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(Normal POV)

She was fearing for her own life. Petunia felt a sickening swirl of worry in her stomach as she scanned the opening of the woods from where she stumbled from. The bullet wound in Petunia's knee felt as if it was sinking itself deeper an deeper into her muscle, and she was beginning to feel light-headed from the blood loss.

"She's gonna come here...She's gonna come here and kill me..." Petunia mentally thought to herself. She squeezed her eyes to prevent herself from crying and began to think. Petunia knew that she couldn't stay in plain sight outside of the woods for Flaky to stroll up and end her, but the state of her injury didn't give her a choice of any escape. It was a situation that Petunia had never had to deal with. Getting shot wasn't a way she normally faced her re-occurring deaths in this cursed town. It was mainly the result of an 'accident', or simply the mistake of being around Flippy, the man whom she once adored out of her own selfishness, whilst Evil was on his usual town massacre. This new and different near death experience was crushing her confidence of attempting survival.

There was red blur in the distance, ascending from the shadows of the trees. The contrast of her red fur in the darkness of the night gave Petunia a big enough hint that Flaky had been following her, and now she'd found her. Petunia's breath held on its own. Her inevitable doom was becoming clearer to the blue skunk now. Her body never moved from her position on the ground, yet her mind screamed at her to run for safety. The tears that she had held back leaked from the lower lids of her eyes.

As she watched the sinister porcupine take her last few steps closer to where she sat on the muddy ground, Petunia had no time for final thoughts, and she quickly flinched out of instinct. Her eyes were shut tightly again as she couldn't bear to handle any more pain from her.

"...So..." Petunia heard Flaky's voice. It had a soft and light-hearted tone which was obviously false to mask the hatred that she felt at this moment in time, "...You ran away Petunia...I though we were friends, you and I..." Petunia curiously opened her eyes by the slightest to see the taunting porcupine as she risked reasoning with her,


"Best of friends...Way back when Giggles was just a cute little noise we'd make when we both shared our amusement and secrets. Back when Giggles didn't live here in this town..." As Flaky's venomous words sunk into Petunia's ears, she felt a pang of guilt tug at her heart.

They were once the best of friends. Just like Flaky had said. They did literally everything together, and shared the majority of their style and interests, even secrets they had never told anyone else. But the strong and trusting friendship they once had shattered under the arrival of Giggles. Petunia found more interest in this bubbly and bold chipmunk as they both got to know her, but all Flaky saw was an obnoxious, attention-seeking whore. Then Petunia was eventually driven away from her friendship with Flaky, and she became just like Giggles; dressing like a careless prostitute, continuously flirting with every boy in sight, and treating every other girl in town like they resembled nothing but a waste of oxygen.

"F-Flaky...I'm sor-"

"Shut up." Flaky interrupted Petunia's apology like it was a bunch of made-up nonsense. Everything that she felt fer Petunia and their friendship was long gone; even if Petunia wanted it back Flaky would never think positively of her again, "I don't want to hear you speak another word. Just kiss your sad excuse of a life goodbye."

Before Petunia had time to react to her remark, a sharp, overwhelming pain sprung up from her injured leg as Flaky dragged began to drag her back towards the woods. The helpless skunk screeched until her lungs gave up, wriggling and squirming to free herself from Flaky's grip. But all to no avail, and no matter how ear-piercing her screams were Flaky proceeded back into the depths of the woods.

"What are you gonna do to me?!" Petunia sobbed. She saw Flaky pick up a nearby shovel and some rope that she had placed there herself earlier before she found Petunia. Flaky sweetly laughed at her hopelessness and carried on dragging her past the house from earlier in the woods, "...Wait...Where are you taking me?"

"If you would just shut that whining mouth of yours for 5 minutes, you'll find out." Flaky irritably answered, already fed up of her constant crying and pleading.

Before Petunia could notice, they were now on the other side of the woods. Better known as the towns borderline. Anyone crossing it was released from the town's curse of never-ending death. A bloody red and pink mess caught the corner of her eyes, and she painfully held back the heavy urge to vomit at the sight of Giggles' surrounded by her own scattered organs and limbs. It was becoming clearer for Petunia now, and her blood turned to ice in her veins as realization struck her.

"Now hold still, sweetie. Struggling will just make things much harder for the both of us." Flaky forcefully rested her knee on Petunia's gut, cutting off her steady breath.

She choked and begged for air whiles Flaky used some of the rope to tie both her wrists together. Petunia kept struggling and sobbing, but Flaky payed no mind to her well-being and continued to tie her legs together with the rest of the rope. Petunia knew what was happening next as soon as she was facing a deep, body-length hole already dug in the ground outside the borderline. The life she thought would last until the death of an old age was quickly coming to an end.

