The place was dark, the air was cold, there was some fog also that clouded his sight and made his walking even more difficult. Everything in that place was dark. He could hear some moaning spirits and some there were corpses around.

What kind of place was this?

When did he get there?

How did he get there?

After a few minutes of walking around this creepy place, the ground bellow him started to tremble in an unusual way.

And then… he spotted his enemy. He found himself running for his life and searching for a way out of there but little did he know there was no way to escape.

He ran full speed, panting, sweating and looking above his shoulder.

From who… from what did he want to escape?

He ran away… or at least tried to do so… from a monster.

The monster was horrible, creepy and it moved agonizingly slowly at his direction giving big steps that made the ground quiver.

He was weaponless; he couldn't defend himself from this beast. And to make it even worse: nobody was around to help him… he was alone at the monster's mercy.

He called his family but nobody answered. Only darkness around him and no way to escape.

His legs grew tired to more he ran, he wanted to catch his breath but he couldn't stop; the moment he stopped the monster would get him and he wasn't gonna let this abomination to take him.

He tried to ignore it and keep running till he found a way out but his fears were taking the best of him.

He tripped, not once… many times.

His feet couldn't resist, his heart and lungs wanted to explode, his mind played tricks with him making him see fake exits… he was slowly becoming insane.

He tripped again… for the last time.

He tried to get up but he had no strength at all.

The monster was just a few inches of him. It was even more horrible from a close view.

The monster wanted to scare him; the monster wanted to destroy him, to torture him, to kill him.

He had been always the tough one, the one that you couldn't scare at all… or at least not so easily. But in this moment he was nothing but a little child drowning in panic.

He curled into a ball covering his head with both hands; he could hear the monster's growl and his breath in his skin. Small tears escaped from his tightly closed eyes.

"Help me…"


He knew that voice.

"Raph, wake up"

Slowly, he opened his golden and now glassy eyes. In front of him he could distinguish the blue mask and the concerned dark brown eyes of his eldest brother.

"You ok bro?"

The red masked ninja slowly sat up on his hammock; he felt the sweat drops in his forehead rolling down his face. His eyes still had some tears but he wouldn't let them flow… not in front of his leader.

"Nightmare?" the eldest asked knowing the answer already. Raph nodded, his head still lowered in an attempt to avoid his brother's gaze.

"Must've been an ugly one his time, huh?" Leo asked. Raph nodded even though he hated to admit it.

Next thing he felt was a pair of strong arms pulling him into a comforting hug. All his composure crumbled as he returned the embrace and left small tears on his brother's shoulder.

"That thing will never get you. Not while I'm here" Leo soothed his red masked brother.

"Promise you won't tell" the latter said. The eldest smiled warmly tightening the hug.

"I swear it"

Getting into the Halloween mood with some brotherly fluff. Couldn't resist.

Can you guess who the monster is?