Toshiro's POV

I feel my spiritual pressure slowly fading, the blood running down my face and all the cuts on my body stinging in harmony. I shatter my bankai and fall for the skies onto the streets of Karakura. I hear Matsumoto screaming my name in horror as I fall for the skies. I shut my eyes the fact I am going to land on the concrete streets below is probably inevitable but I hope I can black out again before I have to feel the pain. I feel numb. I stabbed Hinamori, yeah the girl was absolutely crazy but she was like the only family I knew and loved. Apart from Matsumoto I suppose, she was always like a big sister to me, yeah she annoys me to hell but don't all sisters and brothers annoy each other? We were always close since she found me as a child and convinced me to become a shinigami. I love the woman really.

"Toshiro!" an annoyingly familiar voice called out.

Oh no

Blacks Out

Rangiku's POV


I flash stepped over to my captain who had already crashed on the street in Karakura and ran to his body. I won't let myself lose another that I love today. My tears making a familiar track down my face again as I rush to his side. I see another person by his body, damn please don't tell me there are more humans that can see him. This is gonna be awkward to explain. As I got closer to her though the girl was none other than Karin Kurosaki maybe this wasn't going to be so bad to explain after all.

"Rangiku? Can you help me get him to the clinic?"

"Sure Karin"

For the first time after the war I felt some hope.

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