Buttercup grimaced and clutched her nine-months-pregnant belly as the pain hit her. "Westley, I do believe it's time," she gasped.

Westley looked at her in surprise. "Really?"

"Really, my darling. Help me to bed, please."

"As you wish."

Buttercup lay in bed on her side, moaning. "God, Westley, it just hurts so bad. Can't you do anything to take the pain away?"

"As you wish." Westley moved to where he was right behind her and began to massage her back.

"That helps a little, but the pains are in the front as well," Buttercup groaned.

"See that picture on the wall?" Westley asked. "Just stare at that picture without thinking about anything else and take slow, deep breaths."

Buttercup did as he told her to, and although the pains didn't go away, she seemed to notice them less.

"The pains are getting worse, Westley," she said after awhile. "It's not helping anymore."

Westley heard the panic in her voice and thought quickly. "Imagine that you're milking a cow. Alternate squeezing with each hand." He gave her rags to hold in each hand so that her fingernails wouldn't dig into her palms.

"The baby's coming, now!" Buttercup cried after awhile.

"It's all right, my love." Westley did his best to calm her down. "When you feel the urge to bear down, just go with it." He supported her from behind, holding her upper body up so that gravity would help with her efforts. After awhile, Westley could see the top of the baby's head emerging from between Buttercup's legs.

"You're almost there," he encouraged her. "You're doing great, Buttercup. Just keep pushing."

Buttercup inhaled deeply and gave another tremendous push. This time, the baby's entire head emerged. With the next push came the shoulders, and then the baby's entire body slid out. Westley caught the baby and gently laid it on Buttercup's belly.

"My baby!" Buttercup cried, holding the tiny body close to her own.

Westley got some warm water to wash the baby with and a piece of string to cut the cord. Gently he turned the baby around and laid it on the bed beside its mother.

"It's a girl!" he said happily.

"I want to call her Waverly," said Buttercup.

"As you wish." Westley delivered the afterbirth and checked to make sure that it was all there. It seemed to be, so he cleaned all the blood off Buttercup and then watched happily as she nursed their new daughter.