A/N- So I have always wanted to do something like this, Damon isn't the best at expressing his feelings and I wanted to write something where his cold and arrogant attitude would come in the way of him being happy... and of course with Caroline! duh! Ok now those who know me will say another love triangle? Seriously but this one isn't exactly like a triangle, just messed up situations... oh and I have paired Caroline with one of the most unusual guy, might be the 1st time on fanfiction... let me know what you all think and if I should continue... REVIEW tc...

Chapter 1

"You're a whore" she told herself as she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, she felt dirty, disgusted, despicable and tainted and so many more whorish adjectives. Her face was a mess, her life was a mess... her mascara was flowing down her face from all her crying, her hair was disheveled and standing up in all the places where he had tugged on it, her lips were red and sore from traveling all across his body, her cheeks rosy from the thrill and then consequent embarrassment, she smelt like him, like sex... she smelt like what she felt... a slut

"You're a whore Caroline Forbes" she repeated staring at the pathetic image in front of her, she was hiding... hiding from him, from herself and from everything she had done. She had to leave sometime, he would be waiting for her to come out, but she wasn't ready to leave, but she couldn't let him come in here looking for her... it was such a small room she could easily lose control again and let him have her for umpteenth time that day... no she had to face the music soon enough and then her phone started to ring

Damon calling

She winced reading the id and the tears came streaming down again, thank god she had taken her cell with her or he might have picked it up... answered Damon's call, but she deserved to be found out like this... she deserved it. She pressed ignore and stood up and started to walk out the bathroom door when her cell beeped again. She sighed, she didn't want to ignore his call again, but thankfully it was a message and from Damon... great

Where are you? I haven't seen you in 4 days. Are you okay Barbie. Call me back. D

Where was she, she was in a swanky hotel room... something De la Mar, she had no clue what that meant and she didn't care. She was not okay and she never would be, not after what she had been doing for a whole month... and she would not be calling him back, she would not be a coward and tell him what she did on his face. Slowly she opened the door and stepped out careful to not glance towards the bed, where she knew he was lounging if she got a look at his body again she didn't think she could stop herself from jumping him. How did I not notice how hot he is for so long? She thought

She breathed deeply and evenly as she searched for her clothes, knowing full well he was watching her... he had told her once he loved watching her get ready, like she was some entertaining programme. She found her panties on the chair and put them on, weary of dressing in front of him, even though she had happily undressed some time back. She had promised herself that this would not happen again, she just wanted to get away from everything and feel just a little happy for even a few hours, that included getting drunk not getting fucked. Who are you kidding? She thought you knew this would happen, you knew you have no control on his pull. She had known very well what was going to happen in this little trip, yet she came in every way possible... she just needed to numb out and he was the perfect drug. She found her jeans and was about to put them on below his T-shirt that she was wearing

"I think I prefer my shirt on you" he said and she could tell he was smiling "Much better view"

She turned to look at him and saw him smiling, he was propped up on his elbows his chest gleaming in the dim light, his light brown hair shining and she wanted to run her fingers through them again "I'm sorry" she said meekly working madly to control her tears

"Why are you sorry Caroline? I'm the one taking advantage of heartbroken girl, but I wouldn't do it if I didn't know that you wanted it too" he said getting off the bed and she looked away until she was sure he had put his shorts on

"I'm the one in a relationship" she said and he snorted

"That's what you call a relationship?" he mocked and her heart clenched in pain, he was right it wasn't a relationship

"But... but he's your... Damon is your best friend Ric" she said softly sitting on the edge of the bed, her clothes forgotten as the realization crept up on her... she hadn't just slept with some guy, she had slept with his best friend, the only way this could be worse was if she had slept with Stefan. Don't be silly she thought Damon would be happy you slept with Stefan, he would have Elena all to himself then

Ric knelt down in front of her taking her hands in his and she didn't even protest "He's not my best friend"



"Then what?"

"He's not my best friend. He's my only friend" Ric said

She teared up again "That's even worse... what have I done?"

