Wizard Chronicles 2: Aura of the Blue Moon

Chapter 15: Gift of the Mystics

The heart of downtown Varayan remains still as night with the exception of the sounds of emergency vehicles echoing through the neighborhoods in the early dawn. Just past the abandoned district stands Red Circle Medical Center, the largest of the city's three hospitals. The nurses and doctors have been going double overtime since the Carson Central attack dealing with all range of injuries. Sitting in one of the seven waiting rooms, the Danielson family sits around with eager anticipation awaiting news about Melanie.

"I wish they would just say something already," Marina paces around the room stopping at a window to view the scenery. "All this waiting around is killing me."

"Keep that up and you'll wear out the carpet," Kali enters the room with coffee for her parents as they continue waiting for more news on their daughter. Marina takes one of the cups and sits next to her husband. "No news since last night?"

"Not a single word," Clarence sighs looking out the window behind his seat. "We were told last night that she might not make it to this morning but that's the last we heard from the doctor tending to her."

"So how did Willie react to the news about what happened at school on Thursday?" Marina asks seeing her daughter taking a seat across from them.

"He wasn't happy to say the least," Kali remembers what she was told about what her boyfriend learned the other day. "Unfortunately that's not what's troubling. He also said . . ." The doctor approaches the family getting their attention.

"Sorry to interrupt," the doctor somberly speaks to the three individuals. "Melanie has made it through the night but it's still touch and go right now. The poison in her system has put her in a comatose state and we can't get it out of her system."

"Can you save her?" Marina jumps up pleading with the doctor.

"We'll do what we can but it's really up to her. Now if you'll excuse me," he walks off to see his other patients leaving a distraught Marina.

Shoppers pour into Trailview Mall despite the mist to check out the latest sales. Coming out of one of the food stores, Willie finds an empty table to sit and enjoy his lunch before finishing the last set of errands his parents sent him out on.

"Just one more stop and I'm done for the day," he scans his communicator's news feed looking for anything interesting.

This is Varayan Headline News with the midday report. I'm Amy Malvestan. Our top story at this midday hour continues to be the aftermath of the attack on Carson Central High School. Earlier this morning authorities arrested seventeen-year-old Natalia Ducharme at her home without incident for her role in the attack. She and another female, Amanda McClain, sister of convicted felon Misty McClain, are being held at the Varayan City Jail awaiting their first court appearance. Federal officials are getting involved but both girls have lawyers and they refuse to talk.

"Right now we're trying to find out who their leader is and where that individual is hiding," Officer James Landers stands before the camera responding to a question. "Unfortunately both ladies have no intention of talking."

Our sources have found that the attack and this mist befalling the country are related. No one knows for sure and the council is not talking to any press members but issued a statement late last night:

"We are monitoring the current situation and will act when the time is appropriate. We will speak no further until everything has been cleared up."

We will take a short break and return with the weather.

"Well that's just great," Willie turns off his communicator and takes a bit of the chili-cheese dog he purchased. "Looks like an opportunity just presented itself." Olivia sits across from him unaware of her presence.

"Good thing that Natalia got arrested," Olivia gets his attention snapping him out of his train of thought.

"Oh, hey Olivia," Willie shakes the cobwebs out of his head. "That is good news though. Going over to the jail in a bit after I take care of some business for my mom. We've got to find Silas before that jackass does something stupid. Why aren't you on one of your photo shoots?"

"No one dares to work outside for fear of monster attacks. Everyone's so freaked out that most outside jobs have been suspended until further notice. I'm surprised that Kali's not with you right now."

"She's still worried about her sister so she's with her family at Red Circle. Since you look as bored as I do, want to roll with me and gather some intel like the old days? I'm heading to the jail to confront Amanda and Natalia to find out where our old boss has hidden himself."

"I'm in. Thanks to this mist, I have nothing to do today. This will be fun. Too bad Lila's sick otherwise she'd be here too."

"Let's get of here then," the two walk out of the mall. Willie's cell phone rings to the set ringtone of T.I. and Justin Timberlake's song "Dead and Gone" getting his attention. Seeing an unfamiliar number, he presses the answer key and a look comes across his face. "Hello."

"Thank goodness I am able to reach you," the low voice responds in a familiar tone. Willie goes wide-eyed.


Outside of Rovenia, streams of white energy burst through the cracks in the ground. Several creatures touch down on the ground and rush off in various directions. Walking up, Silas looks down as a dark silhouette reveals itself in the brightness of the white energy.

"Nice to see things are progressing nicely," Silas observes the behavior of the ether. "We've blinded the council and there's no sign that my former right hand man knows what's going on."

"Don't be so sure about that," Jalen warns him through the whistling of more energy escaping the ether and into the mist. "I can sense that fool has already figured us out and is trying to stop us."

