A/N: So a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting and listening to music, as I often do when I am uninspired and not feeling anything I am writing. And the very first song to come up was Warrant's "I Saw Red", and a scenario to go along with the song struck my brain and as a cure for boredom, I set a challenge for myself. Put my playlist on shuffle, and for each song that comes up, progress from the one before to continue the story. And a majority of what came to be this story resulted from that challenge. Some scenes go along with the songs, others were just what was inspired as I listened to the songs, not necessarily correlating with them.

This first one, however, pretty much does. I have included the youtube link to the song in case you all don't know it, and hope you enjoy it. Most of the chapters are not very long, just quick little scenes inspired by the songs.

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And thank you to ericastwilight for all the encouragement to crank this out until it was complete. Happy birthday bb!

Then I saw red
When I opened up the door
I saw red
My heart just spilled onto the floor

"I Saw Red" ~ Warrant

Chapter 1 ~ I Saw Red

My life was bound to change, but I never would have guessed it would be in the way that it had. Everything had been going so well in my life in the last few years; I was in the middle of my surgical residency at the University of Washington Medical Center, I'd met my girlfriend of two years when we were both interns and had plans to take her home for Christmas, to officially introduce her to my family before popping the question. I already had the ring sitting at home in the back of my sock drawer, but I wanted everything to be perfect.

Kristie had entranced me from the moment I first saw her. She had long, flowing blond hair and crystal blue eyes that would draw you in and then render you speechless until you were stammering like a fool. With the sweetest face that radiated beauty and innocence, I was instantly hooked, even though it took me a year to work up the courage to even ask her out on our first date. But I knew, without a doubt, that I was in love with her before I even had the chance to kiss her. She was "it" for me.

After a year of dating, she moved into my apartment, and everything flowed like clockwork. I found myself waking up early every morning just to spend a few minutes of serenity with her over coffee before our hectic days began. She never failed to respond with a smile and a good morning kiss, even two years into our relationship. I couldn't help but feel blessed that I'd found such an amazing woman to share my life with.

Then one night, after a grueling twelve-hour surgery following a drunken car wreck at the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I knew I needed some peace and quiet before I could hope to return to the floor. The young mother of two barely made it off the table after coding twice, while the idiot that hit her sustained only minor injuries. I texted Kristie as soon as I left the husband in the waiting room to process all I had just told him, asking her to meet me in the on call room. When she didn't respond, I assumed she'd gotten pulled into surgery and couldn't get away—all part of the job.

However, when I opened the door to the small room, I witnessed the last thing I would have ever expected to see, or wanted to, for that matter. My Kristie was bent at the waist over one of the cots, with one of our fellow residents thrusting away at her from behind. I didn't take any notice as to who it was, as my gaze was fixed on her in disbelief and anger. Her eyes widened like a deer in headlights as they shot up to meet mine.

"Oh my God, Edward. Let me explain," she spoke hurriedly as she pushed the man away from her, pulling her scrub pants up to her waist in the process.

"I thought you locked the door," he whispered as he dressed again as well, but my eyes never moved from her.

"I thought you did," she replied brusquely and then turned back to me. "Baby, please. I didn't mean for this to happen. Please, talk to me."

I slowly began shaking my head, taking a few steps back to the door as she advanced toward me. My heavy breaths came in quick succession while my heart plummeted beyond my stomach and straight to the floor at my feet. And suddenly, everything came rushing at me with startling clarity.

Why I'd never taken her to meet my family, using our busy schedules as an excuse, despite my frequent as possible visits home on my own. Why I'd been holding onto that aforementioned ring in my drawer for over six months, waiting for that perfect moment to propose that never seemed to come. All the attention she'd been paying to me recently, even at work.

Somehow, in my subconscious mind, I knew something wasn't right, and I was deluding myself into thinking what I had with her was the real thing. Simply because I wanted it to be.

"Edward, say something, please," Kristie pleaded, stepping toward me again, but I continued to move back, closing the door and her face disappeared from my view. And with it went the love I'd felt for her just five minutes before, sucked straight from my heart. I made the decision not to care. I would finish my shift, go back to that apartment and pack my things, and then find a hotel to stay in until I found somewhere else to live. I knew I could never return to living in that place with reminders of her everywhere I looked.

At three in the morning, I stood in the living room with my bags at my feet, filled with everything I cared to take with me. Staring down at the small box in my hand, I opened it to reveal the diamond ring inside and my stomach involuntarily clenched. I could return it and get my money back, but that didn't matter to me. I could hold onto it and maybe save it for a woman who actually wanted the same things I did, but it held no appeal. It would always be Kristie's ring, and I wanted nothing to do with it. My trust and my heart had been trampled on, and I vowed to never feel that way again.

I walked into the bathroom and removed the ring from the velvet slit it rested in. I spun it between my fingers a few times before dropping it into the toilet and watched it settle to the bottom. I left it there and walked out, collecting my things and tossing my key into the bowl on the front hall table, ending that chapter of my life with the closing of a door.