Part Four

The following morning Rachel came into the shop and Finn was waiting for her. "Hi." Finn said and Rachel knew that look. "What's going on?" Rachel asked and Finn walked over to the tire he replace to show a part of the cheerio outfit. "It could have torn off or someone put it there." Finn told his ex and added, "There's more." He showed a part to the car..."It's the breaks someone cut the break line." Finn told Rachel and the diva's face said it all. "I'll pay for all the damages.." Rachel was stunned and Finn responded, "This is bad Rachel they wanted Demi dead."

Rachel came to school and meet the other three girls.

"They cut the break line." Santana said and added, "Fuck! What is Coach Sue teaching them?" "I think we should find out." Quinn said as they would walking in the teacher's lounge Sue saw them walking to her as Will was observing this. "One of your cheerios tried to killed Demi." Santana said and Sue responded, "Well hello to you too. Why would one of my Cheerios do that?"

"Because slushee is at a all time high and I could name a certain captain who's been targeting Demi." Rachel said and Coach Sue responded, "As for the slushees it's good compeition to show me who wants to be captain but that's where I draw the line when it comes to conspiacy to committ murder." "Someone cut the break line." Will listened to this and Sue told them all to come with her.

All the cheerios would in the gym as Sue walked in.

"Now I want to make myself clear I'm here to win championships not to mold inmates. Until the person who destroy miss Demi Jennings car is found out we will go to weekend practices if you don't like it then turn in your uniforms! Whatever you do in this school I will not care but when it almost cost someone there life..." Sue said and Joan raised her hand.

"Jasmine did it. She did it because Demi was seen with Kristina and her dike feelings is making her crazy." Joan said.

"Joan turn in your uniform like I say as long as I could throw you the air I don't care what you are but I will never have that talk in here so get out!" Sue screamed and Joan hang her head then left.

The four left they spend the afternoon getting everyone ready for the contest. The next afternoon Quinn introduced Jana and Gary...They did the Tony Bennett and Amy Whinehouse duet...

Santana introduced it will be William and Xavier doing Intergalatic from the Beastie Boys...Brittany's team did River Deep, Mountain High...Dianna and Jasmine worked it really good then last but not least was Rachel's team which was A.j and Kristina because Demi wasn't into it as much. They did Take Me Or Leave Me and so everyone voted not for themselves. The winner was by one vote...Quinn's team...Rachel gave her girl a hug...

"That's three times." Quinn said to her friends and Demi was looking around to everyone. She wasn't into Take Me Or Leave Me because it was her and Jasmine's song. Now it might sound weird but it was the first song they kissed too... She looked at A.J and gave him a big hug for taking over and Kristina gave her one. Jasmine looked over to see this and felt like shit all over again.

As the four wrapped up for the night there would walking in the parking lot...There was someone over by the car who looked like she got the hell beat out of her. The girls picked up the speed and it was Joan who was over the car with a gut wound. "Brittany call the police!" Santana yelled and Santana tried to stop the bleeding...

And that was a cliff-hanger