"You haven't done anything... this is his fault. Your only fault is that you refuse to leave him"

"We... we are the ones to blame her, mostly me"

"Don't" he said taking her face into his hands "How can you think that, after he told you on your face that he was just with you for the heck of it and that he still loves Elena, who happens to still be his brother's girlfriend."

"He did say he cares about me"

"You deserve much more than Caroline" he said softly and she smiled, she loved hearing her name with such love and affection

"I'm a whore... I deserve nothing more"

"No you're not" he said kissing her closed eye lid and she felt that all too familiar shiver run down her spine "You were a faithful girlfriend until you realized you were just something he was using to pass his time"

She wanted it deny it, say he was wrong, that Damon really did care about her and one day maybe could even love her. But she knew it wasn't the truth, he didn't care enough to even pretend he cared about her, he told her he will always love Elena without a hint of guilt and sadness in his face. Damon didn't want her, didn't give a crap about her, and here was a man who did, in the moments she was with him she felt pure bliss only to be ruined by the guilt later one... could she be happy with Ric? But she had already given so much of her heart to Damon... so many times and he had broken it every single time

"You used to be my teacher" she giggled as his lips caressed her neck

"Ah... we never had a class together, and that was three years ago... an-and... well age is just a number" he mumbled slightly embarrassed at being 10 years older than her, though he was sure he didn't look it.

She understood his insecurity and kissed him to indicate that she didn't care about his age, he made her feel good that's all that mattered. He smiled against lips and pulled back and smiled, how he had gone from making her feel like a whore to a girl with butterflies in her stomach she would never understand

"So if you're done with your tantrum, we are in Madeira and we haven't been to the beach... that's just wrong" he said and she laughed it sounded like something she would say not him

"Ok... But I want to tell Damon, I don't want to feel guilty anymore"

"We will... and since you've decided to let the Damon thing go I think I'll take you out for a date today, what do you think Forbes?" he asked tilting his head

"I would love that" she replied and went to take a shower and get dressed, without feeling like a slut. She already felt better... though there was pain to come and she knew it but still in this moment Caroline was happier than she had been in weeks.

He sat back down on the bed listening to her sing in the shower, he hadn't noticed she did that before and he wondered if Damon even noticed things like this, he was his friend sure but Damon's love for Elena was ruining too many lives and he wasn't going to let Caroline be one of those people. He could hear his phone vibrating in his jean pocket so he went to retrieve it and sighed when he saw Damon's name on it. He should ignore it, just let it be, let Caroline decide how to tell him... but he knew Damon would be hard on her and Ric was itching to lay one into Damon

"Hello Damon" he said as he answered the phone

"Teach? I've been calling you for 3 days!"

"What do you want to talk about?" Ric asked as Caroline walked out the bathroom door, a towel wrapped around her and looked at him curiously

"I haven't seen you in a while"

Caroline winced realizing he was talking to Damon and sat down on the bed

"Yeah so" Ric said

"Do you know where Caroline is? She left 4 days back and now she won't pick up, she's being a drama queen again"

"Yeah I know where she is" Ric answered and Caroline saw his expression darken in anger

"You do? Where is she?"

"She's right here?"

"What do you mean?" Damon answered after a pause

"As in we both left Lisbon together, we're in Madeira" Ric said putting a finger on his lips asking Caroline to not talk, and her eyes widened in fear as she realized what he was going to do

"What are you two doing?"

"Well we just had sex, and now we're going to the beach and then on a date" Ric said calmly "Caroline is done with you Damon, you can find another filler and don't worry I'll take care of her... not that you will" Ric added before he disconnected the phone and looked at Caroline crying silently

"You ready to go to the beach" he asked her with a smile and after a while she returned it, a weight lifted off her shoulders. She wasn't a whore anymore, she was just a girl having fun. And yet there was a part of her that wished that maybe just maybe losing her would make Damon realize what she meant to him, if she did even mean anything to him, because Caroline knew she could make Damon if he would just let her.

Caroline Forbes was in love, again with a man she could never truly have. But this time she had a Ric, and she hoped and prayed that the saying something is better than nothing was true after all.