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Scarlet harlot, love story?


"How is our new test subject?" Professor Membrane asked a young woman next to him, they walked down a long white hallway. The woman next to him looked at a chart she was holding.

"Its lifelines are stable, though it hasn't regained consciousness yet." The woman said, reading the chart she was holding. Professor membrane frowned, or at least we think he did since no one could see his face. They made their way to a room a strange creature floating in large glass tube, a tube connecting to his mouth so it could breathe properly. It's lifelines were indeed stable, and it's eyes were closed unconscious, and unmoving.

"I can't believe they actually sent us something like this to work on. It's madness!" Membrane announced, shaking his fist towards the tube. The creature he was staring at had odd features; green skin, two antae, and a scare above its left eye.


Dib was up in his room looking over the film for the fourth time this week he couldn't believe Scarlet had gotten this much on Zim; there were images of his base, videos of him without his disguise, and lots of other stuff. Especially when she had only moved here two weeks ago he heard a loud bang on his door.

"Dib, that crazy red eyed girl is here. Come talk to her she's getting on my nerves!" Gaz yelled, Dib tore his eyes off the screen rubbing them since he didn't have his glasses.

"Ok Gaz, just send her up!" he called back. Soon Scarlet, or the crazy red eyed girl, as Gaz had called her, was opening the door. With Nezumi happily poised on her shoulder she walked in, her eyes drifted to the screen.

"About what happened last week." She started, tracing circles on the ground with her foot and looking down. Dib eyed her, this was a bit out of character for her.

"Are you alright Scar?" Dib asked, Scarlet looked up and titled her head to one side, like a confused puppy.

"Huh? Of course I am. I just wanted to apologize for breaking you video camera, and camera…and your glasses that fallowing day." She said pointing to his face where his glasses shout have been. Dib shrugged.

"It's ok, my dad's going to get some cool new ones anyway." He said, but he was still cursing her for the cameras. Six months of saving his allowance down the drain. Scarlet looked down again and whispered something to Nezumi, who went into her backpack and pulled out a box.

"Well I figured he would replace your glasses, but uhm…here." She said shoving the box into his hands. Dib opened it revealing a high-tech camera, something you'd see on T.V. shows like mysterious mysteries. Hold on, this was from mysterious mysteries.

"How'd you get this?" he asked, Scarlet swung her bag in front of her chest she grinned.

"Postcard contest." She sad beaming with pride, Dib stared that postcard contest was won by a guy names Letterson, and he was a guy, he saw the picture and everything. He looked at her in disbelief, which Scarlet saw, and frowned at.

"If I told you how I really got it, you'd only stop talking to me. I need friends, so I'm not telling you." She blurted out. She then turned on her heel, "Well that's all I came here to do. See ya!" she said, Dib grabbed her by the arm.

"huh? What? You want something Dibby?" she said, 'Dibby?' Dib thought.

"How'd you get all this?" he asked, pointing to his computer screen. Scarlet grinned insanely.

"I didn't." she said through grinning teeth, Dib heard a slight laughter and saw it was coming from Nezumi, who was now on Scarlet's head.

"Scar, seriously, I've been trying to get this kind of stuff for years, and now you show up and manage to get it in a matter of weeks, days even!" Dib yelled, Scarlet's expression changed to a look of 'you're kidding right.'

"I have the same stuff as Zim, only mine's useful." She said.

"Why did you give me the film anyway? I thought you were totally against me getting evidence." Dib pointed out, Scarlet's face showed she was getting bored with the conversation.

"Yaknow boredom breeds insanity." She said, not answering his question. Dib then glared at her, and she quickly ripped her arm from his grip.

"I owed you, now let it die." She hissed, she stared daggers at Dib hoping would indeed 'let it die.' Dib looked back at his screen.

"Fine, I'll let it go…for now anyway, but one of these days you're going to tell me what's going on with you and what this is all about." He said, staring intently at his computer screen. Scarlet loomed over him.

"I thought you said that was all you needed to do." Dib said, Scarlet stayed silent for a minute.

"How long have you been staring at this, all week?" she asked, Dib opened his mouth to say no, but instead quickly changed the subject.

"So how did you get your robot again?" he asked. Scarlet looked over her shoulder, and looked at Nezumi nestled on her backpack.

"Meow." She said, getting a confused look from Dib.

"Meow?" he asked.

"Meow." She repeated, and went to his window opening it and readied herself to climb out.*

"Well maybe I'll tell you tomorrow…meh maybe….doubtfully, well anyway see ya!" she said and climbed out his window and onto the sidewalk. Dib looked out after her.

"Why do I like this girl again?" he asked himself.

"Because she's crazy like you?" he heard a voice say, Dib jumped and looked behind him. He saw Gaz drinking a soda. Dib blushed, he didn't mean for anyone to hear that, well at least it was Gaz and she never really cared enough about that stuff to tell anyone else.

"She is crazy you know." She said, Dib cocked an eyebrow.

"How do you know?"

"You can see it in her eyes!" Gaz explained darkly and pointing to her own eye. Dib never really looked her in the eye, fear kind of prevented that. So he just shrugged and Gaz went back to whatever it was he was doing.

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