Chapter 5

Planet Kiram, one of Frieza's conquered planets, was in the fourth nebula. Several of Frieza's scientists from the planet Kiram were looking at computers and downloading data. They came upon four survivors from Frieza's explosion. Their names were Eddie, Sean, Patrick and Liam.

"Man, these Saiyans are really strong!" said one of the scientists. "Yeah, I'll say. Take a look at what they can do when they see the moon," replied another. They were commenting about the fact that four Saiyans were being held in a state of suspended animation in a tank, They were only wearing short pants, and their brown, furry, monkey tails were swishing around aimlessly in healing liquid. The four were also wearing masks over their faces. Suddenly, a soldier rushed into the room where the scientists were. "We have been ordered to terminate these things," he barked. Without a warning a sudden sound of glass breaking caught the men's attention. To their amazement stood Eddie, the oldest and only Saiyan with green eyes. He really looked mad at the soldier. Another crash followed then a third and a final crash exploded in the room. All of the brothers were free! Patrick, the second oldest, had blue eyes and was really powerful. Sean, next in line, also had blue eyes, was the most fearsome in battle. He was also very feisty. The youngest, Liam, at the time had sandy colored hair was known for his gift with technology. Eddie said, "Let's rock their World!" The others grinned at each other.

There is some technology that Saiyans used that you should know about. The Saiyans and other warrior races used a scouter. A scouter can determine the distance of a person and what their power level is. The scouter was placed on your right or left ear. This was helpful, even though the aliens could learn to sense another's power. Eddie and his brothers were well equipped for the battles that lie ahead of them.