Lost and Found

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Chapter 15 - Past, Present, and Future

Yuki's eyes fluttered open, and she squinted as the rays of sunshine shone into her dark-colored orbs.

"Mm..." she groaned, and turned over to her side, tangling up the bed sheets.

... Huh. Strange... It felt awfully warm today. And she didn't have any new sores. She didn't seem to have any gravel caught in her skin either, or twigs in her hair... And where on earth had she gotten those bed sheets?

... Wait a second. Bed sheets.

Yuki shot up, glancing around frantically. Where on earth was she? What had happened? What was going to happen to her in the future? What was going on?!

She seemed to be in a bedroom.

The bed was nice and cozy, but too big for her. The walls were white, but plenty of posters were taped up. There were pictures of boy bands, pictures of movie stars, pictures of manga characters... any famous person whoever lived here liked was up on some piece of the wall.

There wasn't all too much in the room. A small desk in one corner with some paper on it, a dresser beside it, and a garbage can beside that. Along with the bed, a shelf on the wall, and a small night table, those were the only pieces of furniture in the room.

Yuki glanced at a picture frame on the night table. The picture was of a young girl with pale-colored skin. She had messy blond hair that was pulled into a ponytail on the side of her head, and hung down to thee middle of her back. Her amber eyes glared at the camera, and she had her arms crossed in defiance, a small pout on her face.

Was this who really lived here? This stuck-up looking girl, who seemed around her age? Well then why was she sitting in this bed instead of her?

A sudden groan from the floor made the 9-year-old freeze. Slowly, not hearing anything else, Yuki cautiously leaned towards the foot of the bed, and glanced over.

On the floor, tangled in scratchy-looking blankets, lay the same blond girl from the picture.

She looked much older, though. If Yuki had to guess, she'd say this girl were around 16 or 17.

But why was she sleeping on the floor?

"God..." the girl mumbled. "I haven't slept this bad since I was out on the streets...!"

Yuki squeaked, as the blonde opened her eyes and stared right up at her. There was a lingering silence between them as Yuki tried to figure out why this girl seemed so familiar, and Neru waited to see how she'd react.

"N... Neru-san...?" Yuki tested out, wondering why this name struck her as right.

Neru smiled. "Morning, Yuki."

Now, she was more worried about how she'd known the blonde's name, and how this girl knew hers.

"Don't you remember anything?" Neru asked her, propping up her arm to support her head.

Yuki frowned, struggling with her thoughts.

An image suddenly flashed in her head.

Everything was dark, save for a few round circles that the streetlights illuminated. Yuki simply lay there, collapsed on an old cracked road, unable to move at all.

She just didn't have the strength anymore, and she felt so much more relaxed to just lay there. Her eyes drooped, and she knew she wasn't supposed to let them close, but she couldn't quite remember why...

Oh yes, that's why. She was always worried that, if she closed her eyes, and let herself fall asleep, she'd never be able to wake up ever again...

But she was so hungry, her stomach would constantly cramp up and growl. She'd gotten used to the feeling of hunger, but the thirst she felt was unbearable. She could barely speak, and sometimes, it hurt to breathe.

The worse, though, was when she coughed. When she coughed, it felt like her whole throat was being scraped off in the inside, and that she was bleeding. And she coughed a lot nowadays, in the cold nights of mid-September.

A few minutes wouldn't kill her... would they? Or... maybe they would. They'd probably steal her life from her for good. So it probably wouldn't be a good idea, would it...?

Yuki blinked again, and her vision blurred. Suddenly, she couldn't remember what exactly wasn't a good idea, but what she did know was that sleep seemed a very attractive idea at the moment.

She let her eyes close, and she was swallowed in darkness.

The next thing Yuki remembered was feeling something really warm against her. She nuzzled into this warmth, trying her best to take advantage of it.

She heard a panicked voice yelling to someone, but it seemed so distorted, so far away... the young girl's brain felt like mush.

Yuki tried to focus on her senses to figure out what was going on around her, but she felt so at peace right now, that seemed like just an unnecessary worry.

"Don't worry... I'll help you." She heard a voice echo through her head, and Yuki suddenly recognized the material she was holding in her clutched hands as fabric, cotton, to be exact.

She couldn't remember any further.

"You... helped save me?" Yuki suggested hesitantly.

The older blonde girl smiled sadly, and another memory suddenly flooded Yuki's mind. Or, rather, just one line.

'Eat your cereal.'

"I know who you are." The girl spoke up. "I remember you now..."

"Well, that's always nice to hear." Neru said sarcastically. "A lot of people don't glance twice at me, much less remember me."

"... An... orphanage."

Neru raised a brow. "Yeah, actually. You're a sharp one, aren't you? How did you realize that so quickly?"

After all, this nameless orphanage didn't have a sign or even a simple name! For Yuki to figure that out without even seeing the building's layout... hm. Perhaps this Yuki was a gifted child.

"You said that a lot of people don't glance twice at you. Is that... because you are no longer a child? Therefore... you do not... appeal as much?" Yuki squeaked, her face reddening.

