A story how the five-year old Takumi discovered his true heart for racing. He maybe has not understood his heart for racing at first but its been there from the very start. This may progress to a teenage Takumi.


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True Heart of A Racer


A cute little boy with blondish brown hair sat lazily on a sofa in front of a television, his eyes resting boredly on a cartoon show pictured by the television. He is actually watching a comedy cartoon show but it is as if he is watching a boring news channel in what his expression is showing by now. It looks bored, almost expressionless.

"Takumi!" an audible low male voice called out to the little boy sitting on the sofa. Even though he had heard the call loud and clear, he remained silent and idles on his seat.

A man in his late twenties climbed down the stairs that led to the living room.

"Hey, kid," he called his son once more as he reached the living room, this time in a lower tone.

He just simply turned his head over his shoulder and looked at his father boredly.

The man had short black hair and his closed eyes, which is amazing how he can see through those solid lids, rested on bored brown orbs.

"Watching some cartoons, eh? Why don't you go to bed early tonight? We will be early tomorrow."

"Why?" Takumi asked, obviously not interested.

Bunta let out a smirk, "You'll see. Now, go to bed. You'll need it."

Takumi, not understanding a single thing and not even bothering to, stood up and turned off the television. He decided to just obey his father.

"Goodnight, Otosan," Takumi said while climbing the stairs.

"You too, kid," Bunta replied his smirk still on. "You'll need badly. Believe me."


If the little Takumi thought that his sleeping time was very soon, the little thought of what his father's vocabulary of early didn't even slipped his mind that it has to be this very soon.

He was just sleeping soundly when suddenly loud knocking that soon became banging when no answer came from the inside can be heard.

"Hey, kid! Wake up! We don't have all day!"

Moaning can be heard from the boy then he slowly opened his eyes and sat up lazily, rubbing his eyes at the same time to rub off the sleep. He took the clock that's lying at the bed side desk and checked the time.

3:45 A.M.

He rubbed his eyes again, hoping that his eyes were just playing tricks on him.

3:45 A.M.

No. his eyes were definitely not playing tricks on him. What is his crazy father thinking? Wanted to play hide and seek during this time of the day?

The banging died down. The older man held the cigarette from his mouth and said, "I know you are awake now, kid. Open the door."

He waited for a few seconds before the door opened, revealing a haggard-looking kid: his usual straight and neatly combed hair is now very messed up and spiking all over, and his eyes are a lot smaller than usual.

"What do you want?" he asked irritatingly.

"Go and get dressed. We're leaving in ten minutes."

"What?" he blurted out in disbelief. "Why?"

"No more questions. You'll find out later." He turned his back. "After you've changed, proceed to the car. Don't be late." He was about to walk away but he stopped on his tracks when he heard his son ask.

"Where are we going?" he asked, trying his best to let his patience still overcome him until this point.

He turned his head to the younger Fujiwara, "Are you deaf or just unlimited? Like I said, you'll find out later, alright? Trust me; it will be lots of fun." He turned his head and walked away, leaving an enraged kid. He smiled as he heard an irritated murmur followed by a groan and a loud bang coming from closing a door.


Fujiwara Bunta had just finished loading the last box of tofu at the trunk of the panda-colored car when his son had just emerged outside. He just changed in a white t-shirt and long brown shorts matched with white rubber shoes.

The Older Fujiwara saw the Little Fujiwara and said, "Good. You're here. Get in the car."

The Little Fujiwara yawned and while rubbing his eyes he asked his father, "I'm gonna ask you again. Where are we going this time of the day?"

"We're going to a hotel in Mount Akina," Bunta answered simply.

"Why?" he demanded. "What are we going to do there? Don't tell me we're going to rent a room there. You are aware that we already have a house here, don't you? We do not need a hotel to live in."

"No, you silly. We're going to deliver the tofu."

"What?" Takumi blurted out frustratingly. "You woke me up to deliver tofu?"

"Yes. Do you have a problem with that?" his father challenged.

"Why do I have to go with you? You do the deliveries alone all the time."

"Get in the car so that you'll know the reason why." Bunta climbed in the car and started the engine.

The Little Fujiwara, with nothing to do anymore, sighed in defeat and climbed in the passenger seat. He fastened his seat belt and it is then he noticed for the first time the cup, almost full of water, placed in a cup holder hanging by the dashboard.

"What's that for?" the little Fujiwara asked curiously for the first time as the car started to accelerate from the shop.

Bunta smirked. "So, you've noticed," he said not taking his eyes off the road. "Tofu are very soft so I have to drive the car carefully."

"What does it have to do with the cup of water?" Takumi asked puzzled.

"I should drive the car without letting the water from the cup spill out. Once the water does spill, expect smashed tofu."

Takumi just nodded to that.

Bunta looked at him. "Why? You're already interested in managing the tofu shop?" he challenged.

"No," Takumi answered honestly his eyes remained glued to the road in front of him. "Just asking."

Bunta smirked. "Oh, is that so? How I thought that you already wanted to manage the shop so that I can get my retirement as early as possible," he teased his son.

He headed his attention back to the road when he saw nothing in his son's reaction.


Bunta looked briefly at his son as he made a four-wheel inertia drift at one of the corners of the famous Mount Akina's pass. He frowned when he saw no reaction came from his son. He drifted at the first hairpin of the Akina's uphill course, managing carefully not to allow water spill out from the cup. He tackled again another hairpin in mastery and was suddenly stunned in seeing his son now slowly drowsing to sleep.

"Hey! Don't sleep on me, kid!" he barked as he tackled the third hairpin without effort. The little Fujiwara jumped up involuntarily on his seat in surprise as his eyes shot back open. He groaned and sat up properly on his seat.

"Don't worry, kid. This is just the warm up. Wait until we go downhill. Trust me, you'll not get bored or drowse yourself to sleep. It will be so much fun," Bunta said in an almost menacing tone of voice

Every kid would be excited or scared by this time but the Little Fujiwara is not like any other kid: he seemed to mind little about this. He yawned once more and rubbed his eyes, trying his best to rub off the sleep in his eyes. He's just looking forward in going home, to his bed and get his well-deserved sleep.

Bunta looked briefly and amusingly at his son before looking back to the road then said, "Don't worry, kid. We'll be back soon before you know it."

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