Molly part 1

Hi, I'm molly you may think im a normal teenager but I'm not the truth is I died four years ago but came back as a girl named Jessica Jones. My role on earth is to bring spirits to heaven you know how people die if their sick or get hurt? Well not all spirits can find their way to heaven so it's my job to bring them to the right place; people like us are called bringers us bringers aren't the only people who come back from the dead there are also 'Vamps' and no not vampires vamps are way worse, vamps jobs are to kill people like healthy people who don't deserve to die vamps work for the devil who's main goal is to bring all humans to hell.

I still live a somewhat normal life I still go to school and have friends I also have a mom and dad, well I wouldn't actually call them my mom and dad they house bringers as a good deed to get them to heaven when they die. I've seen a lot in the 3 years since I've come back to earth who knew an 15 year old would have lived the life I had

This is my lifeā€¦.prepare yourself for one hell of a story..