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As if I've never seen you before

There is

"Hi, Shu!" Jiro shouted and waved his younger- and smaller- friend happily. Shu waved cheerfully back; that was when Jiro realized that his other friend, Kluke, was missing. That was really bad- how could he gave them their frienship bracelets then?

"Hey, Shu, where's Kluke?" He asked with a whiffof concern in his voice.

"I don't know, she isn't here yet, I guess." His friend shrugged his shoulders carefree.

"Not?" Jiro was dissapointed; he had looked forwards to give his friends the presents.

"No, when I say no, I mean no, Jiro!" Shu laughed. "And- hey, there are her parents!" Standing next to the board which showed the countdown for the new year in shining letters, Kluke's parents were talking with the village elder.

But there wasn't any hint of Kluke.

And her parents seemed worried.

Jiro's heart dived; where was Kluke when she wasn't here?

"You see, Jiro? There are her parents, so she won't be far away, will she?" Shu of course was numb to the fact that her parents and even Copos seemed concerned.

Jiro ran forwards to the little group.

"Where's Kluke? Shouldn't she be here?" His voice sounded strained.

"I don't know where she is!" Her mother's voice sounded desperately. And her father added in a serious tone, "She was gone when we looked into her room half an hour ago, when we wanted to prepare ourselves for the festival."

"Jiro, you are her best friend, have you no idea where she might has gone?" Jiro glowed with proud; he was not just one of her best friends, he was her best friend. But at the thought of Shu he felt a little bit ashamed, too.

Neverthless, Jiro promissed, "I will find her." Suddenly an idea where she might be had crossed his mind.

And he was pretty sure that he would find her there.


A few minutes later, while Jiro was walking across a way which leaded into the mountains surrounding Talta, he was- even if he would have never admit this- scared. After all, who could know what kind of monsters might have hid in the shadows and if the trees whispers wasn't quite talks about how he could taste best. At this thought, horror creeped over him; he actually wished he would have taken Shu with him. Shu wouldn't be scared now. He was always courageous and brave- both qualities for which Jiro admired as well as envied him.

He twinched when he heard a wolf howled somewhere and tried to swallowed his fear; something with what he hopeless failed. Why hadn't he thought of this earlier? Usually he thought before acting, he always thought of the dangers which could expect him. So why not today? The answer was shameful easy: When Kluke's mother had said he as Kluke's best friend might know where she was, he had felt as if he had to prove that he- the closest to Kluke- would be able to find her, to save her. His whole face turned red when he thought about it now; it seemed cildish and ridicolous and what would happen if he wouldn't find her? He would be too ashamed to look into her eyes ever again. Or into someone else' eyes.

He would have to leave the country.

That was when he saw her. She sat on a rock and looked up to the moon, which' bright light let the snow sparkle like millions of diamonds. Kluke smiled softly.

Jiro got alternated cold and hot. His friend looked like an angel sitting there, almost too fragile for this rough world, as if a breath of windcould overturn her.

She looked beautifu,l so beautiful that it almost hurted.

He made another step towards her, expecting that she would turn around when she would hear him.

A loud bang made Jiro twinche so hefty that he nearly had made aquaintance to the ground. Another loud bang. Again a bang. Jiro blocked his ears and screwed his eyes up.

Even with his ears blocked he could hear it. He opened his eyes shocked again.

And the sky was bursting with every color of the rainbow. It was awesome, and Jiro nearly facepalmed when he realized that the loud bangs came from the firework which had just started. 'Happy new year, Jiro.' He thought sarcastically.

Kluke had jumped up from the rock and beamed at the sky. Beaming so happy she was even more beautiful. He had known her his whole life and he never had thought of her this way; it was almost as if he had never seen her before.

... What was happening with him? !

Then, as aprupt as the firework had started, it stopped. Kluke closed her eyes, probably thinking of things she could do better this year, a soft smile on her lips.

Jiro swallowed and went towards her, saying "Happy new year, Kluke." His face heated up when she opened her eyes wide with shock. But when she recognized him, she smiled again.

"The firework is beautiful, isn't it? I don't think there is something more beautiful in the world, is there?" She laughed boisterously.

Jiro gulped and starred at her. Kluke strokedher hair nervously and smiled uncomfortable. With the biggest effort, he managed it to look away.

"There is something more beautiful- or-" He stopped, Kluke looked at him embarassed and shocked. He could't help it but whispered, "You." They both flushed and looked away.

Kluke looked as if she felt uneasy. "I- thank you..." She smiled shyly at him and after a few more seconds she added, "Let's go back, Jiro." And she took Jiro's hand in her's.

While the were walking back, Jiro's mind was dominated by only one thought.

'I will do everything, everything, to make you happy,Kluke. Forever.'


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