"Detention...on our first day no less. I wonder what's expected of us." Throttle spat in an angry tone from his seat next to his brothers, both of whom had adopted bored looks for the moment.

They had no clue what to expect in detention, but they imagined that it was similar to being in detention on the base back on Mars. And that wasn't good. Not at all.

Especially since the detention cells were specifically set up to break you. And it's guards were specifically trained to help things along with beatings and such. So hearing that they had earned some time in a detention cell of any kind, even here on Earth, was terrifying to the three though they managed to hide it well.

"Think they have a way to track us if we make a run for it?" Modo asked as he looked around the office. Throttle and Vinny did the same, noting that there was all of two people there and looked at each other as if to say, 'What the hell?' Did the people in the office really expect them to just sit there and patiently wait for someone to throw their asses in the brig or something?

Fuck no.

Not them.

Never them.

Reaching down the three grabbed their things and quietly stood and slunk out of the office without anyone noticing them.


The sixth bell rang, indicating that the last class of the day was about to start. But Hanna didn't care about that. Hell, she wasn't even excited about it like she normally did. All she could care about at the moment was that she hadn't met up with the others for any of their other classes and she didn't know why.

She'd skipped two classes pluse lunch to look for them, but to no avail. They didn't seem to be anywhere on campus grounds. And that worried her. It worried her a lot.

She was walking to the nearest door with her Science book in her hands, resigning herself to the walk half way across campus to where the Science building was. It was beautiful outside this afternoon. The sky was sunny and clear and the there was a slight breeze.

She was walking under an oak tree when something dropped down in front of her and curved around her waist and was suddenly jerked her off of her feet and into the tree. Startled by the aggressive action she dropped her book and was about to go into hysterics when she came face to muzzle with Modo.

"Sorry for the scare-" He said softly as she realized that the thing wrapped around her was his tail as he set her down on the tree branch next to him where Throttle was using his tail to hang upside down. Hanna took a moment or so to collect herself.

Her expression shifting from being relieved to, 'I want to take you all out back and beat you with a stick.'

"Are you alright Hanna?" Modo finally asked as Throttle swung himself back up so that he was no longer hanging upside down and Hanna was struck by the sheer amount of ease it seemed to take him to right himself. It was as if he wasn't even trying.

Where as if she tried hanging upside down...she'd likely either get too scared to move or fall on her head. Possibly breaking her neck in the process. And wouldn't the buys be upset about that. She thought sarcastically as she felt a gloved palm against the side of her face, jolting her out of her thoughts and almost causing her to fall out of the tree.

An arm locked around her waist as two tails wound around her arms, tightening to the point of pain as she was set back on the tree branch and felt someone pull her back against them and turned her head to see Vinny, Modo and Throttle had all moved in closer to her and were eyeing her with worried looks on their faces. "Are you okay?" Vinny asked and she gave them an slightly nervous smile and signed,

I'm good, considering. You?

The three echanged looks for a moment before Modo replied in a dark tone, "We've been better."

Curious to know what had reduced the three to hiding in a tree. What's wrong? She asked, wondering if someone had already started picking on them or something. Somehow she doubted that there was anyone in the school intimidating enough to send the three of them into hiding up a tree. But it couldn't hurt anything to ask, right?

"We got detention..." Vinny said almost sullenly as he leaned back against the tree trunk.

Hanna blinked at them, her mind blank for a moment before she signed, Yeah, so?

The three were quiet for a moment, confused by her attitude before Throttle asked in a low tone laced with curiosity. "Have you ever been put in detention before?" Hanna's lips twitched in amusement as she nodded her head, missing the looks of horror on each of their faces as she quickly signed, They expect total silence. And depending on how long you're supposed to be in there- they let you out for gym, lunch and so on. So it isn't so bad. Just dreadfully boring.

The horrified looks changed to leery and Vinny asked in a small almost child like tone, "Really? So they aren't going to beat us, starve us or anything else like that?" Hanna blinked at his question and got a funny look on her face and asked, Why would anyone do that? What you're describing are forms of torture.

"Yeah well, that's what you get when you're thrown in the brig." Throttle said darkly as he reached out and patted Vinny on the arm in an effort to sooth him as Hanna gaped at him.

Good lord what did their people do to them?