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On the 10th of December Karin gave birth to a healthy baby boy called Satoshi (fast learner/wise) Hisoka (cautious/reserved) Hitsugaya, he looked like a mini Toshiro with white hair and turquoise eyes, but he has Karin's facial features. Also five years later Karin and Toshiro had a winter wedding on the 19th of December the day before Toshiro's birthday.

Yuzu and Hanataro had a little girl on the 12th of July named Cho (butterfly) Emi (beautiful blessing) Yamada; she has long brown hair and light blue eyes. Although the other kids in the Sereitei grew at a normal human rate Nel seemed to stay the same and only grew a few millimetres which made squad 12 particularly interested and it took a lot to keep them from her.

Rukia gave birth on the 15th of April which was the same day as her sister Hisana was born (I don't actually know when she was born, for the purpose of this she was born that day). They named her Sakura (cherry blossom) Hisana (Scarlett/truth/reality) Kuchiki Kurosaki. She had Rukia's black hair with natural red streaks in a short bobbed hair style, she also had Rukia's eyes but with some of Ichigo's features.

Rangiku had a healthy little boy on the 9th of September called Ryuu (dragon) Jin (swift speed) Ichimaru; he had gins hair in metallic blonde and had his eyes and facial features. His eyes like Gin remained closed for the majority of the time however they were light blue like both of his parents. He also has his dad's facial features.

Nanao and Shunsuei had two girls, two years apart the eldest was born on the 24th of May and was named Kaeda (maple) Ai (love) Kyoraku, she looks like mini Nanao but had longer hair like her dad and she also wears glasses like her mother. The youngest of their children was born on the 6th of June and was named Ayaka (colourful flower) Izumi (spring) Kyoraku. She also looks like Nanao except her hair is brown and also extremely long like her sisters. She often weaves multi-coloured flowers into it and always has it down.

Uryuu and Orihime had two children, the eldest was born on the 10th of August and was a boy named Ren (lotus) Takeo (hero/gentlemen) Ishida he has blackish blue hair like his father in the same style and he has Orihime's grey eyes but doesn't need glasses. The second was born on the 23rd of November and was a girl named Mayumi (true bow/archer) Shikha (gentle deer) Ishida; she also has blackish blue hair she also has her mother's long hair and grey eyes.

Unohana and Ukitake also had a baby boy on the 10th of February and named Makoto (sincere) Mitsuo (shining hero) Ukitake and he has long black hair and a side fringe and Ukitake's forest green eyes. He also has his facial features.

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