Wizard Chronicles 2: Aura of the Blue Moon

Chapter 1: Werewolf Rampage

It's been almost a year since Misty's defeat and life has all but basically gotten back to normal for everyone since those events took place. With her resting in a federal prison for everything she's done, everyone was at peace. Since those days, there were major changes that have been instituted. The wizard's council has been issuing one ordinance after another since they were created. At their suggestion, schools around Aceleon have legalized the Magic game for wizards while they were on campus. This was to assure that wizards had the means to protect themselves if something was to happen. Another was that task force that was sent to locate Silas. They haven't located him yet and they were continuing their search.

The major thing that came out of the council was that they ordered the Aura Research Facility outside of Kirtren reopened to deal with criminal wizards that use their powers to commit crimes and other mischief. Willie, Evelyn and Alicia were placed in charge of the facility due to their history with the place. Those three quickly decided to not just remove auras from criminals but to study up on the auras to learn how they work to better treat wizards with injuries and educate other healers on the various aura structures that wizards have.

The group that saved the country from the darkness all pretty much went back to their lives for the duration of the year since their final battle. Nick and Jesse went back to their group at school to tell of the stories of what they had gone through. Melanie had started high school and along with her band Spirit's Wind was becoming a big deal on campus and in the community. Evelyn and Alicia had moved to Varayan with their families to get a fresh start after what went down with Evelyn's trial and all. Willie and Kali had hit a rough patch through the spring but now they were better than ever as the new school year got going.

Early October was a strange time of year as the mid-term week got going and everyone was trying to get through the week with the best grades possible. Being a Monday morning, everyone was in a foul mood like most students in the country. As the early classes got out around 9:30, Jesse caught up with Kali as they headed towards their literature class.

"Far cry from what we were doing this time last year huh?" he asked her as they entered the building where their class is. "I'd actually take going after Misty again than having to sit through another of Mrs. Sanders's literature lectures."

"I'd take this over going after that maniac any day," she mentioned as they went into class and took their seats. Kali sat behind Jesse in the middle row and he sat up front. "It doesn't beat all the traveling we did last year though."

"I feel you on that one. Wonder how the others are handling this week?" The bell rings and they settle in as Mrs. Sanders takes the roll and begins her lecture. In a patio area on the other side of campus, it's a free period for Willie as he's studying for an anatomy exam he had that afternoon after his world history class. He's so entrenched in his notes he doesn't even notice Evelyn walking up to where he's sitting and taking a seat across from him.

"You certainly look busy," she says snapping him out of his deep concentration.

"Yeah," he mentions shaking his head to clear the cobwebs. "This class has been kicking my tail and it's not the most fun when you're barely passing. Adjusting to life around here ok?"

"It's far different from schools in Kirtren. I almost prefer the lab to school . . . almost." Willie laughs hearing that comment.

"I heard that. We still have a ton to do at the facility anyway. That is, after we get out of this school day and I get through that test I have later on."

"Yeah, I'm going to go get some rest for a while and let you study." He nods and returns to his notes as she moves to a different location and chill out. Unknowing to the two Kirtren-born sorcerers, in the woods behind them several pairs of red eyes are watching and growling at them.

Lunchtime at Carson Central High was divided into two thirty-five minute segments with half the campus on each lunch period. The main building and the band/music area was on the first lunch and the rest of the campus was on the second period. As the homeroom period ends, everyone on the first lunch period turns into a hungry pack of Wild Mongrels and stampedes towards the three lunch lines around the cafeteria. Two of the lunch lines were in the cafeteria while one was outside for those who wanted to stay outside. As things settle down, Nick and Melanie were in one of the shaded areas on campus waiting for the line outside to die down.

"I guess we should play a game until the line dies down," Melanie asks Nick as she sat down with him and some of the other players that hang out with them. "This is getting boring and I get itchy when I get bored you know that."