"I'll find and kill him before he has the chance."

"Don't be so hasty. We have to wait until I'm out of this prison. The peak of the blue moon will be here and then we can take him down together."

"Fine, we'll wait but I don't like it." He walks off avoiding the police patrols.

The yards of the Aceleon Correctional Facility come alive as inmates walk out of their cells for their three hours of daylight exercise to do what they wish. Most choose to head outside awaiting visitors as visiting hours ran through this period. Many of the female inmates wait inside in the common rooms. Alone at a corner table, Misty looks toward the door eagerly waiting for her guest. A loud buzzer signals the opening of the doors to the room. The whole room turns and watches as the two individuals take seats across from the convicted killer.

"Okay Misty," Willie observes the room seeing the inmates ogle Olivia. "You got me out here so what's so important that you had to see me in person?"

"I wanted to talk to you about my sister," she starts out leaning in close to the two. "But I bet you can already sense the real reason I called you out here." Willie goes wide-eyed feeling the mysterious energy signature.

"You've become a mystic," he whispers keeping his voice down. "I didn't think they existed on this planet anymore."

"You're sure about that?" Olivia leans in so no one around the room would hear their conversation. "I do remember Silas telling us about them years ago. They don't exist anymore."

"It's obvious they now do," Misty sits back and explains to the duo. "Several days ago I was visited in my dreams by the spirit of the first mystic to ever walk this planet."

"Ramia," Olivia recalls the original story of the mystics. "According to the legends she is the first being to set foot on this continent."

"True. She and the other mystics were wiped out ten years ago when a madman named Jalen Watson absorbed the ether's white energy and drained them of their power before killing them all."

"I wasn't aware of this when I crossed paths with the guy," Willie leans back folding his arms stewing over what has been said. "Jalen always had this unquenchable thirst for power."

"Ramia told me what you and Silas did to prevent him from running wild. Also, she wants me to pass along the fact that the other mystic souls are scattered around back home."

"I haven't picked up anything around town since last week's brouhaha. Plus this mist has my powers completely on edge."

"You'll need them if you're to stop Jalen. Besides, one of six other mystics is my sister."

"That's why you brought me here. You want to make sure that your sister never loses her powers right?"

"You read me like a book. My sister's soul is also the soul of Ramia's sister Artemis. Your crystal will guide you . . ." a guard appears at the door to the common room.

"All right everyone," the guard announces through a bullhorn getting everyone's attention. "Visiting hour is now over so say your goodbyes." People get up and start filing out of the building. Willie and Olivia rise from their chairs and begin to head out.

"One last thing," Misty calls out to them. "Don't let Silas find out what you're up to." Walking outside of the property, the duo heads towards Willie's car to return to town.

"That was completely unexpected," Olivia admitted leaning on his 2003 Acura RSX Type-S. "The blue moon's peak is in three days and now we have to track down beings that aren't supposed to exist?"

"I know right," Willie admits unlocking the door to his car. "I don't know if what Misty told us is even true but we will look into it. If Silas taught us anything, it's how to get things done in a short amount of time." Looking at his car window, he notices his crystal pulsing erratically and cracks a smile. "Isn't that right Silas?" The muscular man appears behind him with a smile on his face. Olivia jumps back seeing him for the first time in four years.

"You always know when I come around," Silas cackles seeing Willie turn around stare him down. "What? You two aren't happy to see me?"

"What are you doing here Silas?" Olivia walks around joining the confrontation. "The last time we were together wasn't good."

"I can't see two of the best servants I've ever known? Besides, the offer still stands to rejoin me and become the most dominant team this country has ever known."

"Stop spewing that bullshit," Willie snaps back causing Silas to drop his smile and scowl. "We both know you didn't just happen to show up here as we were leaving so why are you here?"

"I'm going to convince that stubborn woman to rejoin the cause before . . ."

"Not going to happen," Olivia smiles laying her arm over Willie's shoulder. "That chick is now under the protection of the mystics." Silas's eyes open wider stopping him mid statement.

"Yeah, should've seen my face when she told us," Willie adds smiling at his former boss. "By the way, I know all about Jalen and the fact that you're trying to free him from the ether."

"So what if I am? There's no way you're stopping me from freeing him. Once we're reunited, this country will be ours for the taking."

"There you go talking out of your ass again. If you free Jalen, he will doom us all. You may want your partner back, but there will be no stopping him this time."

"As long as I get what I want, I don't give a rat's ass what happens to the rest of this pathetic patch of dirt. What are you going to do about it?"

"For one thing get my convergence device back. I can't let you bring that nightmare back into this country."

"This stunt of yours is going to get all of us killed," Olivia warns their former boss. "Once he wipes us out, what's going to stop him from consuming your power?"