"Well Petunia. It's was nice meeting you, and fun knowing you. But like a lot of bad things in life, you need to end." As Flaky flashed a calm yet deceiving smile at the shivering skunk, her lips soon formed into a frantic snarl as she used her foot to kick her into the hole with one harsh shove.

By now, Petunia had lost herself in a panicked mess, and she started to screech and beg her not to do this, not to leave her like this because of her mistakes. But Petunia had never brought herself understand Flaky's fragile sanity until now, and this is something she could have avoided. But it was too late. After each pile of dirt that Flaky dropped on top of Petunia, she found herself in shameful and deep regret.

After 20 minutes of what felt like endless piles of dirt, Petunia had quickly suffocated underneath the moist and heavy mud. Flaky stood panting, staring down and the silent patch in the ground. Her clothes were stuck to her fur and skin from all the sweating and strain. Thinking nothing more of Petunia and Giggles and how she would never see them again, Flaky turned her back of their lifeless remains and hurried back into the woods. Her chest ached as she thought about leaving Evil alone in that dreadful house.

Evil's lustful feeling from witnessing Flaky's vengeful side play over and over in his head grew stronger and stronger. He had never seen such anger and hatred unlike his own. Maybe it was a negative downside to her personality that they didn't know about. But how she had managed to hide from Evil and Flippy all this time impressed him. But rather than questioning her, he had other things on his mind to fulfil the wants and needs of his perverted state of mind.

But...Where was she? He remembered watching her leave after Petunia fled out of the house. 'Maybe she forgot about me...' He curiously thought to himself. He shook off that thought, chuckling to himself as he knew that she'd never forget about him.

"Evil?" Relief overwhelmed him as he heard her sweet voice from the front door. He would have raced down to her in a heartbeat, but he silently cursed to chains on his ankles for holding him back.

"Flaky, I'm still up here!" He called down to her. Evil heard her quick footsteps grow louder on the aged floor-boards right before he saw her at the doorway.

Flaky warmly smiled at him, her cheeks were stained with recent tears. She kneeled in front of his seated position and forcefully pulled him into her for a kiss that she couldn't wait any longer for. Evil gladly kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her petite waist. He noticed the dampness of her clothing, and realized it was sweat. He easily assumed she had put all of her own effort into the death of Petunia and Giggles.

Flaky finally pulled back and held a longing stare into Evil's golden eyes. He felt a stronger want for something more than she did, but he softly brushed the stray quill out of her face and planted a single but meaningful kiss of her forehead.

"Thank you for coming back, Flaky...I didn't think you would..." Evil saw Flaky's cheeks flush, and felt his heat up at the sight. She nuzzled her face in his neck as he hugged him,

"I could never bring myself to leave you, Evil. No matter what happens." Flaky left him lost for anymore words. She quickly used the key she had stolen from Petunia and unlocked the chains around his ankles.

Then arm in arm, keeping close together for body warmth, they left the old house and made their way back outside the woods. It was past the midnight hour, and the town was cold and shadowy. Evil removed his camouflaged jacket and placed it over Flaky's shoulders. She comfortably sighed and snuggled into the warmth and scent of his army jacket, and Evil felt his heart beat increase as he wrapped an arm around her.

They stopped outside Flaky's front door as they reached her house. The automatic porch light sensed them and flickered on, illuminating them. Flaky unlocked her door and glanced up at the light green bear beside her. He removed his beret and smiled at her, anxiously rubbing the back of his head. Flaky giggled at his charms and stepped beside as she opened her door,

"Um, you should stay again since you house is, uh... still a little trashed..." Evil chuckled at Flaky's timid way of asking him to stay. She blushed as he entered and closed the door behind him.

All it took after that moment was the exchange of another look of want from them both. Then Flaky was backed up against the nearest wall, with Evil's warm lips all over her neck and her fingers tugging at his hair. Although Flaky couldn't wait for another night filled with these events, Evil couldn't wait to please her in the many ways of his own fantasies.

He breathed onto her neck as he ran his tongue along her bare neck and shoulder, and a small but effective moan escaped her lips. Their lips soon met again, and their tongues slipped into each other's mouths with ease. Both wrapped in each others's touch they desperately grinded against each other, tugging at their clothes and running their fingers through their hair, wanting to push things into a further intimacy.