"Hold your horses," Nick sighs as he sees Jesse and Evelyn in the line getting food. "We'll play just as soon as our friends get here." Jesse and Evelyn walk over to where the two have been waiting for them to arrive. "Now we can get playing." No sooner that they all sat down to play, screams from the cafeteria get their attention as several students came running from the cafeteria in fear. Three wolves had found their way into the kitchen and into the main eating area scaring everyone in there. The wizards that were in the cafeteria began to stand their ground.

"Wonder what's going on over there?" Evelyn asked as they all walked through the fleeing people to get a good look. Inside the cafeteria several low-level wizards are trying to fend off a pack of four Kessig Wolves that apparently came from nowhere. "Those guys look like they could use some help."

"Then let's give them a hand then." The group jumps into action immediately by summoning some simple 1/1 creatures to keep from making a bigger mess. Getting a closer look at the situation they were surprised to say the least.

"Get a look at that," Melanie calls out shocked at what she was seeing. The creatures seem to literally crawl out of several of the wizards who were sitting to their lunch. "I've never seen anything like that before."

"I haven't either," Nick responded looking with disbelief. "First we stop the wolves then we get them some help.

"Right," the others agreed and sent their creatures into action. Melanie casts Giant Growth on her 1/1 Basking Rootwalla and its ability to take down one of the wolves. Nick and Jesse made short work of theirs also. Evelyn went to investigate the wizards themselves.

"Something's way wrong with this whole thing," she mutters to herself as she examines the affected wizards. "They aren't doing the summoning but their auras are bringing them forth." Looking back at the others, Jesse was focusing his mana into another card but was having a hard time of it as he couldn't focus. Several more wolves came from the wizards and as they came forth, the affected wizards fell to the floor of the cafeteria in a comatose state.

"These things won't stay down," Nick grunts in frustration picking himself up after getting knocked down by another wolf after it appeared. "Where are they coming from?"

"The auras of the affected wizards," Evelyn responded. "It's hard to know for sure what's causing it to . . ." the bell rings ending the first lunch period and according to the Carson Central High student handbook, the administration takes over dealing with the current situation. They had become adept with dealing with Magic situations like these through training set up by the council.

"Stand down everyone," their principal announced stepping into the cafeteria. "We can handle it from here so all of you get to class." Not wanting to get into trouble, they all do as he says and after getting their things head towards their various classes. The principal, his staff along with the guards do what they can for the next fifteen minutes to no avail. Several guards suffered injuries and the attacks ended up spilling into the second lunch period. As students came out to get into the lines, some of them stood there watching as the wolves had their way with the principal and the security guards. Some even stepped in to help and defeated two of the remaining three wolves. Willie and Kali, who had just walked out from their world history class, walked through the crowd onto the situation.

"What the hell is going on here?" Willie notices as the wolves sniff out that he and Kali were there and came right after them. "Those things look like they're out for blood." One of the wolves launch for him but he swatted him away causing it to disappear. He runs up to the principal to check on how he's doing. "Principal Maclin, are you ok?"

"I'll live," he responds pointing to the guards who look hurt. He suffered a bite mark on his left shoulder and lower leg. "Just put a stop to all of this."

"We intend to." Willie notices Alicia walking through the crowd and signals her over. "Take care of our principal and the other wounded. I'm going to find out what's going on and put a stop to it." She nods as he runs into the cafeteria and sees the problem first hand. The ones affected had their auras out to full against their will with wolves being created every few minutes. "So that's it. Feels like their auras were infected with something. My aura seal should end this immediately. Let me see." He flares his blue aura and focuses it into his hands as streams of blue mana comes from his hands and hits the affected wizards getting their auras under control and causing the wolves to disappear. "That should do it." Kali runs inside along with Alicia as Willie checks out the wizards.

"How are they?" Alicia asks as she kneels down next to him as they check the four that were affected. "They are in bad shape and I can't heal them all."

"We'll make sure they're taken care of. Right now we need to get them to the research facility so we can figure out what happened."

