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Note: Here's another [more than likely going to be left out] chapter for Smashin' Karaoke.

Pairing(s): MetaPuff.

Chapter 14: I've Got This Friend

"M.K. and Jigs, you're up!" Sonic called from his place at the karaoke setup. "Singing… I've Got This Friend by the Civil Wars, right?"

"Yep!" the pink Pokémon replied with a grin. "Can we have stools to sit on?"

Right on cue, two stools appeared seemingly out of nowhere, landing next to each other as the two Smashers approached the stage. "I'm ready when you are, Jigglypuff."

Noticing the subtle nod from the pair, Sonic pressed the play button, and a soft guitar riff started the song.

"I've got this friend," Meta Knight started out, "I don't think you know him. He's not much for words, his head and his heart in play. Oh, I've got this friend – I love his romantic… All that he really wants is someone to hold him back."

Jigglypuff joined him for the chorus, "Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh – if the right one came, if the right one came along! Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh – if the right one came along!"

Then she soloed, "Ooh, I've got this friend - I don't think you know her. She sings a simple song that sounds a lot like his… Ooh, I've got this friend holding onto her heart, like it's a little secret – like it's all she's good to give."

They both sang the chorus, "Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh – if the right one came, if the right one came along! Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh – if the right one came along!"

"It'd be such a shame," Meta Knight glanced at her, somehow managing to stop his eyes from changing color.

"If they never meet," Jigglypuff responded with a similar look.

"She sounds lovely…" He looked back to the audience again.

"He sounds right out of a dream…" She still had her eyes on him.

"If only," he almost whispered as he gazed at her again.

"If only," Jigglypuff actually turned her body to face him.

The pair joined together for, "If only…" before going back into the chorus. "If the right one came – if the right one came along!" As the words rang out, the Dreamland resident turned to face his dearest friend

Jigglypuff sang the phrase, "I've got this friend," a couple more times before Meta Knight joined her for the finale:

"If the right one came along!"

Wild applause snapped the duo out of their reverie. Blushing, the pink Pokémon set down her microphone and hurried out of the gym. Unsure of what to do, Meta Knight simply let her go and went to get punch.

"What the heck are you doing, M.K.?" Yoshi asked. "Go after her!"

The small swordsman shook his head. "No… She'll come to me when she's ready. Until then, I'm going to drink, eat, and listen to the next few people sing."

"Speaking of which," the dragon asked, "Who's next?"