"Bedroom?" Flaky said through a hitched breath, a spark of lust developing in her eyes. With a simple smirk tugging at the corners of Evil's lips he allowed Flaky to guide him to her bedroom, hand in hand.

She slowly turned the handle and opened to door with one soft push. Evil walked in before her, taking steps backwards as Flaky pressed her lips against his, savouring his sweet taste as if it was her last chance to do so. Still locked in a kiss, Flaky had crawled on top of Evil as he lay back on her bed. She slowly pulled back from the kiss and a playful smile formed on her face. Evil watched her every move with heated cheeks. She removed her damp top, and giggled as Evil scanned her full chest, the lust in his golden eyes increased. But his knew it wasn't over yet.

Flaky ripped his jacket off with her own claws, and then slowly and teasingly began to trail her tongue down his chest and stomach. All the while, she loosened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans before pulling them down. Evil's large erection was too hard to miss, and his boxer shorts were starting to cause an irritation. A soft growl was heard from him as Flaky gingerly rubbed her hand on the throbbing lump in his shorts. As she could no longer wait to please Evil, Flaky pulled his shorts down and threw them with his pants.

The hot wetness from Flaky's tongue and mouth was almost unbearable, and Evil couldn't hold back his groans of pleasure. Flaky pushed herself further for his satisfaction and took his shaft in whole. Evil had no control over himself as he felt the throbbing in his manhood grow harder and harder until he finally reached his outburst, gritting his teeth as his entire body tensed. Flaky lifted to gain her breath back before lapping up the excess juices that she had missed.

"...It's your turn." Was all Evil said before Flaky made another move. A greedy smirk stayed plastered across his face as he switched their positions. Without further hesitation he removed the rest of her clothing until she lay completely bare in front of him.

The fur on Flaky's cheeks lightened to a baby pink. Although he'd seen her naked before, it still brought up a feeling of embarrassment. Evil noticed her nervousness and chuckled as he planted a sweet kiss on her forehead.

"There's no need to feel shy, you're body is absolutely stunning in my eyes." Evil whispered in the gaps between their kisses.

Evil parted her legs and brought his face down to her lower regions, licking his quickly drying lips as he noticed just how wet she already was. Soothingly, he stroked and kissed the inside of her legs until his tongue finally met her lower lips. From then on he practically devoured her womanhood, enjoying the soft, pleasing sounds that she made. As Evil's tongue trailed over a right spot, she moaned a little louder, telling him to keep his skilled tongue in that very place. He then inserted a finger and moved it in and out or her hot, sticky mess in a teasingly slow pace, leaving her to beg him for more.

Minutes later, Flaky was uncontrollably breathing and moaning, bucking her hips with an arched back as she reached her climax. Evil lapped up and cleaned out her sweet fluids, as well as his fingers. By now Flaky was desperate, and the painful pulse between her legs demanded his attention.

Evil wrapped her legs around his waist and bit his lower lip as he positioned himself at her heated entrance. Before inserting himself, he figured that he'd tease her some more, enjoying a new way of torturing a wanting and needing Flaky. He brushed his shaft up against her hot wetness, and continued as he realised she was playing along with him. Flaky used her hips to grind herself against his manhood, mentally smiling to herself as she made him growl and groan. He could no longer withstand it and couldn't wait to get inside of her. So with a relieving moan, he plunged his whole size into her. Flaky dug her claws into his back as a new sensation of pleasurable jolts were sent shooting through her body.

Flippy started off at a teasingly slow pace, but the temptations of speeding up were strong. Though he didn't want to quit pleasing Flaky for the sake of his own desires. The sweet sounds of her moans filled his ears and the room, along with his frequent ones.

After Evil had finally picked up his pace, they were both at the peek of another climax. The volume of their moans increased and their grasps on each other tightened. As soon as Evil felt her hot walls clasp around his throbbing manhood, they'd both lost control and finally give in to their climax...

But their night wasn't over yet, and switching in different positions seemed like the only option to make their night last longer, and longer.

...3 months later...
(Normal POV)

January the 18th. Winter hasn't been very snowy at all; it only seemed to give harsh rainy and windy weather. Sure it snows now and then, but not enough to build up a thick layer of it on the grounds. The train that the two sleepy passengers were on was more or less calmer that usual with it being the coldest time of the year, and it had more of an effect on the young children. Their cheerful laughter and playful voices were mostly heard on the train.

