That night Alex couldn't sleep. When she got home, her brother wasn't there, so she was worried about him. Maybe he was out drinking again, but she just had this feeling that something was seriously wrong. It kept her up all night. Then, around three in morning, she heard the door open. She got out of bed, and walked down to the living room. There, on the sofa, was her brother, completely drunk and out like a light. She got him up to his feet and dragged him over to his room, there she laid him on his bed. This happened a lot lately. Her brother gripped her shoulder, as tough he was going to fall, which left Alex with a few options. Either she could drop him, and hurt him, or, she could ignore the pain, and feel it in the morning. She went for the second option. Even though her brother never acted like she meant anything to him, she knew that she did, and he meant a lot to her as well. She went back to bed and finally got some sleep.

The next morning arrived, and Alex finally woke up. Her brother was already gone, probably drinking away his hangover. She got up and got dressed, then she realized that it was already two in the afternoon. She should have been at Delyla's place an hour ago. This made her run out the door, grabbing her leather jacket and putting on her leather biker boots fast. She was in such a rush she forgot to grab her helmet, and sped off to Delyla's home.


That was Delyla's doorbell. Hopefully she wasn't too angry at her.

"Oh, look who decided to show up today!" said Delyla when she opened the door.

"Look, I'm really sorry Dy, but I overslept." Said Alex.

"Alright. You know I can't stay mad at you Al." said Delyla.

She and Delyla where going to the park to feed the ducks. It was a bit childish, but a lot of fun, and the last thing they did together before Delyla left, was feed the ducks.

"What are you wearing?" said Delyla in a giggling manner.

"What? You don't like leather? I thought you really liked leather, or was it the boy wearing the leather that you keep staring at?" said Alex teasingly.

She was wearing some ripped jeans, leather biker boots, a black tank-top with gold rims, a leather sleeveless jacket, a fedora hat, a piano-key tie and a leather strip wrapped around her bicep on her right side, on her left side she had a white cloth around her arm.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Said Delyla trying to avoid the question.

"Oh come on! I'll tell you about Marik and me!" said Alex.

"Okay, so I guess I like him a bit. I don't know though. It's like it's not Yugi I like, but someone else. Like he has two different personalities." Said Delyla.

"I know what you mean. I think it's crazy that his eyes change from time to time, and then his hair. Is it just me or does it sometimes have blond bangs up every point of his hair, and then, just framing his face?" said Alex.

"Maybe, I don't know. Now it's your turn. How about you and Marik?" said Delyla.

"Well Dy, he and I are going out tomorrow, and I have absolutely nothing to wear." Said Alex.

"I thought you were just going to grab a bite to eat?" asked Delyla.

"Yeah, but the restaurant is pretty fancy, and all I have is jeans, t-shirts, shirts and trainers." Said Alex.

"I hate to admit it, but I think I might need to go shopping." Said Alex looking down and cringing.

She really did hate shopping.

"I thought I'd never see the day!" said Delyla.

Delyla phoned up Mai, Teá, Ishizu and Serenity. This was going to be a tough one. They got to the mall and went in to every clothe shop they could find, trying to stay clear from the t-shirts.

After an intense hour or two, they found the perfect outfit for Alex. They had gotten her some tie-dye jeans, a black tank-top, a necklace with a red pencil dangling from it, some silver bracelets and a pair of red pumps. She looked great in then, and she didn't once complain about the shoes. She was natural when it came to walking in high heels.

"So would you mind in coming with me to run some errands for my mom before we go back to my place?" said Delyla.

"Only if we first go feed the ducks, and we stay clear of clothe shops." Said Alex.

They went to the park. And began to feed the ducks. The noticed a multicolored duck.

"Look, that duck looks like Yugi!" said Alex.

" Alex that is not nice!" said Delyla.

"But look. It's all crazy colored, like Yugi. And don't you think that one over there looks like Tristan!" said Alex. "You can't deny that it looks like Tristan with that ice-cream cone on its head!"