"I can do that," Kali responds as she steps up and flares up her white aura. Holding her hand out to each of the unconscious wizards and with her newfound powers, teleports them to the facility. "There, they should all be there when you get there after school."

"Thanks now let's eat before this period gets away from us." The three proceed to lunch and on with the rest of their day.

That afternoon the group went their own ways like they always did after school. Melanie was with her band working on their latest song to be revealed in a few weeks. Nick had managed to get an after-school job at Trailview Mall in one of the clothing stores. Jesse and Kali chilled at home and Willie, Evelyn and Alicia were at the research facility examining what happened to the wizards that caused the wolf attack at lunch.

"Their aura structures are totaled," Alicia observes looking at the charts on the four students from earlier in the day. "Whatever did this had some serious power."

"That's the odd thing," Willie looked at the students in the chambers with concern on his face. "I didn't pick up any other auras. It was almost as if they were under some influence that didn't come to pass until lunch. They had no idea what's happened to them."

"Neither do we based on what we're learning from their charts," Evelyn mentions looking over their vitals. "It seems they underwent an unexplained power spike the day before or something like that."

"Any explanation for that," Willie asked wondering what she meant. "That power spike had to have come from somewhere."

"Hard to say for sure what caused it. I'll look into it later on. I've got chores to do."

"Yeah, same here," both Willie and Alicia respond as they set the chambers to auto-heal and head on out for the rest of the day and into the night.

Jesse was having a hard time flaring and focusing his aura after what happened at school earlier in the day. Meditating in his backyard as the sun sets over the horizon he tries to focus his mana again to no avail and is becoming concerned.

"I can't seem to power up for some reason," he pondered as he tried again until his mother Madison called to him saying that dinner was ready so he went in for the night. "What's the deal with my power?" Other wizards around the city were having the same issues as Jesse was and then some. Most red mana wizards couldn't flare up their auras and other issues began to develop as the night progressed.

Kali was over at Willie's working on a history project they have to do together and she was also getting some practice in for her Spanish class. His parents had turned in early for the night allowing them to work together in peace. His younger brother Max was lying in the living room with them watching a cartoon show.

"You guys find out what happened to our classmates at school today?" she asks him as they put together the last of their presentation on ancient country Valerista.

"We don't know any more now than we did then and it wasn't much," he responded as he worked on the power-point part of their presentation. "We're still checking it out but who knows when we'll have an answer."

"Elena told me over the weekend that the mana grid has been a bit strange lately. Think that might have something to do with it?"

"Who knows what caused that attack today. Now that she mentions it, about three nights ago I got a significant power boost. That in itself is unexplained. That means the grid's producing blue mana at a higher rate than there should be."

"Why exactly is that? There shouldn't be anything that can . . ." She is interrupted by the living room window blowing out and three creatures crashing their way inside startling the three inside. Willie signals his brother to hide while he and Kali deal with the immediate threat. "Those look like the same wolves that attacked at school earlier . . . only nastier if that's possible."

"Wait a sec," he notices as two of the three wolves stand upright as if almost human. His eyes go wide when he realizes what they really are. "They're werewolves. This is an interesting development."

"We don't even have our cards with us. How are we going to deal with them?"

"Well, let's put those martial arts and taekwondo classes we took during the summer to some use." She nods as the wolves attack and they go hand-to-hand combat style. As the lead werewolf lunged at them, Kali gave it a swift kick to the chest sending it back. Willie then came with a roundhouse kick to another wolf and in one swift motion, grabbed the arm of the one he kicked and swung him into the one that Kali knocked down seconds prior sending them both flying outside. The third wolf finally made his move and attacked Kali who flared up her white mana and with an assist from Willie, dropkicked it causing it to stumble right out of the house. The two caught their breath after a magic free battle.

"So much for a quiet evening," Kali mentions to him completely out of breath from the altercation. "Wonder what that was about?"

