Ripping Open Wounds

I can't think anymore. I am confused, lost in the depths of the words around me. I hear them all to clearly.


"Gone without a trace!"

"I knew we couldn't trust them."

I am running. Feet pounding the wooden floors, so loud. The noise echoes off the walls, mingling with my heavy breath. So unlike me, but I can barely pay attention to it. The fear encasing my heart is suffocating me, making everything unfocused around me.

I throw open the doors, air whipping me hair up slightly. It is dark, unnaturally dark. Dark and completely empty.

I stumble, dazed, into the throne room. I am waiting, desperately waiting. I want you to jump out of nowhere and scare me, say it is a joke. Tease me for being so concerned. Make me blush and apologize. Fill me up with your divine light.

Then everything snaps. The blur is now sharp edges. The darkness lightens a bit. I feel the weight of understanding on my shoulders.

And I come upon a realization. My eyes narrow, and I feel the single word, so filled with ahte and sorrow and confusion, flow off my tongue into the still air.


Yes, a liar. That is the only word to describe you. You are a heart taker, a promise breaker, and a cold blooded liar.

A single tear runs down my cheek, but I don't wipe it away. Only you could stop my tears. Only you could make me smile.

I turn away, and begin to walk out. If I stay, I will never leave and move on. I will never go forward without taking the first step.

But even as I walk away, my heart clenches painfully. I can't escape this feeling of loneliness, of utter despair and betrayal.

I know you're not coming back. Not for your comrades, not for Byakuya, not for me. Not for anyone.

I can almost see myself breaking into a million pieces, shattering onto the ground in front of me. The scars are slowly being cut into my soul, leaving behind memories that will surely haunt my future. I grab the door, trying to hold myself up. But without you to clutch onto, I fall to my knees. The poison of this knowledge is seeping into my limbs, dragging me down.

You are gone. You, the first person to ever care about me. My first friend, my first true love. But my heart tells me you'll also be the last of these things.

"It's a promise then?"


Your words, promises were false hope. You in itself are a false hope. My false hope at what I had hoped and dreamed was a chance at happiness.

That broken promise s ripping open wounds into my being, that will never heal. And you are the only one to blame.

"Yoruichi Shihoin."