"Aw Alex that is so sad. But alright, you're right. But they are ducks not humans! Sweet and cute ducks. But ducks!" said Delyla

Alex and Delyla walked further and Alex was calling the whole time. "Oh he looks like Kaiba! Oh and he looks like Mokuba whit his fluffy black feathers. And he follows de big brown Kaiba duck!"

"Alex yes they are cute but again they're are ducks!" said Delyla

Alex wanted to feed the Kaiba ducks some bread. But then a white fluffy duck raced by and took the bread before the Kaiba ducks could eat it. A little white ducky followed the big duck.

"Oh look the ducks look a little bit like Ryou and Bakura!" said Delyla. This time she began about those ducks.

"Bakura or not! They took the bread of somebody else! I Hate you stupid duck!" screamed Alex to the white ducks.

They had a good time screaming at ducks for now apparent reason. Especially Alex.

In the meanwhile the saw a blond scruffy dog passing by. Whit a stick in his mouth.

Alex said: "He looks like Joey!"

"Why do you say that?" Delyla said.

"Because Kaiba call's him a mutt, and that dog had Joey's blond scruffy hair." Alex answered.

After that they went to go sit on a bench.

And Delyla asked: "Alex, tell me, do you love Marik?".

"Well, he is a really nice guy" said Alex.

"But do you love him?" said Delyla.

"Well, he has a nice family" Alex said.

"But do you love him?" Delyla asked again.

"Well, he is really good lucking" Alex answered.

"Alex spit it out! Do you love him or not?" Delyla said getting annoyed that Alex was avoiding here question.

Alex sighted and said: "I don't know Delyla. I'm confused. I like Marik but I have the feeling I'm starting to like Bakura."

"But you're going out whit Marik tomorrow." said Delyla.

"O my god, I see a love triangle coming up!" said Alex while burying her face in her hands.

"Maybe after tomorrow you will now." Said Delyla

"I hope so. Man I look forward to my date whit Marik!" said Alex beginning to be enthusiasts. For here date.

Delyla laughed and said: "see, you will figure it out!"

Delyla and Alex walked out of the park to the supermarket.

When Delyla found her eggs, cookies, tea and cheese with help of Alex. Alex walked across Salt and Vinegar chips. "O my god I like those! But dammit I don't have any money!" said Alex

"If you stop swearing I will buy those for you!" Delyla said

"Really" asked Alex.

"Of course for that price." She grabbed the chips and put it in her bag.

They went to the pay the groceries and left.

They walked across an ally. Alex said: "Wait Delyla this is a short cut."

"Are you sure Alex? It's a little bit dark over there." Delyla said a little bit afraid.

"Sure, I walk through here a lot. And I'm with you!" Alex answered.

"Yeah like that makes me feel any better!" Delyla said while rolling her eyes.

Alex and Delyla continued on their journey through the dark alleyway. Half way through, Alex suddenly started to run ahead a few meters.

"What's wrong Alex?" said Delyla concerned.

"I thought I heard something, but it must have been an ally cat." Said Alex.

She ran back to Delyla's side, but before she got there, three boys around the age of eighteen jumped out from behind the bins where Alex had heard some noise just a few seconds ago. They surrounded Alex, trying to grab her, but she was prepared to fight three on one. Delyla was about to go and try to help Alex, even though she wasn't a fighting kind of girl. She almost reached the nearest boy, but she was grabbed by two other boys from behind and was thrown down onto the concrete floor. She tried to get up, but one of the boys grabbed her arm, and then the other boy took the chance to grab her other arm. They dragged her over to the wall, while she was trying desperately to kick one of the two boys, but to no avail. The boys got her up against the wall, each of them had one leg jammed to Delyla's leg so she couldn't kick then, one of her arms pressed to the brick wall, and had either their other hand placed over her mouth, or pressed against her throat to prevent her from breathing. Delyla did get an ear-piercing scream out before her mouth was covered. This scream was heard by three guys walking a few blocks away.

"Did you hear that?" said Yugi.

Joey and Tristan looked at each other and back at Yugi.

Yea, let's go check it out." Said Tristan.

The three of then ran towards the sound and found Alex fighting three guys at once.

"Delyla, wall, now!" she managed to shout at the three.