The male passenger, who appeared to have drifted off to sleep behind his blacked-out shades, was a grey wolf with short messy black hair in a black work suit, and he was wrapped up in a large brown coat to keep his body warmth to himself. He was an agent to the female highest-ranking mercenary assassin that was with him on the train. The said female was a light blue, yellow, turquoise and dark blue-striped tiger, or a tigress as she was referred to, with knee-lengthed hair in different shades of blue. She was wearing a long-sleeved white blouse that was tucked into her black tulip waist skirt that stopped at her knees and her legs were hidden in opaque-black tights. But most of it was hidden anyway as she wore a long beige coat that managed to reached the floor considering she was wearing black high-heeled shoes.

"Hank? Are you awake?" Holly softly whispered as she reached across the table in between them to slightly nudge his arm. A low grunt was heard from him and his furry ear twitched, but he didn't seem to be awake. All until he darted up from his slouched position,

"No, I wasn't sleeping!" He yelled, "I was just resting my eyes..." Holly quietly chuckled at his modest behaviour and gently pushed him back in his seat so he could relax again,

"Calm down, Hank. We ain't there yet, we have an hour left so you can go back to sleep an' I'll wake you up when we get there." She said in her soothing Southern accent. Hank gave a yawn and folded his arms as he snuggled back into his seat, receiving a funny look from Holly, a sign of amusement in her emerald green eyes,


She shrugged at him, her usual frown returning to her gloomy expression as her gaze drifted off to stare out of the foggy window, "Nothing, Hank, go back to sleep."

Another hour of travelling passed, and Holly and Hank quickly left the train before any other passengers to avoid getting caught up in a hunch at the doors. A cold breeze swept past the exiting passengers as they rushed away from the train to get out of the cold as quickly as they could. Hank dropped his bags and suitcases to take out his phone from the pocket in his suit, typing in someone's number on the touch screen. Holly dropped her bags in the snow beside Hank's,

"Who are you tryin' to call?" She asked him, looking over his shoulder at his phone. He pressed the phone to his ear and waited for an answer from the other line, and it didn't take long for it to happen,

"Hello?" The person on the other line responded.

"Hey, Francis, it's Hank. We've just got off the train; did you phone the taxi yet?" Hank asked him. There was a silence from Francis until he heard him harshly clear his throat. The husky dryness in his voice was a result in heavy smoking.

"Well...actually, I think you guys should get to the town by foot..." He said, Hank could here him try and hold back his chuckles, "I think you both could use it...especially Holly..."

"Hey, I heard that!" Holly snarled and snatched the phone from Hank before growling into the speaker, "I am not fat... I-I'm just a little chunky, God dammit!" The enraged Tigress retorted. Though she was a little chunky, it was mainly from the gain of muscle mass that occurs from experience at her own job, "Oh, and also, if you don't send us a taxi in the next 5 minutes, I swear to god I will get that train back to our headquarters and kick your sorry, son of a bitch a-"

"You and Hank are getting there by foot whether you like it or not,"

"Now wait just a m-"

"Look, Holly, I'm giving you and Hank the time off work you wanted to relax, and I could easily have you back here or somewhere else assassinating someone's ass. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some free champagne to attend to. See ya later, sweet cheeks!" With that final teasing comment, the phone line fell silent, and Holly was close to dropping the phone to the ground and digging her 6 inch heel into the screen,

"That stupid fucking pitbull's asking for a blade up his sorry ass!" She roared, handing the phone back to her agent. Hank gazed at the concrete ground with a puzzled expression, trying to understand why she despised their own boss so much.

"Because he called you fat?" He curiously asked, absent minded to how much that word frustrated her. The angered tigress was no longer in her rarely occurring good mood.

She grabbed her suitcase and bags, "Well. You heard our boss, we're walkin'. Now grab your stuff, we don't have all day." She grumbled under her breath. Hank could tell she wasn't going to lighten up for a while now. After all, she wasn't considered cheerful, seen with a real smile on her face, or had the personality of a normal happy person...at all.

The grey wolf didn't have time to talk as he noticed Holly was already starting to make her way out of the train station without him. Hank quickly grabbed his luggage and ran after her, cautiously avoiding the dangerous puddles of ice in the concrete,

"Hey! Wait up, will ya!"

Hours later, after following the map on Hank's phone, the two finally arrived outside the borderline of their destination and looked up at the large sign before them that read, 'Welcome to Happy Tree Town!' Holly looked closer at the sign and notice words underneath it that appeared to be smeared in a crimson red colour that read, 'Watch Your Backs...' With several red hand prints smeared below it. Hank cringed as he didn't want to bother guessing the substance that was used to write it.

Holly darkly chuckled at Hanks little insecurity and roughly patted the grey wolf's back, "Don't worry, Hanky, you'll be safe around this assassin..."

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