Beginning of the End

June 6, 2021

'The society and the border between it and fiction… Both shattered already at the history of this world. This journal log is a property of Cruid Monocrome. One of what the creators call fictional characters.

Let me begin my explanation, at December 21 2012, the very border between fiction and reality shattered... The natives, the ones who lived on the world where us, creations, ended up. Yup, were creations. I call them the creators, they call us the newcomers for my sake. Most of them seem happy about the event. I don't know why, maybe its because of them dreaming that we suddenly appear into their world and hopefully live with them? As far as I'm concerned, no one seems to know how us creation or fiction characters, got here. And barely any of us fictional characters or beings, are interested in their lives. However some are.

But that's not the point. Of course when you get random creations inside a normal world, you get the good ones and the bad ones... The ones that are threatening by different ways. Different canons or franchises has brought several highly dangerous newcomers here. That's what most of the natives here were worried about. They are afraid of us. They are threatened by us. Well they should be.

They should have been more careful on dealing with us. Because of them war begun. I want to make use of the two words 'If only' on the history of this world. If only the creators took more care on handling the newcomers. If only that stupid native didn't insult Hakurei Reimu. If only she knows the threat of the military power is. If only she didn't resort to annexing a whole country. If only the vocaloid Miku Hatsune isn't so efficient on stopping Reimu... And if only the goddess with the ability to change the reality, Suzumiya Haruhi, didn't join the conflict.

Then perhaps things would have been a lot easier to deal with and won't resort to the death of two individuals that travelled through time and prevent the inevitable. Peace was followed with those two sacrificing their lives for the lives of many and prevention of what happened now.

Peace… How I begin to mourn for a proper version of it. The very peace was constantly destroyed by either idiotic newcomers, villainous but ignorant beings, a small misunderstanding, or as an act of revenge. The Three Empresses, Reimu, Haruhi and Miku from three different canons managed to be the cause of most of these. Of course everything goes well at the end.

I am glad that the Unwritten Law is upheld again, the rule that states no one must die. Newcomer or Native, on my opinion it's a pretty great rule actually. But there were still newcomers and natives that died during the wars. First it was broken privately when the two time travellers' death at 2013. We can't change what happened either due to the possible risks of altering the timeline itself.

But I'm surprised however when the two goddesses after few years since the last war, just vanished. Most newcomers took advantage of the situation but were easily comprehended and stopped. However, with those two goddesses gone, no one could control the reality anymore. Major villains are free.

That means the deaths would not be easily stopped. Several villains or threats would not be controlled… And the change of society begins… Underground clans, conspiracies, puppets and assassination… The unwritten law has been broken that even ones seeking protection kills to survive. No hero could save anyone. With half the natives joining in the villains, the rest were forced to live homeless. Anyone who is poor and tries to live cleanly will not survive for a day in this broken society. There's not even a single resourceful native nor newcomer that is connected with any organization bent on taking the world.

Now that any sort of energy are mainly brought to be used for the rich. Most of the villains somehow had managed to have access to superior technology and magic. The two remaining empresses rumoured to be assassinated and most of their followers trying to survive in this new and different world. The ones who live cleanly, were easy prey for the ones with impure souls. That's why the villains and the rich puppets of theirs were the overlords of this world. It seems each of the villain clans, as I call them, have a sort of connection to time travel. With time travel on their side, they are unstoppable.

Now its just mafia wars between villains and rebellious newcomers. Ones who are on the neutral side are forced to choose a side, or killed. How I survived is because of my immortality. I thought perhaps making this small journal log page like this to send it to the past in order to stop the collapse of this world. I doubt that happening anymore now that time travelling is not accessible to me. Anyone who tries to… faces Doom or Magneto executing them.

I am currently on Europe, Doom's territory. Any other way to try to stop them, fails…. Nothing can stop time travelling's effects. If someone does find something or someone that has a connection with time travelling, they are immediately captured. No Time Travelling machine or person isn't part of or controlled by the villains conspiracies.

The villains are much deadlier. They might not work together but they will ensure their very own survival and to prevent themselves from losing their status… They often clash with each other using time travel and whatever they can use at each other.

My time is short, to whoever that finds this, please ensure that this is sent to the past… If you can... They have been able to seal immortals now or absorb them with several newcomers and technology. I do know the key to fixing this. Every ticking second leads to thousands of possible actions. Making a mistake would doom the entire universe. Time is against us and we need to win against it without facing the villains.

This very journal, could change the timeline on how things will happen and hopefully lead us to a better world. Survival for the sake of the world. This is the beginning of the end as the very society crumbles among us and we are killed. Is there still hope on this world? Or are we all just going to die trying to kill each other for survival?

Perhaps this is hell, a devil's playground maybe. Are the creators of this very universe just toying with us? Perhaps we are all just pawns of a game. Perhaps just an amusement for a greater being. This is Cruid Monocrome, signing out. For the last time….'

Writing the last words, a green haired teenager wearing a dark cloak closed the book. "Is the world still salvageable? Is there still hope? I force myself to believe it" he said to himself chuckling as he tore a page out of it and hid it inside the ventilation shaft on his room.

Grabbing a wooden staff, he sat on the chair just staring at the poorly made door on his hotel room. The villains always inspect anyone or anything that comes in close proximity to their clan 'territory'. He knew his time was short as he could hear footsteps from outside.

"The unwritten law was long ago broken at the disappearance of the two goddesses. I better make good use of it then" he smirked as the door busted opened signifying the entrance of the villain's troops. He has to make things easier for the survivors of this broken world as much as possible before he is destroyed or sealed. If anything was to happen in order for the world to be saved, all has to cooperate to stop the villains on secrecy.

Rakuro - Depending on feedback I may continue this. Though I will continue this if I have few comments that wants me to continue or two fave story.

Set after the events of the last war. With the villains having took over most of the broken world that the newcomers and natives caused. The major alliances of the villains will be revealed soon.

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