They looked at the wall to see Delyla being choked. Alex also took a fast glance over at Delyla, to see if she was still alive, but that split second of turning away led to a blow to the head. She felt a warm liquid drip down the side of her head, but chose to ignore it and fight of the boys first. Yugi changed into Yami and together with Tristan he managed to get Delyla free from the two boys, who ran away. The two of them where trying to get Delyla to open her eyes, which she had closed just after she saw Yami's eyes look at her against the wall. Joey had run over to Alex, who he thought needed help, but she managed to get one guy to bleed before he arrived. He too ran away and there was just two left. Alex and Joey each took one, but after a few seconds the one who was fighting Alex said:

"Let's go, we can't win this anyway."

And the two boys left.

"Are you alright Alex?" said Tristan concerned when she and Joey where catching their breath.

"Don't worry about me, worry about Delyla first." Replied a worried Alex.

As Alex said that, Delyla slowly regained consciousness and looked straight into Yami's eyes.

"Are you alright Delyla?" asked Yami concerned.

Everyone was hurdled around Delyla, trying to find anything wrong with her, and hoping there was nothing to be found.

"I felt better, but I'll live." Said Delyla.

Her voice was hoarse and she had red finger prints on her neck, where the boys had been holding her.

"How are you Alex?" asked Delyla.

They all turned to her, even though she wasn't hurt all that bad.

"Just some bruises, but I'll be fine." Replied Alex.

"Alex? Your eye is bleeding. Maybe we should get you and Delyla checked out by a doctor or something." Said Tristan.

Alex' hand shot up top her eye, where she had previously felt the warm liquid, and found some blood and a small cut there.

"Let's bring them to the first aid department, that eye needs checking Alex, and it couldn't hurt to give you a checkup Delyla." Said Atem.

Delyla gave a weak nod and Atem pulled her up on her feet, but Alex didn't look all to good when she heard the word first aid. She hated hospitals.

"Do we have to? I'll be fine. I don't need to go to the fist aid." Said Alex, hoping they would let her go.

Yugi, Joey and Tristan where in the waiting room. Joey had picked Alex up and carried her to the hospital, just to get her there. Now both she and Delyla where being seen by a doctor.

Delyla was the first to come back. She looked at the four and said:

"The doctor said I'd be fine, just be hoarse for a few days and a few bruises."

"That's good news." Said Atem.

A few minutes later Alex returned to the waiting room.

"How did it go Alex?" asked Joey when she returned.

Without a word she moved her jet-black hair to reveal the cut under her left eye. It resembled a double T shape and looked quite bad. It looked worse then it was. It was stitched back together with butterfly plasters.

"In a few days I need to come back and then they'll check it to see if it's healing the way it should be." She said.

Alex then turned herself to Delyla.

"Delyla, I'm really sorry. It shouldn't have suggested to take the short cut." She said.

Delyla looked into her saddened eyes.

"Alex! Don't say that! I don't blame you, so you don't start blaming yourself." She said.

"But what if…" started Alex.

"Don't you even think about saying what if! You don't know what if. Tristan, Yugi and Joey where there and that's it!" said Delyla.

She didn't like this Alex that blamed herself.

"Do you forgive me Delyla?" asked Alex quietly.

"Of course I do." Said Delyla.

Alex surprised the others by embracing Delyla, but that didn't last very long.

"Dy? I'm melting." She said.

At least she was back to her normal self. Tristan had left when Alex started to blame herself. Yami offered to walk Delyla home.

"Thanks for caring Joey, but I don't think I can show up at my place in this state." Said Alex when Joey had asked if she wanted him to walk her home.

"well, would ya like to stay at my place?" asked Joey.

"Really? Thanks Joey!" said Alex happily.

Alex and Joey walked over to his place.

When Delyla and Yami reached her home, Delyla thanked him. She hugged him and Yami embraced her back. He just enjoyed the moment and never wanted to let her go, but everything had to have an end.

"Goodbye Yugi." Said Delyla.

She then closed the door behind her.

Joey pulled out two mattresses and laid them down in his living room where he and Alex where sleeping soundly.