"Not going to be a problem," Silas snarls at them fading out. "By the way, he also told me about your newfound powers and that . . ."

"I'm a level one mana master," Willie finishes his sentence cracking a smile. "I already know." Silas fades out in front of the duo staring intently at the entrails of his energy. "At least that wasn't awkward in any strange way, was it?"

"Completely," Olivia responds walking to get into his car.

"Good, I'm not the only one who feels that way. Let's get out of here."

Activity at Red Circle picks up as doctors scramble to handle a sudden inflow of patients from the latest round of random attacks. The waiting rooms fill up with concerned families worried about those that are injured. Rushing into the waiting room, Crystal rushes to the desk hoping for guidance.

"Did a girl come in here by the name of Sakita Harrelson?" Crystal frantically asks the lady at the desk who searches the database.

"Yes," the lady turns from the screen and looks at the concerned teen, "she came in a short time ago and is in surgery right now. You family?"

"I'm her sister! We got into a scrap with some goblins and it didn't go well."

"I could've guessed that you were wizards. Anyway, you'll have to wait in the waiting room and a doctor will be with you shortly." Dejectedly, Crystal nods walking to the waiting room dialing a number on her cell phone.

"Mom," Crystal fights back the tears hearing her mother's voice. Walking out of the restroom, Kali rejoins her family as a doctor walks up to them.

"I'm happy to say that Melanie has come out of her coma and is in fair condition," the doctor smiles seeing Marina's and Clarence's face light up. "You can go in and see her but only for a few minutes."

"What about the poison you spoke of?" Kali asks wondering what's going on with her sister.

"The poison's effects are still there but shouldn't affect her motor functions. We did analyze the poison but we're still not sure what it is."

"Can you get me a copy of that report? Maybe my boyfriend will make some sense of it. He heads the aura research facility."

"Sure. I'll take you to the room where Melanie has been placed." Everyone walks toward the elevator and rides it up to the floor where her room is.

In the heart of the city and outside of the police station lies a building five stories up. Bars line the windows of the building to keep criminals up. The Varayan City Jail is among the most secure buildings in the city next to city hall. Inside, security cameras keep an eye on everyone who comes and goes along with those who are being held in the vast number of cells. Guards guide Amanda and Natalia inside one of the many interrogation rooms before leaving and locking the door behind them.

"Wonder who wants to try and talk to us now?" Natalia whispers to her friend noticing the door open and in walks Willie and Olivia. "Wonder if you two are still steaming from what we did to the school?"

"As much as I want to wring your neck about what happened," Olivia leans across the table at the pair, "we're here for other reasons."

"You boneheads have really made it hard for us right now," Willie sits across from them seeing Olivia do the same. "Thanks to that attack, the city's even more vulnerable to more of these random attacks."

"And there's nothing you can do about it," Amanda leans back in her chair satisfied with their work. "When Silas comes and gets us out of here . . ."

"Aren't you two dumber than you look," Olivia smirks giving a stare to Willie who nods in affirmation. "He's not coming for you. He doesn't care about you or your team."

"He did the same thing to the two of us," Willie adds in. "When we got locked up, he never came for us so what makes you think he'll come for you?"

"We have faith that he will . . ."

"Don't bother with any excuses for that loser," Olivia changes the subject. "In less than three days the world as we know it will tear at the seams. We need to know where that jackass has set up shop so we can stop a nightmare from happening."

"You're not getting a damn thing out of us," Natalia pouts turning to her side facing the wall. "So you can forget going after him."

"Figured your stubborn ass would go this route," Willie gets up and walks over to the young lady putting his hand on her forehead. "Since you won't cooperate, you won't need your powers anymore." The crystal glows brightly as it absorbs the lady's mana aura leaving her powerless.

"How about you?" Olivia asks Amanda looking on with a blank look of fear. "Care to tell us where Silas is or he'll do the same thing to you."

"Hold on a second," Willie sits back down across from Amanda. "Fortunately, your sister put in a word for you so you're safe in a way. But I do need for you to stare into my crystal for a few seconds. We need to be sure about something." Amanda stares intensely at the crystal as it begins to glow. Her eyes immediately go from brown to a deep sky blue. Her aura changes as a figure takes over her being.

"My name is Artemis," the spirit speaks with a soft voice. "I'm the mystic of the oceans and guide to all those with blue auras." Artemis senses the power of the two wizards. "I sense that I'm in the presence of a young mana master."

"Believe me Artemis the pleasure's all ours," Willie and Olivia bow to the powerful mystic. "We were informed that your sister Ramia has surfaced so we had to verify."

"I know that my sister has taken refuge in the sister of the one my soul now inhabits. Now on to business: I know of the threat looming over the country in the coming days. My sister and I have convened in the astral plane and have awakened once more to end the one called Jalen once and for all."

