plainly said to him, her glance finally meeting his.
"What I always want, the pain of others, blood, to take your pitiful life.." Evil said in a sadistic tone, his grip on his bowie knife tightening. Flaky simply looked at him with a smile as she slowly walked closer to him.
"Is that what you want?" She said, each step closing the space between them. Evil stood there, a little confused by the fact that she wasn't screaming, stammering or trying to run away from him.
"What are you doing?" He asked her with a glare. She slowly and softly grabbed the bowie knife from his hand, "Answer me!" Flaky stepped back from him with his bowie knife and stretched her arm out, with the blade facing outwards. Evil then watched a smile creep across her face with her head down, her hair-like quills covered her eyes. Then without warning, she impaled the full blade through her stomach, then ripped it out again, letting fresh blood pour out of her stomach. Evil blinked a few times as he watched her drop to her knees, coughing up the blood from her stomach. But before she was completely dead she managed to say,
"Farewell, Evil."

Evil was clearly dumbstruck. He's never seen Flaky die when he didn't do it. The green-furred war vet started at her dead body in awe. He slowly walked over to her and gingerly rolled her onto her back, cautiously looking into her dead staring eyes. Evil knew that she'd return good as new by tomorrow, but it still haunts him watching her kill herself.

Evil finally left Flaky's body alone in the park as he went back to his house, trying to forget witnessing what she did. He believed that she might of killed herself so he wouldn't have done it, but if that was the case, she probably would have done it before he got the chance to kill her in the past. No.. He still couldn't understand..

He turned his shower on and let the hot water run, he stripped out of his clothes and got in. He would usually only shower when he was drenched in the blood of the tree friends, but he didn't even get a chance to kill them. Once he completely rinsed the soap away, he turned the shower off and stepped out, wrapping a towel around himself. He quickly dried off and put on a black vest top, and a pair of dark green baggy jeans. Evil gave up on killing for tonight, they all wouldn't take one step out of their houses.

Flaky woke up on her front porch the next morning, and she looked up at the shining sun. The red porcupine doesn't regret what she did yesterday, she was sick of being the damsel in distress whiles Evil was happily slaughtering her. So she wasn't going to let him kill her again. She stumbled to her feet and entered her house, but didn't bother to lock her door, she would already know what to do if Evil decided to visit. Flaky searched the drawers and cupboards in her kitchen for something, until she found it. A gun. At first, she never knew why she had it. But when she first met Evil, she found an excuse to keep it.

Just to make sure that a few of her friends were still here, she went to their houses. Cuddles and Giggles' house first. She lightly knocked on the door and patiently waited for an answer. A few minutes passed and Cuddles slowly peered through the door,
"Flaky!" He said with a cheerful smile, "Come in!"
"Thanks, Cuddles." She said, stepping in. Cuddles shut the door behind and went to find Giggles, they've been together for almost a year now.
"Flaky, are you alright? How come you're here?" Giggles asked rushing down the stairs. Flaky sat down with her and smiled,
"Evil will never bother us again.." Then she simply stood up and walked out of their house again. Cuddles and Giggles stared after her.
"What just happened?" Cuddles asked, raising an eyebrow, Giggles shrugged,
"Don't ask me.."

Flaky went to nearly everyone's house telling them the same thing. Until she was left with the one tree friend that she cursed the most. Evil. She was going to see him whether they both liked it or not, and she was prepared. She was carrying the gun she had after all..

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