A Heartland story!

Hey guys it's my fist story ever! So it will be about my favorite TV show, Heartland, hope you like it.

Rubbing her eyes as she awoke Amy was still very tired after being up all night helping injured horses at her farm. She heard a bunch of racked in the kitchen. She hopped up and got into her every day outfit. When she walked into the kitchen for breakfast she saw her grandfather, Jack, on the phone. He hung up as Amy was pouring herself some juice.

"What was that about?" Amy asked

"It was the man who owns Scotch he called asking if we can keep her another week and I told him we have no room and no time." Jack answered

"Well I can make the time only problem is we really have are we have no room." She said with confidence

"No, Amy you have a show coming up in a week and schools just around the corner. Remember our deal school comes first and you need to get all you stuff. Now go start your chores in the barn. Oh and Ty is waiting he wanted me to tell you he wants to go on another trail." He yelled as Amy was leaving for the barn

Just as all the horses peaked out of there stalls and turned to see Amy coming, Ty was already mucking. Ty was Amy's boyfriend and to Ty Amy was his world. Ty had started to work at Heartland a while back. He cleaned the barn and lived in the barns loft. He would also help Amy like tack up her horse and comment on how well she just jumped a course. Amy walked to the stall Ty was mucking since he had his headphones in with his music cranked up he did not notice her. She taped the stall door with her foot and Ty jumped almost falling into the wheel barrel. Amy laughed at him and he pulled his headphones out.

"Well good morning beautiful! You scared me." Ty said as he walked over to her and gave her a hug and kiss

"Good morning handsome!" Amy responded

Amy loved Ty's hugs and kisses he always made her feel good. She felt sparks every time ever since she first layed eyes on him.

"Jack said you wanted to go on another trail." Amy said surprised there last trail ended when Ty fell off Pegasus, Amy's mom's horse.

"I wanted to take you somewhere and well try riding again. So hurry up and finish your chores I already did half of them. I hope I can make it through this one unlike the last one. " Ty said as they both laughed

About a hour later Amy was riding Spartan and Ty was on Pegasus, with Ty leading the four up a hill.

"Where are you taking me Ty!" Amy shouted

"You'll see" Ty yelled back

When they got they got to the top there was a opening and the most amazing view Amy had ever seen. Amy saw Caleb riding his horse off in the distance. Caleb was another guy that worked at Heartland he also had a thing for Amy which made Ty jealous. Caleb had kissed Amy in front of Ty before Amy and Ty were dating. Amy had liked him a little but never said anything to Ty after a while Ty got scared that Caleb was going to start dating Amy. He then asked her out and they were dating in no time. Caleb had always threated and insulted Ty but Ty worked at Heartland way longer. Both guys had always got in fights and Jack would have to break them up. Amy never knew but the fights were mainly about her and how Ty was not a real cowboy so what does he know. Ty saw that Amy was watching Caleb and he turned his horse and ran.

"What was that about, Ty?" Amy ran after him and asked as soon as they stopped

"I know you have feelings for Caleb, you like him Amy and don't lie he likes you too." Ty said upset

"Are you jealous? You have to be kidding, Ty I love you and nothing will change that you're the only one for me." Amy said as she walked Spartan up next to Pegasus

"Ok well lets head back I bet Caleb will be there any miniute asking Jack where we are and complaining that he has to work by himself" Ty said

They reached over and gave each other a kiss and raced for home. At the barn Caleb was telling Mallory about his new girlfriend Ashley. Mallory is the youngest person running around the farm. Everybody loves her but she can get on your nerves easily. Ever since her dad went on tour and her mom being his boss Mallory has be staying at Heartland. Ashley, Caleb's new girlfriend, rides at another farm she is the mean girl. Ashley and Amy compete in shows no matter if it's English or Western. Her mom was even meaner and sometimes Ashley would run over to Heartland crying to them about her. Amy never got mad at her and just ignored her if she was mean.

"So yeah I am taking Ashley out tonight for a movie and dinner." Caleb told Mallory speaking louder for Amy and Ty to hear

"So you finally coned her into going out with you." Ty said not looking at Caleb

"No, this was only my 2nd time asking her" Caleb said back glaring at Ty

"Well good for you Caleb but I only walked in here to clean my tack see you later guys." Mallory said as she walked away before Ty and Caleb got into another ugly fight

Just then Lou came running in. Lou was Amy's older sister she had just came back from New York about a year ago. Now she owned a dude ranch on the other side of Heartland. Heartland was 600 acres of beautiful plains and forests that horses roamed on. The dude ranch was where city people would come out and live in the country. They would get to ride the horses and see how people lived differently.

"Amy I need your help there is a family coming to Heartland to stay with us at the dude ranch" Lou painted

"Ok what's the problem?" Amy said

"Well it's a family of 10 and I need to make sure we have enough horses for them to ride." Lou said worried

"Lou Heartland has way more than enough horses but calm horses for beginners, we have 10 when will they be here?" Amy said giggling

"Next week the ride will be on Tuesday" Lou said calmly