"Let's find out then," he responds as he looks out the broken window at the werewolves that attacked. The wolves had been defeated but two of them changed back into completely nude humans of one boy and girl. The third one had managed to escape. "When they wake up, they'll have no idea what happened tonight. If I'm right, those are the town's outcasts that hang out down by the docks. Still doesn't add up to what's going on around here." They step outside to further examine the bodies when Kali notices the bright glow of the moon. Looking up, she notices the moon with a blue tint.

"Why does the moon look like its blue?" she asks getting his attention causing him to look up. The moon is full on this night but it has a blue tint to it and it appears to be emitting a dark blue aura.

"Now that's something you don't see every day," he sighs knowing what it means before looking back down.

"You don't think that has something to do with the werewolf attack or am I just guessing?"

"No guesses here. That moon is actually the answer to everything that's happened today. I guess the legends I heard about as a young child are actually true."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'll explain everything tomorrow morning before we split to our respective classes. Just warn your sister to take it easy with her powers. If this is what I know it is, then she and Jesse are going to struggle big time over the next few months."

"That doesn't sound reassuring. You're saying that attacks like these are going to keep going?"

"Not just keep going my little rose, but get worse with each day. Well, let's repair this window and get back to what we were doing. It's late enough already and we do need to sleep." The two lovers use their auras to repair the window and get back to their project until close to 11:00 p.m. when Kali headed home to sleep.

During the night, Melanie is tossing and turning in her bed as a dream envelops her forcing her mana aura to flare up. Her dream takes her to an earthen castle and inside it is a very cocky and arrogant female Crossway Vampire by the name of Lila. Harboring the same green mana structure as Melanie, she approaches her in this dreamscape.

"There's no use fighting," Lila speaks with a stern tone in her voice as she walks to the bewildered Melanie who's been stripped of her ability to defend herself in this environment. "You are now under my control. You will do whatever I ask with no questions or else."

"There's no way I'll do anything for you or anyone associated with you," Melanie sternly responds backing away from the menacing vampire as she creeps ever closer. "So you can go and bug someone else and get out of my head."

"That's not happening. You're mine and the thing is your sister and her friends will pay the price if you don't obey," she lied. "Now come to me." Melanie is helpless as she is drawn to Lila who forces her life essence into her and in doing so, Lila somehow enchants her new host with Curse of Oblivion. "Now you work for me and the beauty of it is that your sister and teammates will know nothing. Your mission is to seek out the rest of my fellow vampires and the one we call master."

"Yes mistress." The dream ends and Melanie calms down to a sound sleep with her aura being controlled by the crazy vampire. Her aura dies down and awakes in shock of the dream she just had. Dripping in sweat from the apparent nightmare, she looks out and notices the same blue moon that her sister and Willie saw earlier in the night. "What's the deal with the moon?" she thought as she wiped herself down and went back to sleep not giving it another thought.

On the southern edge of Kaborn City, the woods give way to a clearing and there stood a three story mansion. The whole area was cloaked to keep suspicious people from finding it. Inside the mansion the d├ęcor was medieval themed with the occasion object from modern times. In the basement was a very advanced computer system with machinery for creating various cards. Into the room walks Silas with one of the werewolves that observed the attack at the high school in Varayan earlier that afternoon.

"You're report was somewhat impressive," Silas motions the creature towards the monitor as it changes back into a young female wizard who seems to be completely aware of what's going on. "It seems that my former apprentice and his fellow sorcerers are stronger than we anticipated."

"There's more to the story," the young lady, whose name was Jasmine, told him changing the screen. "Apparently we've entered into a cycle involving a blue moon and its wreaking havoc on all current operations. Several rogue wolves were inexplicably cut loose on that school and it wasn't our doing."

"That is a problem. In the past, the blue moon signals that the mana grid is overloaded with blue mana. My guess is that my former inter-dimensional friends might be making their move with the power grid out of balance. For now we observe and wait. Don't want to take any chances with the blue moon right now. Sooner or later, I'll have to face every member of my old group including the blue sorcerer in Varayan."