Elizabeth: "I know I was better off before I knew this whole world of vampires, Warewolves, demons and spirits existed. I always thought the only place a spirit could live was in a cemetary. Apparently, I was misled. Your preaching to the choir on that one."

Jessica: "Spirits can live anywhere. There's a difference between a spirit and a ghost. A spirit is energy. A ghost is an actual manifestation. Like, when someone dies, their spirit can be still in a place, but it's not necessarily a ghost. It's just energy left behind from them living. But, you can argue that ghosts are also energy because they give off a reading as well. It's also argued that spirit is more of a religious term. So, that all depends on who you talk to about what."

Damon: "And yet, you chose to get close to me even after you found out what I was and who I was."

Elizabeth: "I believe people deserve a fair chance and you hadn't shown me any reason why I shouldn't give you a fair chance. I shouldn't judge you based on your past behavior. What I judge you on is your present behavior. Your present behavior has shown me that you are a good person with good intentions, but bad follows you and your brother around like a dark rain cloud. So, when ever someone gets close to either one of you, it rains on them and they have to go run for cover. I grabbed my umbrella and hoped the storm would pass."

Damon: "My point is you don't care if I'm dangerous. You love me anyway."

Elizabeth: "That I do and I am greatful that you helped me find out what happened to my mother. I needed that part of my history filled in."

Jessica: "Trust me, if I knew that vampires were at the end of those links, I never would've sent you the sites. I just figured you'd find some long lost relatives and start a relationship with them. Not turn into some funky half human half vampire hybrid."

Elizabeth: "Look, I don't blame either one of you for this. There was no way any of you could predict this was going to turn out the way that it did. I've embraced my hybrid blood and I've learned to live with it."

Damon: "I may not have been able to predict the outcome, but I can save you from the inevitable future."

Elizabeth: "If I have to fight, I have to fight. I'm not just gonna stand back and let them take over the town. I live here too and if I can stop an all out supernatural war, then that's what I'm gonna do. I already proved I wasn't going to be intimidated when those two morons in the forest tried to mindfreak me into going with them. I'm not going to sacrafice my humaniy for the cause. Right now, I'm delivering meds to my Gran and trying to assume some normalicy in my life."

They pull up in Elizabeth's Gran's driveway and get out of the car. Gran is sitting on the front porch waiting. Her afternoon tea in her hand. She smiled when she recognized Elizabeth and Jessica approaching the porch with a very attractive young man.

Gran: "Oh, my goodness would you look here. Get over here and hug my neck."

She hugs Jessica like a long lost granddaughter she hasn't seen in 20 years and kisses her on the cheek.

Jessica: "Good afternoon. Grandma Mary."

Gran: "Oh stop. You can call me Gran. I've known you since you were 14 years old. Who is this handsome devil with you?"

She smiles a warm inviting smile and Damon smiles back.

Damon: "Hello Miss Mary. I'm Damon Salvatore."

Mary: "I'm pleased to meet you, Mr. Salvatore. Would you like some iced tea? I just made a fresh pitcher."

Damon: "That would be wonderful."

Mary: "Please, have a seat on the swing. I'll be right back."

She goes to fetch the pitcher and glasses for everyone. They sit on the porch swing.

Gran: "The Gardinia's are blooming and smell just beautiful out there."

Elizabeth: "Yes they do. They look beautiful. I brought your meds from Andy."

Gran: "Oh, thank Heavens. Eddie forgot them this morning. How was your evening dear?"

Elizabeth: "It was good. I went out with Jessica and Damon to unwind a bit from work."

Mary: "Sounds like you had fun. How is work?"

Elizabeth: "Exausting as usual. Long shifts and no breaks. I'm lucky I got this week off."

Mary: "Is that where you met Mr. Salvatore? At work?"

Elizabeth: "Yeah. Damon is a surgeon at New Orleans General Hospital and Jessica and I are his nurses."

Gran: "That is so nice. Your going to make a good husband one day. Mark my words."

Damon: "I'm hoping your right. I'm not seeing that in the future any time right now. It's really busy at the hospital. I hardly have time to sleep let alone get married."

Gran: "You would never know it looking at you. I remember when I met your grandfather at the Blossom Parade. He looked so handsome on that float. I just knew he was the one I wanted to be with. All the honest men have flaws. It keeps them young."

Damon: "Oh I have a few flaws. I am a human being."

Jessica starts coughing to cover up the fact that she wants to laugh in his face. She tries to cover it up. Damon pats her on the back to help her stop coughing.

Jessica: "Sorry about that. I almost swallowed some ice there."

Damon: "Careful there, sweetheart."

Elizabeth shakes her head like "kids" and takes Damon's hand in hers.

Gran: "Oh my, this is your famous Damon you've been bragging to me about?"

Elizabeth: "The one and only."

Gran: "I must have a picture of the three of you. Let me get my camera from inside. I'll be right back."

Elizabeth: "Ok."

She goes to get her camera while the girls try to freshen up a bit.

Elizabeth: "Way to be subtle there, Jess."

Jessica: "I'm sorry. When he started professing about how human he is, I couldn't hold back the laughing and if I started laughing, that would be inappropriate and that would have to be explained. So, I faked the coughing fit instead."

Gran comes back with the camera.

Gran: "Now. Y'all pose and smile pretty for me."

They pose together and Gran takes the picture.

Gran: "You three look adorable."

She shows them the digital image on the camera.

Elizabeth: "You know, Damon's family knew mom."

Gran: "They did? What was your mother's name? I'm sure if they were close, Jean told me all about her. I may have even known your grandparents."

Damon: "Her name was Rose Salvatore and my father was Stefan Salvatore Senior. My brother has the same name."

Gran: "Oh you have a brother. Now that you mention it, those two names do sound awefully familiar. Do you have a picture of your parents?"

Damon: "As a matter of fact, I do."

He takes out his wallet and shows her a real picture of his parents together.

Gan: "Roselynn Salvatore. Yes, she was a bride's maid at Jean and Richard's wedding. She was a beautiful young girl. Her eyes were the same color as yours are and she had the darkest raven black hair."

Damon: "That's my mom, all right. Beautiful as ever."

He shows Elizabeth and Jessica the photo. You can tell it's an extreamly old photo by the way the paper is yellowing.

Jessica: "She looks gorgeous. Your dad was a good looking man too."

Damon: "Thank you."

Gran: "I never got to meet your dad or you boys. She moved away when she was pregnant with her first son."

Damon: "That would be me. Stefan is the youngest."

Gran: "You both turned out to be beautiful young men."

Damon: "Thank you."