They walked into the buliding with an impending sense of doom.

A rarity for them considering their former line of work as soldiers. The three alien mice silently moved through the deserted hall ways up to the office where they were supposed to get their schedules and talk to one of the counselors that Stoker had appointed to them while they attended classes with the humans on Earth.

"I don't like this place." The youngest of the three said as his ears flattened back against his powder white furred head. The two older aliens looked at him over their broad shoulders and exchanged a look with each other.

They had all been anxious these past nine days since landing on Earth with their legal guardian. They had objected to being placed here far, far from their home planet and the war going on there. But Stoker had been adamant that right now this was the best thing for them.

He had even tried to argue with them that they would have fun, meet girls exct.

They hadn't been impressed. After all they were soldiers first and foremost. Why the hell did they need to have fun and meet girls for? They preferred fighting and killing over that namby pamby 'I have feelings' bullshit that every teen their age went through.

"We don't like it either Vin, but Stoker said he'd shoot us if we didn't attend this school and learn something." The eldest of the three said as if that explained every reason why they were there.

"We know how to kill someone with our bare hands-"

"Stoker doesn't think that constitutes a proper education-" The second oldest said in wry amusement as they passed through another door and found themselves in the middle of an office like space with several desks, potted green plants and people running here and there while the three hunkered down in front of one of the potted plants that they had noticed and closely examined it.

It was what the Earthlings called a fern, a small non-flowering bush with lush dark green leaves.

The eldest pulled a leaf off of the plant and put the tip in his mouth and chewed it for a second then grabbed one of the others by the shoulder and shook him excitedly. "It's retaining water!" He nearly shouted as he thrust the small leaf towards the male on his right.

A gloved hand attached to a russet furred arm took the leaf and lifted it to dark lips so that it could be tasted. He could taste the water on his tongue the second he bit into the greenery. His scarlet eyes widening a little bit as he handed what was left of the leaf off to the other male while he picked up the potted plant and held it eye level and turned it this way and that.

Not really aware that they were being watched by the people in the office whom had finally noticed them.

One of the people, a young woman in a lavender skirt, jacket and white blouse with a strand of what looked like milky colored moon rocks around her neck walked up and cleared her throat to get their attention.

"E-Excuse me, but are you three the Thornton, Maverick and Van Wham brothers?"

They all looked up at her as their tails gave a nervous twitch.

"We are." The grey furred one said tentatively. The woman gave them a small smile and held her hand out to them.

Startled by the action the eldest placed himself in front of his younger siblings and grasped the woman's wrist. She squeaked in alarm but held herself still while he turned her hand this way and that then peered up her jacket sleeve before letting her go.

"She's unarmed." He said in a hushed tone to his younger siblings whom both peeked around him at the woman wide eyed as they recalled some of the basic information that Stoker had given them before setting them loose upon the unsusupecting planet and it's people.

Earthlings don't usually arm themselves unless they're defending themselves- Or they're punks. That was what Stoker had told them before letting them off of the ship. The woman gave them what could only have been an anxious looking smile, obviously a little bit rattled by their reaction to her offered hand and said in a squeaky voice.

"Uh-um... Gents, please follow me to my office. We'll talk and I'll assign someone to show you around and print out your schedules."