"That's great and all but time's growing rather short," Olivia admits to Artemis growing concerned. "The peak of the blue moon is at 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night."

"Then we must hurry," Artemis holds out her hand and all see a swirl of blue and white mana convene and take the shape of a dozen battery-like structures. "These will give you the energy and protection necessary to enter the ether's chasm and do battle with the troublesome duo without the ether ripping your insides out. Just consume them before the peak of the blue moon."

"That's good but what about a plan to deal with the ether itself?"

"Leave that to me," Willie smiles looking at the structures. "Thanks to these I now have a plan but first things first: I have to get my convergence device back."

"We still don't know where Silas has set up his operation."

"I believe this vessel can speak to that," Artemis affirms as her aura begins to fade out. "Don't let the gift fall into the wrong hands." Her aura fades out and Amanda regains control of her body unaware of what has happened.

"What just happened?" Amanda looks around the room getting her bearings.

"You were about to tell us where Silas has set up shop," Willie leans forward awaiting an answer.

"Oh. He has a place that's just inside Kaborn City and it's cloaked." Willie smacks his forehead and Olivia shakes her head.

"Thanks for that," the pair gets up to walk on out. "By the way, you should thank your sister for the fact that you keep your powers. Now if you'll excuse, we have to save the country." The door opens and as they walk out allowing two guards to walk in and return the ladies to their cells.

The hospital rooms at Red Circle are among the most spacious in all of Aceleon. All of the rooms are made for one and sometimes two people. Each room is stocked with the usual materials that all hospitals have. On the fifth floor of Red Circle Medical Center, the Danielsons enter the room where Melanie has been moved to.

"Hey baby," Marina sits in a chair next to her youngest daughter. "We've been worried sick."

"I know mom," Melanie staggers out trying to sit up. "I'm a wizard and this is the life that Kali and I live with the rest of our team."

"I already said that all of us at Carson Central owe you our lives for tripping the alarms," Kali admitted looking out the window. "This mist is really making things hard to do anything out there."

"The mist doesn't seem all that bad," Clarence looks on over his daughter's shoulder.

"It's bad all right," Melanie reassures them reaching for a cup of water. "One thing though: I have no idea where those snakes that were in that hallway came from."

"Willie did say that random creatures have been emerging from this mist so maybe that'll explain the snakes. I forgot how he described it."

"That reminds me," Marina remembers from earlier in the day, "what did he say about what went down in the convention in Valenia?"

"He said that there's someone that's more powerful imprisoned inside of the ether that's responsible for the mist."

"Meaning things are about to get worse," Melanie sighs laying back on her bed. "My next guess is that we're going to have to fight this thing?"

"I don't know sis. From the way that Willie was talking last night, this threat is far more dangerous than Silas and that alone poses a problem. Plus, the peak of the blue moon is fast approaching."

"What does that mean for your team and all of us?" Marina asks her daughters staring at the television.

"We in for one long fight and losing is not an option. I know Willie and I'm more than sure he'll have some kind of plan to defeat Silas and whatever else is waiting for us. We lost a ton of lives the other day at school and now, we've got something worth fighting for. This battle is about more than restoring our school's honor. This has turned into a battle for the future of the entire country."

"And once I'm back on my feet I'm going to bash some heads in," Melanie holds up her right fist as her sister does the same with a fist bump.

"One thing has become clear: Silas has no idea the monster he has awakened," Kali states to her family unaware of the door opening and Willie and Olivia enter the room in the middle of the speech. "I stand in this hospital room bearing witness to the chaos that has ensued in this city in the last few days." More people begin to gather around the room. "I'm saying that this upcoming battle is for everyone who's lost someone in the last few days. Mom and dad, I swear this to you and I'm going to swear this to our team when we meet up: As long as Team Hydroflame is still able to fight, all of us will make sure that no one else fall victim to this mist or that homicidal maniac. From this point forward, let my words serve as a warning to anyone crazy or stupid enough to get in our way: any person or thing that brings any kind of harm to anyone associated with Team Hydroflame and that includes Alexis and her team or our families, will not live to see the light of another day. We are going to protect everyone and that is my word!" Applause rang out from the door getting everyone's attention.

"I couldn't have said it better myself," Willie smiles giving Kali a hug for the speech. "I came to check on Melanie but heard you give that speech."

"I don't know why I didn't think to record it," Clarence smacks his forehead. "I bet the country would've loved to hear what was just said."

"They can," Olivia holds up her communicator. "Good thing I recorded the whole thing and just posted it to YouTube. The entire country will now hear this rallying cry."

"That's my partner for ya," the girls embrace to the cheers of those who are still hanging around the room. "I can't wait to get back into battle and fulfill my promise to end this madness and bring peace back to Aceleon." The crowd disperses as the conversation continues into the early evening.