Author's Note: So, well... Sorry for the wait! It was necessary (I've been pulling serious all-nighters for a week now to get all my papers written) but nonetheless frustrating to be a writer to disappears into the wind. This is the last one, just a short little thing to really tie this series into the show. Because this is the last chapter, I want to take the time to give you all a very large thank you. Really, you guys make everything worth it! And, of course, I'd love to know which was your favorite, if I didn't already ask that. Yes, I am brain dead.

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Sense of Rationality vs. Sense of the Gut

Evidence. It is what she has always claimed she needs, it is what she is constantly searching for and continuously acquiring. It is something that she does not feel she has enough of in relation to Booth.

It isn't that he hasn't provided any proof, any empirical data. Time after time he has saved her, come to her rescue, and reassured her. He has halted death, has stared danger in the face, and declared triumph. He has protected her from herself, her own mind, and kept her astray from self-deprecation.

He has given her countless reasons for her to trust him, and she does. A lingering doubt only ever materializes whenever she is unsure of herself, not of him.

It is the evidence that has piled up against herself that has held her back. The overwhelming mound has blocked her path, has emotionally stunted her from moving any further forward.

She has no evidence that she can do this, that she can be, and stay, with him. People in her life leave; she leaves. That's what the evidence tells her. Booth's data shows how unlikely it is he would leave, but she's a variable that ruins the positive result. It is the evidence that proves she will mess everything up, and evidence is what she acts on, what she relies on.

But he doesn't need evidence. She makes her conclusions based on proof, and he gathers evidence after forming his conclusions. While she uses her keen sense of rationality, he uses that of his gut.

Over the years, his gut has proved invaluable in spurring investigations, has given him inspiration to prove his gut right with evidence.

About her, he knows. Through countless heartbreaks and learning experiences, Booth has discerned the difference between his mind and his gut, the later synonymous with his heart.

When he sees her, his heart flutters. When he thinks about what they could be, he is overwhelmed with a feeling of confidence and longing. Given two options, when at a crossroad, his gut tells him which way to go, knows what she needs to be comfortable, what she needs to put her small hand in his larger one and go down the path he simply knows is the one.

Someday, once she's finally compiled all her evidence, once he has proven to her her own great potential, their great potential, evidence is how she'll know she loves him. But, for now, his gut, his heart, is how he knows that he loves her.