Neru smiled to herself. How cute. "Go on."

"You've been here since you were little..." she nodded at the picture, "but Natsu-san doesn't look old enough to be your mother... I think. She could be your sister... but then you wouldn't be able to afford the rent of a place this big..." Yuki reddened even more. "I don't think you're the only one here... so I think this is an orphanage."

"It is an orphanage. Good guess."

Yuki only reddened more and more with the compliment.

Neru laughed. "What are you so embarrassed about?"

Yuki's face was now the equivalent of a tomato.

Neru ceased her laughing to a chuckle. "I've never had any self-esteem issues, so if you want any help or sympathy or something, go see Natsu, or something."

With that, she left the room, most likely going to find Natsu herself.

The young girl only watched after her, slightly gaping.

This Neru... wow. She was really really... cool. Perhaps it was just in weakness and that she was a little desperate for someone, anyone, but Yuki had, at that moment, made Neru Akita her newest hero.

Yuki closed her mouth. 'Someday... I'm going to be like her.' she vowed to herself silently, and hurried after the blonde.


Gumi cocked her head at him. Len was completely discouraged now, his head bowed onto the table, hands pulling onto his blond locks.

"It's not supposed to be easy, you know." she told him, turning her chair away from the computer. "If it were easy to find an unknown parent, there wouldn't be any unknown parents."

"... That's not making me feel any better, Gumi-chan..." Len said sulkily, still not lifting his head.

Gumi shrugged. "Sorry... Anything specific you want me to say?"

"Not really..." A pause. "I think we can take a break."

Gumi smiled. "Can we now?" she asked, a teasing, slightly sarcastic lit to her voice.

Len smiled to himself, but she didn't see it. "Please. I think I could pass out."

"Feel free to do so."

"You're making fun of me, aren't you?" he asked, finally shifting so he could see her.

She shrugged with a small giggle. "Perhaps."

"I wasn't joking. We really can take a break."

"For once..."

"I knew you were making fun of me!" Len laughed, sitting up.

"What can I say?" Gumi shrugged again. "You don't pay me enough."

"You volunteered."

"Very true."

Len rolled his eyes. "What is Tonio teaching you?" he asked in disbelief.

"What ever do you mean?" Gumi asked innocently.

Len rested his head on his hand, and glanced her over. "What happened to the shy little girl I met at the police station? She was so sweet and innocent... and look what she turned into."

He'd meant it as a joke, but she suddenly froze, her expression gone blank. She seemed unfocused, as if some portal in her mind had stolen her from reality.

"I'm... sorry?" Len said, questioning in his voice. Was she really that hurt by his words?

She blinked, and shook her head. "Hm? Oh, no, sorry, it wasn't you. I was just... thinking."

Len frowned. That late reaction obviously meant something. It would seem she'd chosen her words carefully. But what had he said?

'What happened to the shy little girl I met at the police station? She was so sweet and innocent... and look what she turned into.'

If it wasn't the actual insult that had sent her like that for those few seconds, then... 'What happened to the shy little girl I met at the police station?'

"Ah." Now he realized.

It was obvious to any person with decent social education (1) that she didn't want to be asked any questions. Already, she was flustered.

So he'd take a detour.

"You've never really told me anything about your life before you moved to Tonio's house." he glanced at her, inquiring she tell him.

And there was that same scared expression, as she thought back towards her past. "Oh... um... I haven't?" With the squeak in her voice, it was obvious she'd known she hadn't, and was only stalling a little.

But he'd play along. "No, no you haven't. Was it good at all?"

"It was... interesting, to say the least." she said with a nervous laugh.

That laugh was a little too long and a little too forced. Pair that with her flustered expression, and Len could tell she was uncomfortable. Which meant it was not a good past at all.

"Well... um... my parents... they died when I was 7 or 8, I think. A car crash. So... they put us in a foster home."

"Us?" As soon as Len had asked, he'd regretted it.

Gumi's eyes began watering, as her memories overcame her. He could tell she was closing herself off from him, so he quickly added, "Sorry, I interrupted. Go on."

She frowned, hesitating. Then, she took a few slow breaths.

'Is it really that hard to tell me?' Len asked. 'Or are you just exaggerating?'

"Our foster parents... they were okay, but... they just weren't our parents, you know?"

"Mm-hm." He nodded his agreement.

"I was fine with them, but she... she hated them."

Len had to stop himself from asking, 'Your sister?' "I see..." he said instead.

"She yelled at them a lot, and broke things on purpose, and stuff... if they told her not to do something, she'd do it anyway, and when things went wrong, she blamed it on other people." Gumi shifted uncomfortably.

"One day... I don't know what they were yelling about. I think it was because she'd gotten herself pregnant, and our foster parents forbid her from seeing the boy anymore. Then, she just stormed up to her room, like always."

"That night, though, she came into my room, and told me to pack my schoolbag." Gumi was completely avoiding his gaze, and was partially hiding her face too. "I was around 9 or 10. I didn't really know any better, so I did it, and I followed her, and we ran off..."

"You were living in the streets?" Len asked, his respect for the girl growing slightly knowing this. Although he'd already assumed that fact...

She nodded. "With her. She'd run off before, but never for long. It was enough to know how to survive, though. But..." she trailed off for a moment, and Len opened his mouth to say something, when she continued.

"She started going bad after. She chased after her boyfriend, and when he found out she was pregnant, he dumped her."

Len blinked. Yes, this was definitely her sister she was talking about. Len was completely sure of it now.

"She... she even went as far as to get rid of it. Right in front of me, too..."

Len winced, imagining what poor Gumi must have gone through.

A miscarriage done on purpose? That could not have been pretty. Or painless, either. How had Gumi felt watching her sister destroy herself from the inside, hearing her cries of pain, seeing the blood run, and knowing there was no way she could stop it?

"Her boyfriend still wouldn't take her back. After that, she kind of... changed."

Gumi looked absolutely miserable now, and in the shadows cast on her face, Len could see mixed emotions: Regret, hurt, hatred, and fear, so much fear.

He moved his chair closer to hers, and squeezed her hand in his. "It's okay..."

He probably shouldn't have asked her in the first place. She seemed so lost and upset now... But he was glad she'd told him.

"She stopped bringing me with her. She'd stay out late. I knew she brought back too much money for it to just have been stolen, but we needed all the money we could get, so..." Gumi bit her lip. "Eventually, she just stopped coming to our meeting spot. She just left me there..."

There was that regret again, that lingering sadness.

"After that, instead of actually seeing her, I'd get visits from some of the men she'd tricked..." she bit her lip once more. "That was who you saved me from."

"Someone who knew your sister, and who was looking for revenge?"

Gumi nodded, and a tear slipped onto her cheek.

Len cocked his head, and leaned closer. He placed his hand on her cheek, and wiped away the lone tear with his thumb. "I'm sorry you had to go through all that... I admire you for still being here after it all."

And suddenly, without warning, she let out a sob.

The library's computer lab was empty apart from the two, so thankfully, no one stared, as Len pulled the green-haired girl into his arms. "Shh..." he whispered soothingly, as he rubbed her head, fingers brushing through her soft hair.

She clutched onto his shirt, in a way that made him feel... something. He didn't quite know how to describe this new 'something'. But he knew it was a good something. He knew that by opening up to him, he'd learned to care more for this girl.

... Hm.

He'd had some sudden shocking thought, but he hadn't had time to grasp it, and the more he searched for it, the further this thought left him.

Oh well.

"It's okay to cry, you know." he cooed. "I'm right here."

She sniffed, and nuzzled up to his chest. "Thank you..." she whispered quietly.

"... It's okay."

Len had decided to call it a day after that. After all, Gumi was in no shape of mind to keep googling his problems, as she had her own to reflect on.

He was humming a tune as he walked back home. He was in a fair enough mood. Life had suddenly become extremely chaotic and stressful once Rin and Len had come to Tokyo. It was nice enough to have a seemingly normal day.

Of course he'd just jinxed himself then. The Fates enjoy messing around with the lives of those who allow them to. Poor Len was one of those poor people.

He paused at the door of Mikuo's apartment, stopping and realizing that, no, he no longer lived here. Whoops.

As he crossed the street again, he couldn't help but wonder if Rin was in there right now, with Mikuo. He wondered if she was happy with him. He wondered why being with Mikuo made her happier than being with him, when the idea of anyone ever getting between the two seemed impossible, so long ago now.

But things had changed since then. Since then, they'd found out they weren't twins. That was HUGE.

Len only sighed.

His parents had been both right and wrong to keep that issue a secret between them.

He would have wanted to know... but at the same time, he wished so much right now that he could still be there, back when he and Rin slept in the same bed together, and loved each other as much as siblings should, back when everyone was happy.

But he knew he couldn't.

He walked through the revolving door, and into an open elevator, without paying much attention to the hotel customers sitting in the lobby.

He hit the correct button, and the metal box began to bring him up.

He didn't have to wait long. Being only on the 3rd floor, it didn't take long for the elevator to ding.

Len walked out to the door with their room number, and took out the keys from his pocket.

If this had been a movie, it would have definitely been played out in slow motion.

The door would open slowly. Len would walk in, shrugging off his coat casually.

Rin would spin around on her seat on the couch, her hair whipping around.

Len would notice her there, smile, then take in her horrified expression. His own smile would then melt away into an expression of worry.

Slowly, very slowly, his gaze would travel down to the small white box-like item in her hand. And he'd only be able to gape at it, feeling suddenly sick to his stomach.

He glanced back up at the blond-haired girl's face, and his expression hardened.

She grew flustered.

"Do you know yet...?" Len asked, his voice sounding quiet, yet deadly.

"No." she said, her voice even less volumous. "I'll have to wait 10 minutes."

Rin knew that, no matter how hard she tried now, there was no way to make her once-brother un-see what he'd seen.

There was no way to hide the pregnancy test she held in her hands.


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