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(Normal POV)

Evil and Flaky dropped Francis' dead body over the town's border line. The red-furred porcupine stopped to look at her stepbrother one last time with disgust before turning her back on him with Evil to make their way back into the town.

It was silent.

All that was heard between them was the sound of crispy leafs beneath their feet and soft chirping noises by crickets.

Evil still pondered over how he was going to change, whiles Flaky didn't let her caution slip of him slip away.

Just one slip with Evil, and she would have been joining her stepbrother... But is he really going to kill her?

"Evil... Can I ask you something?"

The green bear turned to face her,


"Why haven't you killed me yet?" Her voice almost sounded bored to him.

Evil was stuck on how to answer her. How was he supposed to say that he needed her help?

"Well, do you want me to kill you?" He asked her slightly raising his voice, expecting her to cower in fear...

But she didn't even react,

"Well do you want to kill me?" Flaky quizzed, raising an eyebrow.

Evil opened his mouth to reply, and then closed it again, struggling to find the words to say. The porcupine gave him a suspicious look before walking off again.

Then he noticed her walking of and quickly went to follow behind her,

"Wait, I didn't answer your question," He started, getting her attention.

She turned to face him, impatience growing inside of her,

But she was still interested in what he had to say.

"I... Wasn't going to... Kill you..." Evil mumbled, quietly.

"I'm sorry I didn't hear that, Evil..." Flaky said, cupping her hand around her ear, making Evil grow embarrassed.

"I wasn't going to kill you." He said it louder this time, Flaky's ears twitched.

She was trying to understand what he was saying. Evil, the town's coldest murder, wasn't going to kill Flaky? That almost seemed like too much for Flaky to take in. Evil watched her stare at the ground, and he himself was thinking about what he'd just said.

The world seemed to freeze, as well as time.

Then to Evil's surprise, Flaky shook her head, shutting her eyes tightly. Her uncaring feelings for Evil were vigorously tugging at her, like she was about to crush them with her own two hands.

"Look... I don't really know if you're telling the truth of not," Flaky started, finally opening her eyes to look into his, "but even if you are, I still couldn't bring myself to trusting you..."

She was right.

Evil knew she was right.

After all these years he's tortured and killed her, who could blame her for having no trust whatsoever in the war vet?

"I understand..." Evil whispered, he couldn't help but feel hurt.

But it was his fault for feeling that way.

It seemed like hours as they carried on making their way out of the woods, and Evil kept letting himself glance at Flaky, who just blankly stared straight ahead.

It only took them just above half an hour to arrive back into town, but to them, it felt like almost a month.

Further into town, Cuddles, Giggles, Sniffles, Handy and Lammy began to get curious at the fact that Flaky wasn't home. They went to see if she was alright after an odd visit from her earlier in the day.

"She's not here guys, all of the lights are off and it's pretty late." Cuddles informed, looking through Flaky's window.

"Well maybe she went to bed?" Lammy stated.

"At seven? I don't think so, Lammy..." Giggles corrected with a sigh.

"Come on, guys, we shouldn't be her like this," Sniffles said, "Cuddles, you can stop looking through her window now, don't you think that's a little odd?"

Cuddles didn't move from the window, Giggles attempted to pull him away.

"Wait! Look... There's a gun on her table!" Cuddles exclaimed, pointing on the glass to where the gun was.

"Is that... Flippy's Bowie knife?" Handy asked, spotting a familiar knife next to the gun.

They all exchanged worried glances before beginning to knock on the front door, unaware that she was still in the woods with Evil himself.

Evil was still pondering over asking her to help him, but even if she does agree, what could she do? This made him think twice about it.

She was just so interesting to him, her long, lush quills, and those beautiful emerald-green eyes that were truly one-of-a-kind. She was nothing like the other girls in this town, all girly and giggly with their mini skirts and floral dresses, she was more of a sophisticated and independent type, and even though she was categorised as a tomboy, a few male friends even thought she had a sexy attitude, as well as looks on some concerns. Evil was starting to see why Flippy was after her, and successfully won her, in the first place.

"Hey," He then heard Flaky call out, noticing her stood in front of him as she clicked him out of his trance, "I'm going home now... Thanks for helping me with Francis."

"It's no problem."

She then gave a nod and started to walk away from him. Evil wanted to say something to her, something that's been bugging him since he got rid of Flippy...

Why doesn't he take his usual liking into killing and killing only?

All he knows is, Flaky has something to do with it...

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