Title: Good Morning, Sunshine.

Author: nostalgia

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters any more than anyone else owns the copyright on something made by a TV channel that they fund through direct non-income-based taxation… :P The words are mine though – I invented the English language, oh yes.

Summary: Fitz picks the wrong girl.

Notes: Written in an IT classroom when I should have been doing something productive. Exactly 100 words – I HAVE SUCCEEDED AT LAST! Yay!

Feedback/Archive: Whatever sinks your battleship, babe.

- - - - -

Fitz woke up.

Fitz wished he hadn't.

His head existed in a state that he could only describe - inelegantly yet precisely - as 'sore'.

Fitz opened his eyes.

The woman next to him stirred slightly in her sleep. Fitz felt his stomach turn itself inside out. He wondered if he could get far enough away before she woke up. He glanced at the door.

The woman moved again.

Fitz tried not to breathe.

She was awake.


"Fitz." she managed, a little hoarsely. Her hands pulled the sheet up to cover her breasts.

Fitz swallowed. Breathed in. Spoke: