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"Geez, they really do put out the Christmas decorations earlier every year" said Faith with a frown, lifting Sophie off her shoulders as they arrived home after a trip to the Mall."

"But Auntie Faith, I thought you liked Christmas" said Sophie, licking the ice-cream cone her aunt had bought her.

"I do, now that I've got you and Auntie Buffy and all the other Scoobs to share it with" said Faith. "But once upon a time, I used to be a real Grinch."

"What's a Grinch?" asked Sophie, confused.

"What's a Grinch?" repeated Faith in disbelief, before chuckling. Sometimes it was easy to forget that Sophie had only been able to really be a kid for two years. She grinned, getting an idea. "Tell ya what, Little Red" she said, sitting down and gesturing for her niece to climb into her lap, "I'll tell you a story about somebody who was a Grinch, and you can learn from that. You're even in it!"

"I am?" said Sophie excitedly.

"Yeah. So is everybody else, but you're the most important. So, wanna hear it?"


"Okay, how did it start again? Hmm.. Got it" Faith nodded. "Inside a snowflake, like the one on your sleeve, there happened a story you must see to believe.."

Way up in the Mountains,

In the range of Pontoos,

Lay the small town of Scoobville,

Home of the Scoobs.

The little town was bustling with activity, with everybody excitedly decorating their houses with lights and tinsel. It was almost time for Christmas, Scoobville's favourite holiday.

Ask any Scoob,

And they'll have this to say..

"There's no place like Scoobville around Christmas Day!"

Every window was flocked,

Every lamp-post was dressed,

And the Scoobville band marched in their Christmas-y best.

In the centre of town, the band roamed the streets singing Carols, while all the stores were packed with Scoobs doing their Christmas shopping.

Arbor Day was fine,

And Easter was pleasant,

And every St. Patrick's Day they ate some fine pheasant,

But every Scoob knew from their toes to their snout,

They loved Christmas the most,

Without a single Scoob doubt.

In one particularly packed store, Willow Rosenberg, a young woman with flaming red hair, was buying presents for her family. She held her youngest daughter, Lily, in one arm, while looking over the list she held in her other hand.

"Let's see, we've got a Luke Skywalker action figure for Andrew, Han Solo for Jonathan, a muncle for your Uncle, a fant for your Aunt, and a fandpa.. for your cousin, Jesse. Now we need.." Willow paused, realising something was missing. "Sophie?" she called, looking around for her eldest daughter. "Sophie, where are you?"

"Sale on Aisle 3!" a Cashier yelled.

"Sophie, this isn't funny young lady!" Willow cried, pushing through the crowd. "Sophie!"

"I'm over here, Mommy Willow!"

Willow let out a sigh of relief, spotting a small pair of legs underneath a huge stack of presents.

"Sorry Sweetie, guess I did load you up a little too much, huh?" She stuffed the list in her pocket and took some of the presents in her free arm, revealing the slightly annoyed face of Sophie, her red-haired, blue eyed five year old.

"Uh-huh. Mommy Willow, don't you think this is a bit much?" the little girl frowned.

"Come on, Sophie" Willow chuckled. "This is what Christmas is all about, right?"

"One minute closer to Christmas!" yelled a man operating a huge Christmas Countdown clock nearby. There was a collective gasp from the customers, who began rushing around even faster.

"Oh wow! We've still got lot's to do, better keep moving!" As Willow disappeared into the crowd of shoppers once again, Sophie followed her, sighing.


Every Scoob down in Scoobville loved Christmas a lot!

Meanwhile, inside a cave high in a mountain outside town, a dark-haired young woman looked through a periscope, glaring at the four figures currently heading up the slope.

But Faith,

The Dark Slayer,

Who lived just outside Scoobville,

Did not..

Two of the figures were Jonathan and Andrew, Willow's two nerdy cousins for whom she had been buying presents. The other two were their friends, a pair of potential Slayers named Vi and Amanda. The group had been sent to collect sprigs of mistletoe to hang up around town.

"Come on guys" chuckled Vi, racing ahead. "Everyone knows that the best ones are higher up!"

"Last one there's a smelly old Dark Slayer!" Amanda laughed, running after her friend.

"Hey!" cried Jonathan, chasing them.

"No fair!" whined Andrew, already struggling to keep up. "You got a headstart!" As they climbed higher, the boys began to get nervous.

"Ugh, Guys?" Jonathan frowned, "Not to be a party pooper or anything, but maybe we should go back before we get into trouble."

"Yeah" added Andrew nervously. "You know who lives up here, right?"

"Oh, we get it" Vi smirked. "You guys are scared of the Dark Slayer!"

"Are not!" cried the boys in unison.

"I heard that she lives in a cave up here" said Amanda, grinning, "And when she gets mad, she comes down and flays people alive!"

"No she doesn't" Jonathan frowned. "That's what happens if anybody gets Willow mad enough."

"Then what does the Dark Slayer do?" asked Vi, as she and Amanda headed further up and the boys reluctantly followed.

"Nobody knows!" aid Andrew in an ominous tone. "It's so terrible that no-one's ever had the stomach to record it!" At that moment, the girls, walking a short distance ahead, froze. They had stumbled upon a cave with a crude makeshift door, surrounded by signs with messages such as 'Get lost if you want to keep your limbs'. It was the home of Faith, the very person they had been discussing.

"Want to prove you're not scared of the Dark Slayer?" asked Vi as Jonathan and Andrew caught up. "Go touch her door. Just touch it."

"I don't know.." Jonathan frowned.

"We don't want to be rude" Andrew chuckled nervously.

"Scaredy Cats, Scaredy Cats!" Vi and Amanda taunted.

"We're not!"

"Prove it!"

Andrew and Jonathan looked at each other, nodded, and slowly crept towards the door. As they reached out towards it, however, what appeared to be a primitive, savage woman leapt out, snarling and growling at them. The two nerds screamed like girls, then bolted back the way they had come, dragging the also terrified Vi and Amanda with them.

"That wasn't very nice Auntie Faith" Sophie frowned.