Chapter 10- Getting rid of Scarlet whatshername! (I never really gave her a last name did i?)

This, my loyal readers, shall be the last chapter in the invader Zim Vs. scarlet harlot. Forgive me dear readers, for as much as I love typing this fiction, I must end it. 'Ah, gomenosai.' Also if you're wondering why I keep typing '' around that it's because they are the first lines in daughter of green by hatsune miku. Listen to it, you may like it. no ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

"Scarlet you really must get a hold of that temper of yours." Kip said when they got home Scarlet huffed.

"My temper is just fine." She said throwing her bag on the floor, Nezumi crawled out from under the couch to greet her returning Master and friend. Kip turned giving her a stern look.

"Only when I am there to stop you from doing something reckless. You're going to get yourself into big trouble if you keep this up." He said crossing his arms. Scarlet went over to her living room and sat down.

"I never get caught remember? I've shown you what I can do and get away with." She said, kip sighed smiling down at his short tempered friend. "Nothing will happen, I finally got you back, and neither of us are going anywhere."


"I still think my plan was much better." Zim asked, Dib rolled his eyes.

"Trust me this will have a better result than you and me going to prison." He said admiring his own idea, with this plan he and Zim would be rid of Scarlet for good.

Next day

"So remember what you promised?" Kip asked as he and Scarlet made their way to the skool building. Scarlet let out a frustrated sigh.

"Yes, for umpteenth time yes!" she said, "But I still don't see why I couldn't bring my bat, I still have baseball practice."

"You haven't been using it for that though now have you?" he asked Scarlet pursed her lips and looked to the upper right, shrugging. Kip sighed.

"And that's why you left it at home, along with Nezumi." He said.

"Scarlet." said a voice from behind them they both turned to see Zim and Dib, together. Scarlet raised an eyebrow, ok something was up, and whatever it was she wasn't going to fall for it.

"You want something?" Kip asked surprisingly, even Scarlet was surprised at Kip's tone toward the two.

"We wanted to talk to Scarlet, alone." Dib said, Scarlet looked to Kip who shrugged.

"Go away, I'm in no mood for your voices." She growled, grabbing Kip's hand and walking off. Zim turned to Dib.

"Well, the Scar-human definitely thinks something up." He said, "Great job." Dib didn't respond.

"I know what I'm doing, trust me." he said, "We just need a little more time, by the end of the day, Scarlet won't be bothering us anymore."

During class Scarlet noticed Dib and Zim weren't acting the way they usually did: there was no enemy banter, no Dib trying to expose Zim during class, not even Zim acting inhuman like shouting things that make no sense fact he was completely silent all day. What was going on this these two? She looked back at Kip, and by the look on his face he suspected something too. Scarlet tensed up, the minutes in class went by like hours before the lunch bell rang. She couldn't stop shaking she was so tense.

"What's wrong Scar-human? Nerves?" Zim said as she walked passed him, Scarlet glared.

"What the hell would I need to be nerves for?" she sneered, walking past Zim like nothing was wrong, but he could tell she was sweating. He stepped in front of her.

"You feel it don't you? that aura of danger." Zim said in a dark tone, Scarlet looked at him with a flash of panic, then smiled arrogantly.

"Whatever you're plan said thing, string bean, it's not gonna work." she said and pushed Zim out of her way and walked to the cafeteria.

"I'm telling you I think they're out to get me!" Scarlet whispered to kip when they sat down to lunch, she didn't feel like eating.

"Nonsense Scar, they're just trying to scare you." he said, munching on his sandwich. Scarlet wasn't convinced.

"Well in case something does happen, don't show up at my house ok?" Kip gave her a concerned look.

"Nothing's going to happen, but alright." He said, Scarlet gave him an uneasy smiled then looked out of the corner of her eye and saw Zim and Dib sitting together. What the hell was going on?

"Scar-human! Zim demands a word with you!" Zim shouted, Scarlet glared, oh what she wouldn't give to have her bat with her.

"What do you want Zimmy?" she asked walking up to him.

"Tell me something Scar-human, what would happen if Kip were to wind up missing again?" he asked cryptically Scarlet glared at him.

"You wouldn't." she hissed Zim grinned as if wanting to piss her off. Scarlet got right in Zim's face.

"If you ever tried anything like that, you'll regret." She growled, pointing a finger in his face.

"Best not to cross me then." He said walking away, Scarlet glared. Then a thought came to her.

"He can't do anything in a hospital bed." She mumbled to herself, looking around for something to use, then felt a pencil in her pocket. Perfect. She walked behind Zim who then turned.

"I'm sorry did you want something Scar-human?" he said arrogantly, Scarlet smiled then lunged at him knocking Zim to the ground. He managed to stop her from stabbing him in the eye by knocking the pencil out of her hand. However it didn't stop her from clawing and swiping at his face.

"Dib-filth, NOW!" Zim shouted, then they soon heard sirens coming around the corner and soon there were large heavy duty militant trucks reading 'Anger management squad' on the side. Scarlet looked up as large men came over to the duo.

"What the hell? What's going on?" she yelled, the men grabbed her, picking her off Zim.

"We got an anonymous tip, you Scarlet whatshername. Have anger issues, thus you are being sentenced to….MILITANT ANGER MANAGEMENT!" one of the men said. Scarlet let out a shrill scream.

"ANGERMANAGMENT?" she screamed, struggling to get lose. Failing miserably, as the large men in military uniforms dragged her into the padded truck.

"You two think this will get you rid of me? I'll be back and when I do, I'll get you! I'll get you both!" she screamed madly as the men threw her into the truck and drove off. Zim and Dib watched as the anger management

"Wait. Where was Kip during all of this?" Dib asked, Zim smiled evilly.

"He was busy trying to convince Miss Bitters he was in her class." Zim said.

"Right, just to be sure, we're not allies. This truce was to just get rid of Scarlet?" dib asked. Zim nodded.

"I hate your human face Dibstink." Zim growled, Dib rolled his eys.

"You jerk."

"Those little—I'll get them for this." Whispered Kip, he had been watching from Miss Bitters' class room window. Oh if they thought Scarlet was bad they had no idea what hell was in store for them now.

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