It was Saturday morning and everybody was in the Heartland barn. Ashley's horse had gone missing just a couple days ago. She was so upset everyonre was trying to help out and calm her down. Amy had taken Spartan and Ty had taken Pegasus out to look. Jack and Tim were calling people from town to look for a horse. Mallory and Val were posting flyers all over the town. While all this went on Caleb tried to calm Ashley down.

"I can't belive he is gone just like that in a day what do you think happen to him?" Ashley said wiping the tears from her eyes

"I bet he is out in a field eatting grass" Caleb told her while rubbing her back

"Maybe he new we did horrible at the show and that mom yelled at me again for him actting up" Ashley responded crying even harder

"No he is just taking a break from the shows I bet you Amy and Ty have already found him" Caleb said using his shirt to wipe away her tears

Back on a trail that Amy has not rode in over a year. Ty and Amy were looking every way and taking ever trail. Until they came to a split Ty did not want Amy going on a trail alone. But Amy insisted and was not go with him. Ty gave up fighting with her and went left and went right. About a hour later Amy herd nosies and saw Ashley's horse in the distance. Amy dismounted and let Spartan into a meadow. As she got closer she saw a couple of teenagers with a car chasing after the horse. They stoped the car and got out running up to the horse and spooking it. Amy walked down and grabed the horse and told them to go home or where ever they where staying. They got into the car and turned the car around facing Amy…

They hit the gas so hard Amy could here the metal hitting more metal hard. Amy jumped on the horse and cued him to canter. They boys chased Amy but she got away into a trail. They jumped out of the car and came towards Amy. She was now galloping and came to a halt grab Spartan's reins. Then went for another trail. Amy slowed down and did not see the boys anywhere. Amy finally got back to Heartland and put Ashley's horse in a clean stall and she untacked him. But Ashley was nowhere to be seen. So Amy went to find Ty in the trails. But ran across some boys she new from the chase.

"Hey! Theres the girl who caught our horse!"yelled on boy from the group

Amy dismounted. "Well for one that's not your horse that's my friend's horse he ran away a couple days ago and you guys were spooking him not trying to catch him" Amy said

"Well he ran away to find us!" another boy said

There was 3 boys in the group. Amy gussed they were from the city. The youngest look to be about 16 one looked 17 and another looked 18. The 16 looking one was as tall as Amy and had brownish black hair he had blue eyes and was wearing a sweather that said Nick. The 17 year old looking one looked identical and had a sweatshirt that said Jack. But the 18 looking one was different he was taller and had more muscles he had green eyes. He worn a t-shirt and jeans Amy did not have a idea what his name was.

He saw Amy's look and like he was reading her mind. "My name is Shane and this is Nick and Jack" pointing at the two boys

As fast as there conversation started it ended. They came after Amy and Shane pulled out a gun while the others had knives. She was a good distance away she jumped on Spartan and took off in a canter. They were still coming after her when she saw Ty.

"Ty!Ty! Over here! Ty!" Amy shouted as she continued to canter

Ty saw her and galloped to catch up. When he was by her side he slowed down.

"What's going on? Slow down Amy!" Ty called over to her

"No there is somebody after us they have a gun and knives" Amy told him

Ty turned around and saw who they where. He stoped and got off Pegasus and skided to a stop just a few feet away. She was not leaveing Ty alone with these people. The boys walked up to Ty they had covered there faces cause of the dirt and Ty had his head down while his face was hidden by his hat.

"I advise you to turn around and leave before one of you get hurt" Ty told the group of boys

"Yeah right like that's going to happen two against three who do you think is going to win?" Shane spit back

"Me" Ty said very calm

Shane ran past him and grabed Amy he faced her. She kept kicking him and fighting against him yet Ty was fighting the two boys. Shane came closer to Amy. She felt his breath on her face and then it happened so quick. His lips where pressed against hers. Out of nowhere Ty grabed Shane and punched him in the face hard. Amy heard a crack and she even fell to the ground. When she hit the ground another crack but it was not coming from her own body.

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Sorry!" Shane yelled as Ty countinued to bet him over and over

Amy jumped up and grabed Ty "Stop Ty its over let it go!" Amy screamed

Ty stoped and faced Amy "Are you ok? Are you hurt? You can tell me! Amy if your hurt I can bet that's guy up. He will never touch you again" He said sounding scared and protective

"No! No! Ty I am ok calm down he did not hurt me I just got a couple scratchs from fighting and falling" Amy said. Then Ty leaned in and gave her a kiss. Amy whole body tingled it felt like a million years but then they had to pull away. They both heard Shane.

"Awww… Ty has a girlfriend I new he was acting a little too protective" He said laughing

"What did you say? How do you know my name?" Ty asked

"Well your dad sent me to check on you"Nick & Jack said in sync

"What? Are you kidding me it has been so many years since I have seen him let alone cared about him same with him I bet he forgets my name" Ty said

About a hour later they were back at Heartland everyone was meeting the three boys sent from the had taken her horse back to her farm. The three boys had got a room with Lou at the dude ranch. Ty and Amy where the only ones awake watching a movie. Amy fell asleep on Ty's lap. He did not move not wanting to wake her. As soon as morning would come he would tell the boys to leave and go home.