Author's Note: I bet you all thought the next time you saw me I would be donning verbs or nouns. So did I. How wrong we were. A few years ago in a writing class I took, the teacher gave us a list of "senses." Some were made up, and others are legitimate senses like touch, sight, etc. Having writers block, I thought this might be a good exercise to get the juices flowing, and it turned into a series. Some will be short, some longer, but they will always be based off of a "sense." There will be a minimum of 17, but I've thought of two additional ones thus far. I hope to post every Tuesday and Thursday, maybe Tuesday and Friday, so be on the lookout.

Also, I AM still working on the next part of speech series, I just need some time to pre-write those. I'm sure getting my S6 DVDs today will help get some written. :)

Setting: No setting. It can happen any time. And yes, clearly I love them in bed.

Warning: This is definitely bordering on the "upper level" of T. Don't worry, I'll never go past this.

I make the rules, so if I want to break one, then I can. And guess what? I did. So. There.

Sense of Touch
Create a sense of what a character is feeling. No use of the verb "touch" or "feel"—not only a physical feeling, but an emotional one as well.

Her fingers ran along his bare back, lightly brushing the skin under his shoulder blades. His skin prickled with goose bumps and his body shivered with delight. He could sense the ridges of each finger as they traveled to and from his neck. Her fingernails tickled him whenever they accidentally brushed across his soft, sensitive skin.

Slowly, with every stroke of her fingers along his back, he woke up a little more. The sun continued to grow brighter, burning his eyes with more intensity with every gradual increase in light. A breeze from the cracked-open window lightly brushed his face every time the wind's direction changed. Nature's alarm, added with the delicate backrub she surprised him with, woke him up fully.

Observing the slight difference in his pattern of breathing from underneath her palms, her cheeks tightened in a grin. Her silky legs pulled through the soft sheets. Propping herself up on her stomach beside him, she arched her back to look at him.

Even though he was wide-awake and fully aware of every move or slight shift of her body, he remained completely still. He enjoyed her hand's soothing renditions.

Without any warning, her hands halted. During the short pause, he considered whether to flip onto his back or remain still; she considered her next move. Before he was able to slide across the sheets, her warm, slightly chapped lips brushed across his spine. Locks of hair fell on his back and every time her lips found a new spot, her hair swept along like a painter's brush along his spine.

As she made her way back up below his earlobe he turned over and snaked an arm around her waist. His body easily bore her weight, lifting her light torso on top of his. The soft cotton of her shirt rubbed against his chest, bumps crawling across his skin once more.

With both palms resting on her hipbones, he pulled her body up his to bring their faces to the same height, her body heat along his chest reminding him of pulling the covers up to his chin. His stubble itched her cheek as his face rubbed against hers. He brought a hand up to her jaw and pushed the hair out of her face, his palm running across her flushed cheeks.

Finally, her lips were aligned with his and she was right where he wanted her to be. The muscles in his neck stretched so he could experience his favorite sensation: the feeling of her lips on his.