"So, I think I might, kind of, possibly like you."

There was a dead silence after Roxas' little admittance – his very loud and almost panicky confession which he'd blurted out on a whim, while sitting at the breakfast table, right after Axel had slumped down in the chair opposite him, tired and scruffy, and the sexiest damn thing Roxas would see all day – at least till the end of his work shift; after which, he could come home and see more of.

Unable to stand the silence, and a little hyped up from his morning coffee, he blurted, "But like love-like not like-like. I mean I like-like you because… well that's not the point right now, but I kind of want to be with you… like date you be with you. I mean…" his voice trailing off unsurely at the continued silence.

I kind of thought you felt the same…?

Immediately his fingers clenched around his coffee cup in a nervous reflex.

Why did I do that? What the hell was that brain? Where is my brain to mouth filter – probably still in bed… oh god. Axel hasn't said anything yet… maybe I can slink off before he—-

"Come again?"

Roxas tensed and glanced up - because at some point he'd apparently looked away from the mass of redhead lying face down on the table – to find two piercing green eyes intent on his face. Axel's lips were drawn into a thin line and he had a delicate red eyebrow arched in disbelief.


And Roxas found that he could quite speak; he couldn't bring himself to repeat what he'd said. He just gaped a little at Axel, feeling his face burning in embarrassment from the tip of his nose all the way to the tops of his ears – or at least that's what it felt like.

I could probably make Axel breakfast on my face right now….

Speaking of!

"Uh- nothing! Just talking to myself really…" he pushed himself up from the table quickly, chair scraping harshly against the linoleum floor. "I'm hungry, are you hungry? I bet you are. I'll make us some breakfast!"

"C'mere Squirt."

Roxas froze halfway to the fridge when his flatmate called out to him, using one of his favourite nicknames for the little blond (One of the few nicknames which still managed to irk him.) The redhead's tone sounded mostly amused, though Roxas could detect a hint of resignation.

He spun on his heel slowly; sliding smoothly because of his socks; glancing at Axel sheepishly from under his fringe, "Uh, yeah?"

Axel was grinning at him and when their eyes met he crooked a finger, "C'mere."

Roxas automatically took a step closer before hesitating again, prompting Axel to repeat the beckoning gesture with a soft sigh and a bemused roll of his eyes.

The petite young man shuffled unsurely to stand before his friend, fingers trembling slightly which he wrapped in the bottom of his shirt – wait, no. This was one of Axel's…

He startled a little when long, warm arms wrapped around his waist, tugging him forward to stand between Axel's long nearly bare legs. The redhead pressed his face into Roxas' stomach, chuckles muffled against the shirt.

Roxas shivered and blushed when he felt the warm breath through the fabric. He petted at Axel's hair, unsure what to do with his hands. It was too awkward to just leave them hanging at his sides, or flailing about in the air like an idiot.

"You're an idiot."

He could hear the smile in the taller man's voice.

"Excuse me?" Roxas couldn't help his indignant tone, despite the affectionate way the redhead had said it.

"Babe, we share a bed, you steal my clothes, we cuddle even when it's not cold, just because we can. I've given you piggy backs when you're tired. You tended to me last winter when I was sick. Neither of us have had any sort of romantic or sexual relationships in the time we've been living together. You've been giving me doe eyes for the past two years – I was kind of under the impression we're together in an unofficial way."

Axel glanced up at Roxas, his pointy chin digging uncomfortably into the blonde's soft stomach. And Roxas blinked down at him, just close enough to count the freckles sprinkled across the bridge of his nose, and to see the flecks of gold in his eyes.

He felt the breath catch in his throat.

"I honestly thought you we're just uncomfortable with acknowledging it aloud. But I was cool with doing this however you wanted- still am."

"I- what? How long?" You don't mean to tell me…

"Since that one Christmas where you kissed me tasting like those girly drinks you oh so love. Since the next morning when you were curled up in my arms, and when you woke, barely hung over, you just whispered "morning" and cuddled closer. Since you've never seemed bothered nor have ever protested to any of the kisses I've pressed to your skin."

A thoughtful pause.

"Unless you thought this was just how I am around my friends? Though you've never seen nor ever will see me act like I do with you, with anyone else."

Axel was grinning up at him with sparkling, teasing eyes.

"My poor oblivious boyfriend, he didn't even know we were dating." He nuzzled his cheek against Roxas, "How on earth am I going to propose to you?"

Roxas slipped a little in shock at that, his knees going weak, but Axel held him steady with large hands grasping his hips and settled him back on his feet.

And once his boyfriend was steady he pushed his shirt up a little and began pressing soft, wet kisses against the younger man's stomach making his knees go weak for an entirely different reason.

"Poor little Roxy." He cooed between kisses. "Well, at least now you know you're mine."