Hi there! Ok, so I am of the firm belief that there isn't enough Holix stuff out there (both stories and artwork) so I decided that I would try my hand at contributing a little something and seeing as I can't draw, this is what you get. I hope someone out there likes it, or at least doesn't hate it. I'm new to this, so if I've done something wrong please let me know. Ok, enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Six or Holiday or any other Generator Rex stuff (if I did the show would be named after a certain green-suited ninja)

He moves forward in an attempt to intimidate her. She stands her ground to try to convince him she's not scared.

He doesn't raise his voice because he knows that the scariest things aren't the things that scream and bellow – they're the ones that sneak up on you silently.

She just wishes that for once he'd yell at her – show some emotion and stop being so damn stoic. So she raises her voice to be loud enough for the both of them to hopefully offset his calm.

He tells her that Rex is an asset and therefore needs to be under surveillance at all times.

She yells at him and insists that he's just a boy and therefore needs to do boy things. She doesn't bother to wait for him to ask her to clarify what boy things are; she just goes right ahead and does it.

He cuts her off at bike riding, informing her that someone like Rex is far happier with his Evo-powered machines than any two-wheeled, un-motorized mode of transport.

She tells him that he doesn't know because Rex has never been given the chance.

He fully intends to leave when he tells her that there is no way he is letting Rex off the base for a party, and that's final (because Six said so. And that means it's final. In any circumstance where Holiday isn't concerned that is.)

She grabs a hold of his tie and threateningly glares in his eyes, telling him that the boy deserves to be a kid and enjoy himself, and not have to worry about saving the world for One. Night.

He counters with the fact that he isn't a boy – he's an Evo that can control his abilities and has the potential to bring down thousands that can't. That makes him an asset. Not a boy.

She screams at him, tells him that Rex needs to be a kid.

He tells her that considering she's supposed to be a woman of science, she is totally irrational and much too emotionally involved.

She screams back that at least she feels something for someone.

That would hurt if he thought it was true. But he knows it's not true. He does feel things. She'll just never know. To keep himself from telling her, he just stays silent.

Then suddenly she starts hitting him. He doesn't know where it's come from or how the hell he allowed her to land four punches to his chest before he starts to fend her off, but for some reason she's crying and beating him.

She's filled with so much anger and frustration that she can't help but try to hurt him – just to make him feel – but the vice-like grip he has on her wrists suggests her chance is up. She's still crying though.

She screams at him, demands that he tells her why he's refusing to love her.

He softly replies that he's not.

Then the whole world stops.